This is what the coffee breaks at the #NianticProject must have sounded like.

A fascinating conversation unfolded on Google+ earlier today. The three scientists who were detained at the facility after the shutdown of the project began a fascinating conversation about Dark XM, Jarvis, the so-called Jarvis Shards and the Ancient Egyptians.

Overall, it's a fascinating read, and I'm disappointed that they took their conversation offline as abruptly as it began and unfolded. I'll keep an ear to ground to see if any of the number of Intelligence Agencies running amok in the world of Ingress caught the rest. If so, I'll let you know.

What's most interesting to me is the idea that each Shard may contain only a fragment of the Jarvis entity. Combine this with +Devra Bogdanovich's admission yesterday about only a 'viable' number of shards being needed to re-integrate the Jarvis entity, and some interesting possibilities begin to emerge. Would it be possible, for example, for a Shard carrying the Entity's Awareness to be left out? Or his Creativity? I look forward to your contributions as we parse this meaty and fascinating exchange.

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation, as always.



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Is anybody really contemplating the implications of what a Dark XM attack on what functions as a Living XM being (or at least a sentient thing that can manifest in our dimension) really means?
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