On #IngressReport #31:

OLW seeks new base of operations
San Jose Enlightened influence +Hulong Transglobal's future developments
+Klue S. reappears at #13MAGNUS - Los Angeles Anomaly with a message from ADA
Lyon Resistance execute Operation Project IronEscape
Portal of the Week: Syonan Jinja



OCTOBER 12, 2013
Los Angeles, CA - http://goo.gl/1vxo0a
San Jose, CA - http://goo.gl/GuD40u
Bangkok, Thailand - http://goo.gl/2kVKMJ

OCTOBER 26, 2013
Seattle, WA - http://goo.gl/XAhYl1
Kiev, Ukraine - http://goo.gl/yxQczs

NOVEMBER 2, 2013
Atlanta, GA - http://goo.gl/ma2nf6
Madrid, Spain - http://goo.gl/uPhmLV
Mumbai, India - http://goo.gl/10fXb4

NOVEMBER 16, 2013
Dallas, TX - http://goo.gl/q6C14V
Vienna, Austria - http://goo.gl/MxrFpb

DECEMBER 7, 2013
Phoenix, AZ - http://goo.gl/NVfESN
Rome, Italy - http://goo.gl/OEVdWE

DECEMBER 14, 2013
San Francisco, CA - http://goo.gl/Xw9tfD
Buenos Aires, Argentina - http://goo.gl/vRBu4j
INGRESS REPORT | The Mystery Unravels - EP31 is live:

0:37 With the Enlightened capturing Bangkok, Lynton-Wolfe fails to destroy the Jarvis Entity, instead breaking Jarvis into 13 shards
1:41 San Jose Enlightened continue impressive Anomaly record, influence +Hulong Transglobal's future XM tech R&D
1:58 Los Angeles Resistance secure RAND paper on the #13MAGNUS secret society
2:58 +Ingress Resistance Lyon execute Operation Project IronEscape
3:26 POTW: Syonan Jinja

Seattle, WA  - http://goo.gl/qxk6EA
Kiev, Ukraine - http://goo.gl/X4q9mn

Prague - http://goo.gl/ejILmi
Budapest - http://goo.gl/5Zeo2i
Bucharest - http://goo.gl/vZme3X
Warsaw - http://goo.gl/2sF9IM

Share your #13MAGNUS SITREPs with the #IngressReport hashtag, and sign the release at http://ingress.com/report.
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