Tycho's reappearance has brought to surface the conflict simmering within the NIA.

The old guard, Jay Phillips, believes that secrecy must be preserved at all costs. The renegade Ken Owen, on the other hand, is all about hiding in plain sight, leveraging the inherent unreal quality of the information emerging from the Niantic Project to allow it to be perceived as a mere fiction by the general populace. 

Reading between the lines, it seems Owen may have had a hand in extricating Tycho from the NIA after his abduction from Comic-Con 2012. Nearly two years ago. Time flies.

I'm not familiar with +Susanna Moyer's interruption at the Dice conference in Las Vegas, but what's interesting is that it seems that the divide between Susanna and what I assumed to be a part of her past, the NIA, may be narrower than we believed. It could be that even now Susanna remains a fully functional operator working for NIA purposes, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt... Having brushed shoulders with the intelligence community in a past life, I can attest to the fact that once you've been let in to the world of secrets and espionage, you can never truly get out.

What are your thoughts? What's Susanna's relationship with the NIA? Does anyone know about this so-called interruption? Looking back on the year of near constant leaks from the world of +Ingress, who's strategy would have been wiser, Phillips' or Owen's? I've been able to track down two of the new Tycho images... are there more?

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