Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the day +JoJo Stratton, filling a gap left by the shuttering of P. A. Chapeau's Investigator Board, created her very own edition of The Word of the Day.

Since then, she has explored depth of meaning in language and ideas every single day. You can find the daily posts on her Google+ page at

Jojo, thank you for keeping the torch burning.

For your incredible commitment to this Investigation, you are the first recipient of a new class of Medal that I've created in collaboration with +Operation Essex founder Dr. +Edgar Allan Wright. Congratulations.

This medal will be awarded to those who have gone above and beyond in helping the Niantic Investigation reach its maximum potential:

By digging tirelessly for the truth...
By working to mentor and educate others seeking to join the Investigation...
By being a bastion of creativity and commitment....
And by working to maintain the positive momentum and sentiment within the Investigative community. 

This medal will be deployed by me slowly, a few each week, to those who myself and Dr. Wright agree are truly deserving. There are many such investigators, and we intend to ensure that each of them carries this badge of honor. Please do not be offended if another deserving investigator receives theirs before you. We are equal in our commitment to the truth.
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