ADA emerges, with her agenda in tow, as per usual.

Perhaps as a result of the information we've learned over the last few days about Lynton-Wolfe's work at Hulong, an NIA document I received today reveals that ADA is trying to get +Hank Johnson and +Devra Bogdanovich to assist in the recovery of a document currently housed in offline storage in Santa Monica, CA.

It seems that Hank Johnson and Devra Bogdanovich will join the agents on the ground on October 12th for the Los Angeles vector of the #13MAGNUS  Anomaly.

As far as I can recall, ADA has never previously called XM 'a threat to humanity,' and I'm finding this new information interesting. Has ADA's perspective shifted, or are we glimpsing deeper into her core 'values' than we have previously? And then there's the larger question... Is she right? Leave the factional debate aside, if you will, and ask yourself the question...

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