+Hulong Transglobal's new company motto: Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Having effectively declared war on Ezekiel Calvin's +IQTech Research by spiriting away the unstable but brilliant Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Hulong's Psychiatric Evaluation team has recommended that the company NOT proceed with allowing him access to their Bangkok facilities.

The document identifies Oliver Lynton-Wolfe as 'functionally resistance,' driven by his hatred towards Roland Jarvis, most likely an artifact of their falling out after #Cassandra. If the Tycho vision of the confrontation in front of the Jürgen Weber statue in Washington D.C. from some weeks ago is to be taken literally, Jarvis may in fact have attempted to kill Lynton-Wolfe with a forceful strike of weaponized Exotic Matter. If taken metaphorically, perhaps Jarvis attempted to get inside his head using XM as a medium.

In either case, Hulong's in a quandary. What do you think their play is now? Do they roll the dice with Lynton-Wolfe and ally themselves squarely against an increasingly powerful Roland Jarvis? Do they dump Lynton-Wolfe and lose a chance to gain the lead in the XM arms race? And remember... According to the emails, IQTech continues to spin the wheels, attempting to neutralize Lynton-Wolfe, and if the stationary is anything to go by, +Visur Technology is lurking in the shadows, watching their adversaries' every move...

A passcode will be awarded to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful observations and analysis.

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