Some weeks ago, I was given some advice by +Misty Hannah.

With the loss of +Carrie Campbell, +Klue S. in an unknown condition, and the growing threat of the unknown with #13MAGNUS , I have decided today to take that advice to heart. 

I’ll be leaving this Investigation behind and going off the grid for a while. How long? Not sure. Until I find what I’m looking for, I guess, is the right answer to that question.

Although I no longer plan to update the Investigation Board at, I have made arrangements with a trusted ally to continue to share any evidence related to the Investigation here on Google+ as well as on Facebook. I plan to write some good old fashioned letters (using pen and paper) while I’m off the grid. I’ve made arrangements for them to be scanned and posted here as well.

This Investigation must continue, and I hope that it continues to grow in strength despite my absence.

Until we meet again.

+H. Richard Loeb
aka P.A. Chapeau
October 1, 2013
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