Again with the lurking in the history of all this, Mr. Calvin...

A series of letters from +Hank Johnson's academic days have made their way to me. They reveal that Calvin recruited Hank Johnson to study #13MAGNUS many, many years ago (under the guise of an 'academic grant.' This was long before Niantic. Before many things.

It might even be plausible to suggest that by setting Hank on this trajectory so long ago, Calvin had a hand in making Hank who he became: Soldier, Archaeologist, Explorer. Perhaps, before we discovered Exotic Matter and the Ordered Data Pattern hidden within it, a different kind of Shaper was at work. 

What are your thoughts after reading this document? Does it help shed any additional light on #13MAGNUS, and Hank Johnson and Calvin's role in understanding what it might be? 

A passcode will be rewarded to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful observations, ideas, memories and speculation.



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