At the onset of the Niantic Project, a room full of brilliant individuals assembled for the first time to embark on a mission that would change their lives and the world. Some of them were strangers, others friends and peers. Some had decades old secrets tying them together.

+Devra Bogdanovich stood at the head of the room and broke the ice, welcoming all of them to the Project. Their mission was about to begin.

Looking back on the last year of our investigation, it occurred to me that what we witnessed was largely fallout from the dissolution of the Project: A storm of fragmentation and confusion as the researchers and those in the know grasped for opportunities. 

They walked in the door as explorers and emerged as experts in a medium of  conflict that spans the planet, and all the threats and opportunities therein.

My question for today, therefore, is about stability and the path forward. The Corporations, the NIA and the researchers shuttled rapidly from possibility to possibility in the immediate aftermath of the Niantic shutdown, testing their pathways and attempting to establish a new order. With the return of Jarvis and the unification of Klue and ADA, it seems to me that a new era is about to begin. What new alliances will form? Who will forgive past grievances and whose differences are irreconcilable? Who will be the centers of power as the XM Era enters its second year?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful speculation, insights and references.

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