How will +IQTech Research and the NIA respond to the threat of a unified +Hulong Transglobal and +Visur Technology?

Catherine Fan responds to Ilya Pevtsov's letter from last week. The implication is clear: IQTech has been developing some kind of technology that will enable them to track XM activity on a regional level against something called the 'Shaper Septicycle.' As a response to the threat, Catherine proposes that Visur and Hulong merge their research in that area in an attempt to surge ahead of their US-based competition.

One can safely assume that if I've been able to obtain this intelligence, IQTech and the NIA had it long before me. The ball's now in their court. If they indeed have developed this new form of regional XM monitoring technology, how will they maintain the upper hand if Visur and Hulong merge their expertise? Why would the XM Corporations be interested in monitoring XM at a regional level, and what is the Shaper Septicycle? How might these maneuverings at the highest level impact Ingress Agents across the world?

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Here is my transcript of the letter:


A geographic division would not suit Hulong interests. Our interest is XM, and your polite implication that Hulong’s region of influence is limited to the Asian territories is a quaint reminder of your dated view of the world.  We have no interest in regional exclusivity. Our goal is to explore and invest in XM without constraint and our market is the world.

Your proposal implies that we would have horizontal as well as vertical alliances. Do you suppose our friends at IQTech and their subsidiary the NIA would share your enthusiasm? Their vertical alignment is clear.  In terms of some sort of horizontal commercial alliance, Calvin would never go against sovereign interests.  I recognize your wisdom in perceiving this as a vulnerability.

We are fully aware of the regional XM tracking system you have been testing in your labs. You might assume Hulong has explored similar technology. I will do you the favor of sharing confirmed intel that IQTech has researched and is in the process of implementing technology to enable them to track Agent operations at a regional level tracked against the Shaper Septicycle. The better solution for both our organizations is to ensure that IQTech is unable to leverage a competitive advantage against both of us, even if this means leveling the playing field. Combined, Visur and Hulong could outpace IQTech’s developments in this field.

Catherine Fan
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