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Who are the Niantic Project, and what are they hiding? I'm digging things up as fast as I can....


Niantic Project

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Did +Paul School, +Devra Bogdanovich's former colleague from her Arecibo days, actually sense a conversation between Devra and +Stein Lightman, or is he imagining things?

At some level, it's worth considering what might happen now that both these fractured personalities have become united, both with the fragments of themselves and with each other inside the Portal Network.

I meditate, or at-least I try to.

I find it's a useful exercise, to try and reorder the events of the past and find perspective.

Admittedly, I'm not very good at it. Some nights, I just sit there, eyes closed, feeling like a fool. Occasionally though, the voice of my own thinking goes silent, and I get pulled in by the sounds of the outside. 

Tonight was one of those nights. In the quiet, I heard two voices speaking. Devra, I recognized instantly. Her voice is so distinct, so confident and powerful. I would know it anywhere. The other was less clear, but I knew that voice too. I think it was Lightman.

I couldn't hear their words, but they were deep in conversation. I don't believe they were actually present, I suspect that I sensed something happening... well, not here.

I don't know what this means. Perhaps that's why I'll try and find in tomorrow's meditation.
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The Wonder of Wonders indeed
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Niantic Project

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A strange recording of Jahan from near #Persepolis has emerged.

Who is speaking to? What is she trying to do?

These details are as of yet unclear.

Her words seem ancient, spoken more from memory than from the heart.

Her journey to activate the N'zeer technology has taken a curious step forward.

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+Yik Sheng Lee For the night is dark and full of terrors.
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Niantic Project

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+Hank Johnson speaks for the first time since +Devra Bogdanovich's appearance to him during a NOMAD shoot.

Undisclosed location. Can’t say what I’m doing right now, for obvious reasons. Still processing what I saw during the Nomad shoot. It affected me deeply, obviously. Turned me back from my planned journey to #Persepolis.

After what happened on June 20th, I expect we'll be hearing from Jahan soon. Wish I could have been there. Maybe I could have done something. Maybe not. Maybe +Devra Bogdanovich was right, and if I had gone, I'd be dead now. It's just hard to know what to think. Who to trust.

All I know is, I couldn't prevent Jahan from reaching the Nest. Now, she'll try to activate it, and this time she'll succeed, without Azmati or me there to stop her. Who knows what that will lead to.

Saw a couple of the +Tycho C. panels. In my opinion, they definitely represent the events at the Peshawar Anomaly in 2010 where I was shot by operatives I now believe to be members of Anti-Magnus. And if that’s true, I have to look at Calvin’s actions in a whole new light.

I’m in a remote place and ask you to report any new information you have on Tycho and the recent events surrounding him.  I am quite sure there are many revelations coming.  Depending on where I am when it emerges, it might be hard to get a hold of it. Somebody reserve a copy for me.
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+Rynne Cowham Brilliant!
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Niantic Project

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Announced live by +Cryptozoic Entertainment co-founder and CEO, John Nee, on +Behind The Scanner, news has emerged of a new Graphic Novel by +Tycho C..

Agents can pre-order the book by filling out the form below and delivering it to their local comic-shop.

It is not yet clear if Tycho and +Cryptozoic Entertainment are releasing this new work at the behest of Ken Owen and the NIA. 

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I suffered 'hack no item' for three days 
I don't know why I cannot play the only game that is installed on my phone.
I'm a player with the founder medal, and did nothing against the rule.
How can you do that without giving any information about what I did wrong?
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Niantic Project

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Following #Persepolis Portland, +H. Richard Loeb reports that +Klue S. has gone radio silent.

It's unclear if she is only avoiding him, or if she has gone under the radar entirely. I have reached out to Klue myself to see if she responds, and if she is OK.

+Klue S. has not responded to any of my messages since her strange and sudden departure. I saw the pictures of her at Portland. She looked fine, happy even, which makes this all the more strange. I reached out to a trusted friend who I knew was going to be there, and asked that she let Klue know that I am trying to get a hold her. She said she passed my message on, but still no contact.

I'm starting to get worried, no longer because I think she's in any kind of danger, but because I just don't know what she's thinking, and why she's closed all channels of communication to me.
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Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful 
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Niantic Project

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According to recent news, the respected Japanese XM Researcher, Major Akira Tsukasa, was approached by the Technology and Communications corporation, SoftBank, to help develop a new kind of technology that could help unite Agents and communities, spreading good-will across great distances.

Called the SoftBank Ultra Link, this new technology strengthens the already valuable Link Amp Mod, adding additional Linking capabilities as well as increased Defensive powers.

Major Tsukasa shared these images from the SoftBank Ultra Link testing facility shortly after the first successful test of their new technology, to help share the news of their great accomplishment.

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+Charles Tsai cool is it just for a limited time or us it a permanent item and what about the MUFG capsule? (Sorry for all the questions I'm just really curios)
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Niantic Project

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It seems the strange audio recovered yesterday was leaked for a reason: Lt.Col. J. M. Montgomery was the source, and his goal was to bring +Hank Johnson out of the shadows and into contact.

It appears the tactic worked.

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+Ahuitz Blanchot​ what??
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Niantic Project

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+Tycho C. confirms that he has been working on #IngressOrigins and denies any collusion with the NIA and Ken Owen.

Been seeing a lot of folks talking about #IngressOrigins.

I've been keeping my head low, but yeah, I'll confirm the rumors.

Are they visions like last time? Look, even when I was handing out the posters at #Comiccon  2012, I had no way to guarantee that what I'd seen was true, for the past, the present or the future. I had a feeling, and I guess it turned out I was right.

Maybe it'll be the same this time.

As for those of you who think I'm working with the NIA, and this is all some kind of propaganda. Think again. I'm having to watch my back everywhere I go.

When you see what I've seen, when you finally read these pages, you'll know why I'm paranoid about what they're capable of.
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+flint dille and how she was rescued by Calvin?
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Niantic Project

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Were NIA operatives offscreen influencing John Nee during his +Behind The Scanner interview?

+H. Richard Loeb seems to think so...

I don’t know how it looked to you, but I got the feeling that somebody was feeding lines to John Nee the other night. Like maybe the NIA was off screen. That’s just me, but honestly, wouldn’t be surprised. 

The good news is that the Graphic Novel is coming out and available for pre-order. If +Tycho C.'s past work is anything to go by, I expect we’ll learn something new about an era of the +Niantic Project that’s been pretty shrouded in mystery. I’m heading down to my local shop (Meltdown in L.A.) to reserve my copy. Ping me here of anything you might hear from the comic shops.  My feeling is that they might be a source of information. And hack the Portals. Also, if anybody has suggestions for what else I should pick up while I’m there, tell me.

Still no word from +Klue S..
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Hmmm will it be available on +comiXology ?
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Niantic Project

Shared publicly  - 
From Utrecht, +Susanna Moyer reports on one of the largest XM Anomalies in Ingress history.

In a day filled with twists and turns, the Enlightened and Resistance met across the world to determine the fate of the #Persepolis Anomalies, +Stein Lightman, and Jahan's outreach to the N'zeer.

+Klue S., recently recovered from a traumatic separation with ADA, was present in Portland, although the Anomaly's effect on her is currently unknown.

A small section of a video has emerged containing a statement from Jahan about the Enlightened, the N’zeer, and humanity's road forward.

Over the weekend, two new XM Objects began to emerge within the Portal Network: the SoftBank Ultra Link and the MUFG Capsule.

In Portland, Agents on the ground took part in +GORUCK spec-op training, and in Utrecht and Tohoku, Agents took part in officially organized Mission Days.

News has also surfaced that +Tycho C., the prescient comic book artist, may be about to release a new work. Agents can pre-order this new Graphic Novel at comic stores around the world. A source with recent intel about Tycho appeared on +Behind The Scanner on Thurs, June 25.

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The new +Klue S. seems to be very self confident lately since the separation from +A Detection Algorithm.
Her mind seems clear now, but I'm unsure if she will stay/become a sensitive or lost those capabilities trough the seperation (sealing?).
Will she take sides again or become a neutral like +Susanna Moyer?
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Niantic Project

Shared publicly  - 
News has emerged about a special guest with information about +Tycho C. appearing on +Behind The Scanner tomorrow...

Be sure to tune in...

We have secured someone for tomorrow night's +Behind The Scanner that has information about the enigma that is Tycho. 
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Looking forward to the comics. Please allow investigators worldwide access to it via Play Store if physical distribution is unlikely. 
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Niantic Project

Shared publicly  - 
A most intriguing piece of information emerged this week. The Japanese financial group, MUFG, has apparently been developing a new kind of XM technology.

Building off the existing XM Capsule, they have combined that technology with unique knowledge they have learned from their vast experience growing financial assets.

This is a section of a document that was circulated to key shareholders at a recent meeting. I have redacted the names of the researchers working on this project for their own protection. The document describes the MUFG Capsule, the world's first interest-bearing XM Object, in fascinating detail.

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I am keeping notes on the items placed in my MUFG Capsule with date and times. I am also noting my game play stats daily to see if there is a possible link to something like xm collected, xm used to recharge, distance walked, and such. 
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