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Today I Lost My Job...
But there is a silver lining

I have been off sick from work the past 6 weeks due to my #Fibromyalgia getting worse. I received by courier, at 3pm today, a letter of termination from my employer after 3 years and 7 months with them. This was two weeks after we dicussed, on friendly terms, the plan for my return to work.

Although it was a shock, as they were very happy with my work and they said I could apply again once I've recovered, there is a silver lining. I can now work on starting what I have been putting off for far too long: running my own business.

I've always been afraid of finacing the start up process, whilst keeping a roof over my head. If it weren't for the unemployment insurance I would probably be tearing my hair out right about now. The 6 months severance pay doesn't hurt either :D

Is there anyone else out there looking to start up a sole trader business soon? Does anyone have any advice?

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I have a business plan for an unrelated business I'd be happy to share with you; while it's unrelated I think there's a LOT of things you can learn form it regarding planning, finances, logistics, demographics and profit multipliers.

Sorry to hear of your circumstances, but I find your spirit refreshing and I truly wish you much luck and much success!!!
A week and a half ago I wrote almost the exact same post as you just did. The response here on G+ was overwhelming. I'm happy to say that about an hour ago I got another job and I start on Monday. I'm going to reshare your post in a minute with the same people who helped me out when I posted about losing my job last week, but I wanted to mention that the company I just joined may be of some use to you. - You can create a campaign to raise money for any reason through crowdsourcing. They mainly use Facebook, but you can spread your campaign on any social media site you want. You could start a campaign to raise money toward your start up. Take a look at their site and if you decide on using it, get in touch with me next week after I've had a chance to learn the ropes there and I'll help you in any way I can. :)
Thank you +Bob Mulholland so much for the comments and resharing the post :D I want to give your comment more than just 1 plus! (So other people must do it for me!)

I will check out the site you gave me and let you know if I will use it.

Thanks for all the support G+ :D
positive vibes! i'm sure you'll get it figured out in one way or another. wish i had more direct advice that i could give you. just stay optimistic, pull on the resources that you know can help you, and remember that you're being thought of.
Good luck! I am recently in the ranks of the unemployed myself (after nearly 10 years) due to outsourcing the manufacturing to China and Mexico. I wish you much luck and success.
Since I just got hired by FundRazr, I won't comment on my competition, but I'll tell you a bit more about us:

We're partnered with PayPal and we use them to process all payments, plus we actually helped PayPal develop the Send Money app that they use on Facebook. We're also one of the first 8 companies accredited in the CAPS crowdfunding standards initiative (, and our CEO, +Daryl Hatton, is a CAPS council member.

Like I said, I just got hired so this is info that I've gathered as part of my job research, but I'll be able to tell you more about the company as I learn it. :)
Ha it's a special way of saying LLC. In that case you just need a Master business application to file in Washington state. It's about $200 to start a business.
You are in my prayers. Make a Success Board, list everything that makes you happy & you would do for nothing. Then make your business plan. Much success to you.
thankyou +Karen Vi and +Deidre Mercer for your comments :D

And yes I do hope struggling economies arround the world pick up soon Karen.
Sorry to hear you've got Fybromyalgia. I have a parent and sibling with Fybromyalgia. I've witnessed the effects of it and how debilitating it can be to someones life. Now I'm sorry to rant, but if you ever "recover" from it, then you were misdiagnosed!!! Too many people falsely say they have Fybromyalgia without being professionally diagnosed (i.e. not by regular GP, but an Orthopedic Specialist). It's the new "hip" disease that many claim they have and how "such and such" "cured" them. Before this, it was Chronic Fatigue. The fakers drive me crazy! None of them ever had Fybromyalgia. Fybromyalgia is life long, can't be cured, and doesn't get better! So if you were professionally diagnosed, I am sorry, it's a terrible disease. But people who say they have Fybromyalgia, and aren't diagnosed by a specialist (i.e. they just think they have Fybromyalgia), are simply attention seekers and "hip"sters! An ache and pain occasionally does not give you Fybromyalgia. It's pain, 24/7/365 your whole life!
One thing I've learned in life that I truly believe is - For every door that closes, another opens.
I'm a huge believer in that as well, +Alan Cohen - The door on my last job closed at just the right time for me to knock on the door of my new one, and I think the new one is a much better fit for me. :)
+Kieran P I know Fibromyalgia is not a curable disease, but I'm just talking about when this partually 'bout' of it has passed for the most part. I go through times when its better and when it's not, so I just take each cycle as it comes. Thanks for the comments :D
So let me get this straight, you have a degenerative health condition that knocked you out for 6 weeks, which led to your eventual termination from your job. Now you want to start your own business, which requires about 30 times more work than just working for someone.

This sounds to me like a train wreck waiting to happen.
I don't really have a advice, but I do wish you good luck for your heath and your new business venture, maybe try inventive something, or do some research before you decide to jump on this bandwagon.
The benift for me +David Lilly is I can work from home, as the long crappy commute to work is the main factor that makes my condition worse. The longer I put off starting a business won't help things if it is something I want to do before I die. I won't be alone either, I have a number of people arround me who can help so I'm not alone. Of course I have to pace myself and make sure I don't over do it and give myself room to recover still from this bout of it, but I can work arround my condition at home in ways that I just can't do in an office. All whilst working on things I'm interested in. That motivates me like nothing else.
Same here lost my job just 2 weeks ago. I been building my own business for the last year. I knew in the back of my mind my company would not last. I have not equaled my salary yet but I was only working 20 hours a month. Now that I'm full time it's easy street. If yu would like more info send me a email bwcowie@gmail i'll fill you in.
Hiya +Niamh Brown So sorry it's taken me all this time to get back to your post. ♥ Shall continue talks with you and +Ted Ewen via google chat and see what's what and where we can go from here. Meanwhile........ GET SOME SLEEP please :) ♥♥♥
Hi Niamh. I can't believe that they sacked you. In Australia that would be illegal due to our anti-discrimination legislation. The company would be forced to take you back on as soon as you are well enough to work again.
It is good to read about your journey from this point. I hope it all continues to pick up 
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