Today I Lost My Job...
But there is a silver lining

I have been off sick from work the past 6 weeks due to my #Fibromyalgia getting worse. I received by courier, at 3pm today, a letter of termination from my employer after 3 years and 7 months with them. This was two weeks after we dicussed, on friendly terms, the plan for my return to work.

Although it was a shock, as they were very happy with my work and they said I could apply again once I've recovered, there is a silver lining. I can now work on starting what I have been putting off for far too long: running my own business.

I've always been afraid of finacing the start up process, whilst keeping a roof over my head. If it weren't for the unemployment insurance I would probably be tearing my hair out right about now. The 6 months severance pay doesn't hurt either :D

Is there anyone else out there looking to start up a sole trader business soon? Does anyone have any advice?

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