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NHS Negligence

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A&E wait times have gotten considerably worse over the past 7 years, and this is just one of the key areas that the #NHS needs to address.

Healthcare professionals have a legal duty of care which they must be able to perform. Failure to provide a complete level of care often results in patients either filing complaints or seeking legal action in the form of #malpracticecompensationclaims .

Hospital doctors, nurses, surgeons, GP's, and even clerical staff are required to maintain order and treat ill patients as quickly as possible, but sometimes they are liable for making serious mistakes. It's these errors in judgement which are the usual suspects for compensation claims and #NHSpayouts .

If you or a family member has fallen ill, become injured or an illness has worsened due to a delayed diagnosis, it is likely you could be entitled to file a complaint against the National Health Authority.

Find out #howtoclaim  for medical compensation here and take your first steps to getting the justice you deserve:

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With #NHSnegligence  cases increasing by the numbers all the time, new figures report that the National Health Authority had to spend £56 billion on #clinicalnegligencecompensation  claims last year. And that was just to compensate patients throughout 2015.

While regular NHS board meetings continue to take place all over the UK to try and reduce malpractice cases, there are still far too many innocent patients suffering from the consequences of improper treatment, misdiagnosis and general poor healthcare.

Families and their loved ones continue to face an uncertain future when it comes to getting the justice they deserve. We know that the NHS has a reputation for being evasive and dragging out medical malpractice claims, but rest assured that you don't have to suffer alone.

Whether you're seeking legal advice about a recent birth injury, delayed diagnosis or a life threatening surgical error, however you've been affected it's important to understand your rights to claim for #medicalcompensation .

Our official website has information to assist your negligence claim:

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The staff of hospital #AandEDepartments have an integral role in ensuring millions of injured and ill patients get the best hospital treatment to aid them back to optimum health.

Even though this should be the case, A&E staff continue to not meet the required standards when it comes to treating patients with the level of care they need, and this is extremely disheartening.

Here at #NHSNegligence we believe that everybody has the right to be treated quickly and in a stress-free manner. After all, many illness and accident cases can become life-threatening if medical attention is not given right away.

Below you'll find some common examples of #AandEnegligence  :

If you or a family member has recently suffered due to poor hospital treatment while visiting your local A & E department, our expert team of negligence solicitors are here to offer you accurate, helpful and FREE advice:

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It is a legal requirement for every #NHS  service provider to have a complaints procedure in place - this is so that patients who may have received #poorhealthcare  can exercise their right to make a legal complaint should they need to.

GP's, nurses, dentists, surgeons and other medical specialists have a duty of care, and it's in everybody's best interests for them to treat UK patients to the highest possible standards.

When negligence occurs, that's when mistakes are made. It's these errors in judgement that can lead to devastating results concerning the well being of mistreated patients.

To find out more info on your right to make an #NHScomplaint , please visit this web link:

You can also find details on how to go about filing a complaint along with lots of useful legal advice here:

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Sometimes a second opinion can make all the difference in life, especially where the health of the UK population is concerned. Here at #NHSNegligence  we provide expert legal advice when it matters the most.

Our professional team of fully qualified #malpracticelawyers will always be able to provide you with the most up to the minute FREE advice on whether or not you can claim for clinical negligence.

For a list of common medical errors and mistakes, and to find out more info on how we can assist you in your time of need, simply call our claims helpline directly on: 0843 320 9180

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In the past 5 years alone, the #NHS  has paid out over £4.5 billion on #negligenceclaims , and although budgets are specifically set aside to cater for patient compensation claims, wouldn't it be ideal if we didn't have to file such a high quantity of claims in the first instance?

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a form of malpractice at the hands of your healthcare professional, there are routes you can take when it comes to taking steps to help solve your specific negligence case.

That being said, before you can make a claim for clinical compensation, it's important to understand the difference between what classes as grounds for negligence and making an initial #NHScomplaint .

#NegligenceandComplaints   #ClinicalnegligenceAdvice   #YourHealthcare  

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The number of newborn deaths in the UK is something that the NHS needs to address sooner rather than later.

A recent investigation has revealed that 11 babies died unnecessarily between 2004 and 2013 due to midwife negligence and failure to report their medical conditions.

While a number of ongoing investigations and court hearings are taking place at the moment, this doesn't change the fact that mothers have lost their babies because of errors and lack of care from midwwives in UK hospitals.

#NHSNegligenceCases   #PoorHealthCare   #MakeaClaim  

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One of the most commonly reported medical mistakes in the UK relates to birth injury and labour trauma in pregnant women. All healthcare professionals have a strict duty of care and are required to monitor patients from their pregnancy stage, to the labour procedure itself, right down to the aftercare of the mother and newborn baby.

However, the NHS continues to make errors. Doctors, nurses, midwives and even hospital clerical staff can make mistakes which often lead to devastating results.

In the news it has been reported how a mother was denied her right to have C-section labour. Due to unrecorded information, complications and suspected hospital costing reasons, this lady's newborn baby sadly died just 5 days after delivery. This tragic story is just one of the many cases relating to #clinicalnegligence .

Get the full news report here:

For more information relating to #childbirthtrauma  and #labourmalpractice , including how to make an NHS related claim, please visit our fact sheet below:

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When its time to take action against the #NHS  and get the legal assistance you deserve, it's important to strike while it's fresh in your mind.

If you have recently attended a medical appointment with your local GP, nurse, doctor or surgeon but your treatment was of a poor standard, you could well be entitled to #claimforclinicalcompensation .

Here are a few examples of medical negligence. You may have suffered injury because your healthcare provider:

* Failed to diagnose your condition in its early stages and your health condition has since got worse.

* Made a mistake during an operation or gave you the wrong drug.

* Didn't warn you about the impending risks of having a particular treatment done.

For more information relating to examples of clinical negligence, simply click on the link below:

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In the UK there are many cases of #medicalmalpractice  that occur every year, but whether or not a patient has grounds to be able to sue is often another story altogether.

From poor standards of hygiene and aftercare in hospitals, to a misdiagnosis or late treatment for an illness, everybody's medical cicumstances are different, but we are all entitled to receive the best possible care when it comes to dealing with the NHS.

What may start out as a few minor health issues can lead to illnesses, diseases or medical conditions that if left untreated, are life threatening for some people.

With this in mind, at #NHSNegligence  we fully support your right to claim for #clinicalcompensation  if you have received poor treatment or improper care at the hands of a medical practitioner.

Read about your right to claim here:

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