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Nothing is as what it seems
Nothing is as what it seems
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Bug Report

So long as "Bundle notifications" is selected, I will not get any notification sounds of that app notification.

Edit: Sorry, looks like it's random notifications, and when they get pushed in a bunch (like multiple Facebook or Whatsapp notifications at one time).

As lists can be auto-refreshed now, I decided to add in a few of my lists as Pages, and I discovered something irregular about how Muting works.

If I mute a user, the user will be muted in both the Home and List timeline. but other mutes (expressions, clients) only are muted in the Home timeline.

My request is: could the other mutes be applied to the List timeline as well?

Multi-select delete? No! You delete one by one

What gives?? Why the two steps backwards? Can I have my long-press to multi-select and delete back?? I don't like the long-press, select delete, and "Are you sure" dialog just to delete ONE push!

any chance of getting this on Android Wear? somehow Google decided on the API that any media transfer to the watch via Bluetooth will eat up space on Google Play Services too.

any chance of extending the app to Android Wear? would really love a music player that has a built-in pre-amp and equalizer.

all i can do now is to side-load the app. it still works, but very hard to navigate around on a 1.5" screen, especially when Google messed around with the dpi (which nobody asked for) in their latest update.

Interaction Drawer is stuck when not enabled

on Android 4.4, running Talon Pull

"Enable interaction drawer" is not checked, but the interaction drawer will open upon opening any notification with 2 or more Favourite User tweets. it will then be stuck, not able to close. the only way to get rid of it is to remove Talon from Recent Apps.

so ever since the beta version, these features are still half-baked:
- no notification options (sound, vibrate, custom notification tone)
- dismissing on phone still does not dismiss on Wear, and vice versa
- navigation bar overlay is still there on hardware navigation phones

now that is a paid app, shouldn't these features be filled in?

Bug Report

Weather updates sporadically, or never updates at all when left overnight. I will always have to launch Facer on my phone to make sure it updates.

Feature improvement

Icon padding still remains even if icon is not showing.

UPDATE: Just updated to v1.0.01, the battery drain and weather issues are still there.

no issues on Android 4.4 on the latest 1.0 update, because I have not updated to Android Wear 1.0.5 yet.

BUT the biggest issues I still have is the battery drain, coming from the beta version. I'm still getting ~10% loss every hour! And the weather still does not update.
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