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Starting today, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 are available on +Google Play in Hong Kong and India. And, the Nexus Wireless Charger is now available in the US and Canada.
Shop Google Play on the web. Purchase and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet without the hassle of syncing.
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TZig Adam
Still don't have 4.4. on my '13 N7 Wi-Fi.

Why can't Motorola be in charge of the Nexus devices.
hooray for accessories available in Canada!
And Devices in Switzerland? Never??
Hey Google, Where is the Nexus 7 2013 KitKat update??? All the reviews lead me to purchase it and now you are letting me down, that is not good Google. Did you forget the 6 P's there Google? Here, let me remind you....Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!
+TZig Adam oh of course not, I've essentially given up all hope of that ever happening. That way if it ever comes I'll be surprised :P
What about Belgium? Where can we have this kind of info?
There's a wireless charger?! Good joke Google.
+Ronald Boccio stay on topic, and that goes for everyone else. This is about new countries getting the nexuses and the release of the wireless charger
Error while installing probably because I'm using windows 8.1
+Andy Hibberd I already have a 3rd party Qi charger, works perfectly with my Nexus 5. I hope the Google charger is as good. 
I didn't start it, ronald did, I'm trying to finish it before it gets going again and kills any constructive discussion of this great news of the release of the wireless charger
Why do people feel the need to go off topic about other google services?

If you have a problem post a message to that google service, PLEASE don't take posts off topic.  It's super annoying!  Not to mention, why would one google service answer questions about another google service?
Google, please open Google Play for whole planet Earth and not for "selected" countryes.
This is nice and all, but delaying the cases is pissing me off, because I've already nicked my N5.
Please bring back the original Nexus Charging Orb!
It's at the perfect angle to use the device while charging VS the new flat one that isn't.
Why not Ireland ? All your profits go through there ?
What about U.A.E we are waiting for long time 
Still waiting for Google Wallet in the EU.
+Brian Morrison So do I. I just think it's a joke that they never even released the orb in UK or any wireless charger, we are forced to get a third party one ! They do so many things right but the product releases are frustrating, chrome cast in UK? Pfft.
I had a dream ... Google Play Devices all over the world ... (I mean The entire world)
When will Kit Kat be released for the HTC Magic? <runs away>
So, what does everyone think about Obamacare and gun control? 
+1 for wireless charger in the UK.
It's sad that the wireless charger is available before the official nexus 5 bumper cases. Lucky I ordered something else instead of waiting
New Zealand? Come on. Stop treating us like the 3rd tech world.. 
If Google can make G+ accessable to all users around the world so easily according to the demographic of the posters here, why can't they do the same for their other software and products? Doesn't make sense.
Damn it! No 4.4 on my Nexus 7 2013. WHY IS IT TAKING A LONG TIME TO ROLL OUT!?
+Eddie Pena Because Google rushed KitKat to the market without fine tuning it. They're probably fixing it as we speak.
+Ronald Boccio why, did your device stop working? If you really are that impatient for 4.4 put some of that energy in flashing it yourself.
Android updates are always stages roll outs, when will people learn?
+Kenn Harlem To answer your question: Because Google tends to ignore posts about their products in my experience and they hope that Google might listen at least here. That's why.
what is taking so long... I smell a rat there is something wrong with the update
+Nexus +Google Play Expanding availability is great, the more Nexus the better. But, you dont even have enough inventory to fulfill orders that you've already held the money for, like my black 32gb bought on Nov. 7th. :-(
Singapore please. Singapore. We drove down iPhone share from 80 to 40 percent. Reward us please. 
Finally, the moment I have eagerly waited for 😃👍
Get the devices out in Belgium and Ireland (not to forget other countries too for once. We've been waiting long enough to be added to the list. Google's EU Head Quarters is in fact in Dublin, Ireland so it's kinda weird how things go imho....

If i wanted a Nexus 4 a few months ago i would have to pay €469,- in a regular mobile/electronics store. Even on a webshop they cost a lot more which is a total ripoff.
I wonder what they ask when they can get the Nexus 5...  €750,-???

Edit: i just checked on the website of the electronics store who has the nexus 4 and they still ask €469,-

Too bad.....
Big Thank you to Google from HK! 
nexus devices will get first the 4.4 Kit Kat updates? wow...just like strategies to sell lies...great job google
+Geoffrey Lau how much is it in HK play store?
Are they sold at local stores? If they are, how much? 
You guys are making your +Nexus owners PISSED. how in the world does Moto x get Kit Kat before N4 users. It's a slap in the face. A real disappointment. How can you treat your loyal and faithful like that? Push us the damned OTA. It can't be that hard.
Google, get yo bitch-ass devices over here.
We Swedes are tired of waiting..
+Mark Stronge If google would do their part I wouldn't have a reason to complain. I have said what I needed to and that's that. 
+Jeroen Pardon no my device is working fine but one reason for buying is not needing to wait so long for updates and Google is falling short. If they would at least say they are having issues, perhaps the nexus owners won't be upset. As far as flashing, why should I need to when google is supposed to have released kit Kat? Yes I have the know how to do it but I shouldn't have to. 
I do find this very disturbing for Nexus owners and getting fed up with Google's many contradictory decisions whether Android OS/Motorola/Nexus
No offense +Adam Young but why would you want that one when it costs so much? I got the Spiegen one and its great!
Would love to see devices available in New Zealand!
The Nexus 4 did launch officially in Vietnam and just in this December, the Nexus 5. Both are under the LG name, not Google. And the price mostly being added about 200USD. Then I may ask that if it happens in your country the same way, are still hungry the Nexus? For myself, I bought my Nexus 4 officially in Vietnam when it was launched as what I just said earlier. But I won't do the same thing with the Nexus 5. I just say it. Just share information.
What's the point on buying a nexus if you don't have quick updates? Especially when on others countries the price is not as good as at USA. 
We want Music in India,plz make it avliable
Stop that stupid country division in the store!! Why can't i buy a stupid phone from Venezuela?? You will be paid in $$$ anyways!!
Thank you Google. I will finally get myself a nexus. 
Nhi To
SERIOUSLY?!? where is Kit Kat at, haven't received the OTA update yet, I have the 2013 version!
When will it be available in Malaysia +Nexus? The manufacturers are taking a pretty long time to release the phone in the market. The Nexus 4 was launched in Malaysia around February 2013. 
Lol when the nexus 7(2012) was discontinued to be manufactured.. It was then introduced in india... But now they hav bought the 2013 version pretty quick.. Due to this reason my cousin bought the 2012 v for me from the U. S
I know this is a waste of time trying to reach out here regarding country availability, but with Spain right next door, why not make devices available in the whole Iberian Peninsula, and add Portugal to the country list as well? 
I ordered my n5 on Nov 3rd. Still waiting. Good luck to you all. 
Google play started in India
But why the price so high compared to us.can something be done on this
Finally, the wait is over !!!!! :) ..... Thanks GOOGLE!! for adding Nexus 7(2013) too.
Rex Wu
Finally in HK, please make movie the next.
I still can't see devices on my Google Play Store app in Hong Kong, but it's nice to see it finally here in the web store

Hopefully movies and TV shows will be here soon too
+Krishna VV it was always like that.. In india n5 will b available for $475... That is if u covert fr INR to $
+Nexus finally no need to run abroad from India for these sweet pieces of Google.....still a gr8 price difference though. Anyways thanks google
hehe...will order 32gb white
thanks google :P (India)
Denmark still waiting for the update! I'm really disappointed in Google right now :-(. Nexus 7 2012 still running 4.3
Give India the Wireless Charging ORB and accessories also
Any chance of the Nexus 5 coming to the Taiwan play store?
All the people say that "Still waiting for 4.4" it was released almost a week ago.Here is an interesting question " Who got this uptade?" Google has many things to learn from Apple about how to relase update.
+Altay Soyalp keep up please! the OTA has started about 6 hours ago. It has a new version number since last week fixing issues reported on the first 4.4 release. THAT IS THE REASON FOR STAGED ROLL OUTS
 I have already placed order for my Nexus 5 32GB... but by when delivery will start
Is it likely Google Play Devices will come to +Finland ?
I bought my wee hours in the morning.
Are the ones sold in India shipped from within India?
Probably won't ever come out in the UK like the Nexus 4 QI charger. Makes me sad that I can't get official wireless chargers for my Nexus devices...
Still no sign of kit Kat update for my nexus they serve the dessert in the end:-) 
Timo Ta
They should Start 4.4 roll out for N4 and N7 in germany!! Nothing here
the nexus 5 cover (bumper case) is also available now (in germany)
Obligatory when will Norway be blessed by your presence? ;-)
Wow, so many requests and so ridiculous number of pieces ready to ship... in Italy we have to wait ONLY 6 WEEKS.... Google, are you serious?!
Congrats Hong Kong and India!  Now you too can sit back and wait endlessly for the latest OS to arrive on your cutting edge device.  Where the heck is 4.4 Google?
Can you get a temp to run across the hall and turn the OTA update dial from turtle speed to something acceptable? Thanks, you're the best! 
Whats hapening whit Serbia whit Google and Nexus???
please just nexus4 kitkat! i really want kitkat on my nexus4. please hurry
Flash playback does not work on 4.4 yet :(  So you might want to stick with 4.3 until the workaround is found
When google play market come to Turkey?
How long does it take to charge a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7
Why is it there is no google play in the philippines? 
Please bring the availability to the Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. I would be the first to buy the Nexus 5.
Any news is good news...I guess... patiently waits for OTA kitkat for N7 
I would love one of these wireless charges in a dock for the car. Especially if Google keeps using the magnets in the phones, so it can work with the next Nexus as well. 
Why aren't wireless chargers available wherever the devices that use them are?
Google will you please amend the play store listings for nexus devices, they're still being sold as "always the first to get the latest Android updates" 
When will you start selling them on Google Play in NZ?
I'm waiting for your gift to me Nexus 5 32 Gb & Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
Sill waiting for that update on My N7 2013, close but no cigar. 
Thank you Google for making it available in India.
That's funny, why you don't support Poland? Everybody are waiting for GP services and ability to buy Nexus devices in country, not shipped from US by family or friends out there as gifts and used clothes lol (yes we all buy stuff this way) 
Google, if you are smart, please bring in to Singapore!! People are bringing-in export sets which bought from Japan Play Store and selling at SGD630 for 16GB and SGD680 for 32GB
Ok there is only one way to shut us up, four devices as a gift to Dania, Russia, Singapore and Poland, we know what we want, we want Nexus! Google you have 48 hours to go OR... Or else! Time start
Pretty pathetic that i have to log on via a usa vpn to order your devices for delivery to the USA , why block ordering from other countries for delivery to the USA, stupid ordering blocking system. 
Any plan to launch in Singapore??? Please!!
will the new nexus wireless charger work for the nexus 4??
I still haven't gotten the KitKat update on my nexus 7 2012 Wi-Fi anyone else who still hasn't gotten the update
No goggle suck I don't care what goggle engineers says" u should side load" I'm not turn my Nexus into a brick fuck you goggle
+Skyler Tanaka I was in the same boat and though I would never get it but then I cleared my Google services framework, have it a reboot and ta-da, kit Kat. Same thing worked for jellybean. Give it a try!
宅急便 delay 3 days more.
Why wait for phased rollout when you can do adb sideload/factory image. I got kitkat on my n4 and n7(2013) that way :D
If side load were easy I would but since I don't a programming degree why risk turning my Nexus into a brick. If I just put the ota in my Nexus and flash it like I do with my phone we won't be complaining. Google need to get there act together and bring them out like apple. 
When will it launch in Malaysia?
Hey Google. Could the UK get a little love for once? We're waiting for Chromecast, we're waiting for the Black Nexus5 bumper cases and now we're waiting for the wireless charger... :/
Can anyone tell me when it is gonna arrive in Dubai :D
When will devices be available via Google Play in Greece? 
Well the black bumper case went on sale yesterday, so who knows, maybe someone's listening :-) Letters to Santa anyone?
Ed H
Mexico?????????????????????? we need urgently devices here!!! fuckin hate outer spaced prices here!!!!!
already stock out..when it will back 
Nexus 5,16 GB,Black in US play store
Thanks guys! Loving the new gen. You really need to get the accessories available in India now! It's a pain otherwise! 
Still waiting on an official statement regarding the Nexus 10 2 rumors before I reluctantly settle for a 7" tablet...
Hello nexus will you sel some nexus products in Algeria ? Please 😊
+Nexus Thanks for making it available here in India. But, why is the Nexus 5 (or 7 for that matter) more costlier in India than the US - even if one excludes the import duty and takes into account a reasonable exchange rate (USD to INR)? Are there more things that add to the difference?

Also, why do the Nexus line of devices not provide an external storage slot (microsd)? Is it again commerce behind it, or is there a real technical reason and/or design/architecture philosophy behind it?
+Sudhir Parasuram Lakkaraju Commerce as important, if not more, than technical. Without Commerce, no one will invest in technology. Remember that it's profit motive that has given birth to innovation and tech!
It seems the announcement is just for PR.. I'm in HK and I've been trying to buy the Nexus 5 for days and the Chromecast for weeks.. I keep getting "Service is not available in your area" message!
I even tried accessing the US page (through a VPN), it didnt accept to ship to any address other than in the US.
Ed H
+A. K. Narendranath I agree, commerce is very important, no denying that. Just want to understand what could be the reason, but obviously, there's not going to be a should out answer to that from +Nexus .

Someone else pointed out elsewhere that providing a microsoft slot may have to mean pay licensing fees to Microsoft in order to read FAT file system. If that's true, that's an interesting take. I see that the latest Google Play Music can write to an SD, so not sure if that's really the case of the $$ is already paid, or ...
Please push LG to sell Nexus 5 soon in Indonesia. I know that Google cannot sell directly due to local regulation.
When can I buy Nexus Wireless Charger in Spain?

+Google +Google Play +Nexus +Google Android 

My Nexus 5 shows up in Android Device Manager & in the Play Store as the Nexus 7. What gives? Of course there is NO WAY to remove devices from Play, so I am now stuck with 2 Nexus 7 listings & that's just all confusing as hell. So, how can we get this issue fixed?
Google has become like Apple , imposing and restrictive , Android is not the same without Flash Player .
Please allow Singapore to purchase Nexus/Google Play Edition Devices from the Google Play Store...
seriously, when is it coming???
HI,dear Google!Sorry undeniable and void for us!!!?Unelectable from the honest trustable Google for the deprived third world!!!?Just pit,alas,and regret from the trustable Google the only hope of oppressed people!!!?What else!!!?
Any new system upgrade for Nexus 5 recently?
Let's come to Singapore, LG Singapore already confirmed not bring it in. So what Google wait it for???
HI,dears.I respect Google for the innovation,creation,invention.Google nexus5 and 7,2013 are the masterpieces!I don't have access to them now!But both the masterpieces the best are main next goals!Just one point:creating millions of jobs is pride for all humans to share happily!I have asked and requested from Google to update my Google play store of my device!!!?Unfortunately non of my mails reaches Google!Dears in Google,should I wait more!?I appreciate your kindness to act ASAP!?Thanks+long live the brave fearless great Google humanity!++++=Pride!
HI,dears.How can I comment when my Google play store won't get update at all!!?Forgotten person says hi to you to remind you!?Thanks!
Really hope that Nexus5 comes to Singapore. Waiting for one for development purpose
HI,dear.Price must be around $450 in Denmark!Buying from Google Play store of the place is more echonomical and affordable!?Also I heard Wal-Mart has very polite humane people to buy on line!?As my source is just news,Please research on line about walmart before purchase!?Unfortunately I don't have their audio stories and they never answer my mails to be sure in recommendations upon facts! Really good for you to have the both nexus7,2013 and nexus5!?Dear me what a chance you have!?Please pray for my Google update play store!?Possible!!!?Thanks all+Denmark=Nexuses the best!God God Hope!My visions are poor!Goodbye!Who cares!!!?

Hi +ali mousavi thanks for your help!
I'm looking for the Nexus 5. The problem is I live in Brazil and here the new Nexus didn't come yet. Some news say it will come soon but with price around R$2.500. It's too much for us!
I asked about the price in Denmark because I know someone that is coming next month and he could bring one for me.
I believe he prefer to buy in a store but I have no ideia where is it possible. If I don't find any place I'll ask him if is possible to buy in Google Play
I wonder when Nexuses are available in Vietnam officially. Even read a lot of rumours that Nexus 6 would end up for the Nexus phones. But when Google store comes down here, there would be a big wave of purchase for sure.
Hi,good for you and Vietnam!But no good news for updating NY notepad from
Asus and Google!?It's called evident discrimination!Pains and tragedy!Only
Chinese Angeles billionaire to buy Motorolas from Google are important!The
millions of supporters of Google from the third world are considered
nothing!Alas,sorrow,and pity!Degrading humans criteria!!!?
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