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Starting today, Nexus 7 with 4G LTE is available for purchase on +Google Play in the US [] and will be coming to +T-Mobile stores in the US in October!
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Shut up and take my money 
We want Google Play Store Devices in Italy! Please Google don't delude us! You're the best...
Order placed.
My body is ready.
Already had one for almost two weeks now :) (on tmobile germany)
Finally let me check out, ordered.
Dear Nexus, please can I have a 10" Tablet with 4G/LTE? 
Will there be a US Verizon version? thought it was supposed to be non-carrier specific.
Just the battery life is not so well on 4G
Just the battery life is not so well on 4G
The listed LTE bands are not compatible with AT&T IIRC.  Is that just a T-Mobile marketing ploy to not list the AT&T bands, or will they have separate devices.  ugh!
If this comes to Canada soon enough...
I might forget about getting an iPad mini LTE...
And when will it come to New Zealand?
Seriously, you can't leave Italy alone against France, Spain, Uk, Germany.... Italy is only usefull for tourism, then none is interested in it. Make the difference Google!
I had the mini ipad before and it is soooo bad
Seriously +Nexus, you need to clear-up the T-Mobile/Verizon/AT&T issue. You said that the Nexus 7 LTE would support these 3 carriers at the launch event and now it only says T-Mobile. What gives?
+Matt Abdou It says UNLOCKED... Google is only supplying a Tmobile SIM, Doesn't mean you have to use it. Go buy an AT&T SIM .
+Marshall Baer I have no problems going to get a Verizon SIM card, it would just be nice if it said somewhere "Supports Verizon and AT&T with carrier-issued SIM card" before I spend $350 to find out by trial-and-error.
+Matt Abdou Read the specs. I'm not gonna say it will work on Verizon (Over Priced Data) but it will work with AT&T... Unlocked means its not tied to any specific carrier. Just like when the First Nexus 7 came out, you were supplied with an AT&T SIM.
+Epic Tea No Phone Calls; the phone/dialer portion of the android build is removed, probably just like the original nexus 7. There is an entire 100+ page topic on XDA about developers trying to make the tablet capable of phone calls without the use of a SIP/VOIP service.
+Martin Schalck >Yet again initially only in the US
I fixed your comment for you. Google has already confirmed the LTE Nexus 7 will be released in several other countries, e.g. UK, Germany and France.
But what if I don't want the T-mobile sim and I just want the device? Can you put out an option for that? +Nexus 
+Joshua Percell The SIM card is free so I'm just going to toss the T-Mobile card that it comes with and use my Verizon one instead.
LTE bands say 700, 850, AWS and 1900.

AWS is for T-Mobile + 1900(metroPCS LTE on few markets)

700 lower and AWS(select markets) is AT&T

700 upper and AWS(future) for Verizon.

Not sure about sprint but I think they use 1900 and 850 in the future. Do they let non-sprint branded devices on their network? 
Yes, and it's coming to Verizon!! 
Yes - the LTE Version. Was available 2 weeks ago for a short time.
I am using o2 germany network with LTE. It is working fine. And it switches to 3G or even Edge, if there is no 4G network
No - phone calls only via skype or other VOIP clients. No native phone app.
I live in a hilly rural area in Bavaria. As far as 3G coverage is concerned, T-Mobile can run circles around O2 and Vodafone in my village … is the same true for LTE, or would O2 actually be preferable?
I have only tried o2 in germany but I am sure, it works also with the other providers. I was in austria last week and used it in roaming mode in the t-mobile network. Had only 3G access there. 
When will the new Nexus 7 come to Brazil? C'mon Asus and Google! Samsung is reigning supreme here due to lack of competition...
When will devices from the Play Store be available for more countries (particularly, all EU countries)? I'm not asking for a specific date, but a time frame (such as Q1 2014 or even 2h 2014) would be nice and not to mention encouraging. 

Amazon is kicking your ass when it comes to availability.
I'm guessing that the Nexus 5 probably won't be available on Verizon this time around, huh?
+Shaker Cherukuri You might have to cut the SIM or get an adapter to go from the SG10.1 to the N7LTE, but otherwise swapping the SIM should work.
when you gonna release the LTE version ?
Love my Nexus 7!!! Congrats Google!!! 
Looks like they work on all plans (ATT, TMO, Verizon).  I have a month to month ATT plan from my original Nexus 7 (2012) version currently.  I'm wondering if I stick the ATT sim in the new 2013 N7 that I will automatically connect via LTE and retain the same 3G/$30 a month plan I'm on now?
Something unclear to me.. There is two separate versions of the Nexus 7 LTE? One European and the other US?
Or just the device supports also the European & US LTE bands?
Yeah! Finally a tablet I can get from t mobile thats not a galaxy.
Wow. A review said that he had 4 separate apps running on the screen with its own windows with no issues. Dam. Looks like ill be saving money for this thing.
:( I'm instantly wish I waited I thought it was going. To take longer , anyone want a WiFi?
Ordered one earlier tonight. It'll be my first Nexus device-can't wait for pure Android goodness.
Does anyone know if this is one that works on Verizon Network?
From - LTE: 700/750/850/1700/1800/1900/2100 MHZ (Bands: 1/2/3/4/5/13/17)

From Play Store - LTE: 700, 850, AWS, 1900 MHz

Which is the correct one?
I hate when I read: "Only in the US" or its variants
Now for a new 10 with LTE! 
u.s users only club
+Erin Kiang Chua it doesn't have band 750 on the list. 
Google there's not only USA out there. Work more globally at once ( product )
Can anyone with the device confirm whether the 'Tethering and portable hotspot' settings option is available this time?

For some reason this was removed from the 2012 Nexus 7 (32GB + mobile data version) and I can not use the 2012 Nexus 7 as a mobile hotspot like I can with my Galaxy Nexus.
+Bobby Kundelov exactly, outside US we appreciate Google devices more than people in US.....the US is the only market where Apple gains over Android. So whatever Google does (except for a great TV ads showing how the competitors are outdated) nothing helps, the "simplicity strategy" without features of the Google products will just make us angry and we leave for the competitors (the great example is android Google maps product = using less and less, Sygic using more and more)
+Roman Kasal I may live in the US, but I can't stand (most) Apple products... Android is where it's at...Macbooks are okay, even though I don't own one.
When will you launch the new nexus in India??
It's a good thing I didn't purchase the wifi only model I waited really long but now it paid off plus I don't have to carry around a mifi 
So my carrier is Verizon. Will the 4GLTE work? I called Verizon and they said only through my phone's mobile hotspot?
In germany it was the same day as the wifi only Version. I bought it the 30th of August
+Roman Kasal When apple release a product they do it internationally. I can understand if its a Sony or samsung or LG to be on differend markeds in differend times. But Nexus product should hit the Shelfs at the same time. Period.
Hi guys, does Nexus 7 Lte work in India, and europe.? 
(Why pay $549.99 for an iPad when you can get a lovely Nexus 7 with basically the same features for $229 [Depending on what model of course])
Harry Carter, I called Verizon and they told me the same thing as they told Meena because they do not want unlocked devices on their network.  Everyone keeps saying buy a sim card from Verizon but, they pair their sims with their devices.  So how can this unlocked version work on Verizon's network without waiting for the Verizon branded version?  Steal the sim out of my existing Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and put it in this?  Is that guaranteed to work? I will wait to drop the $350 until someone can actually CONFIRM this.
So! I called up Google. As told to ask Verizon if it will accept the SIM card. I called Verizon back. Yes they will. Advised to call the global network and they will activate the card over the phone with id#. I called the global network support to confirm and yes! It works.
Meena - so you didn't need any new SIM cards than the one provided (T-Mobile I believe) to get your device working on Verizon?  From above it seems you just provided an "ID#."  Is that correct?

What about Australia?
Many "Coming" weeks has passed :P
Is there any plans to make googleplay in indonesia to be able to purchase any of google's gadget?
not found 404  in  china
Lo puedo comprar en EEUU y traerlo a GUATEMALA informen por favor
Waiting to buy from a tax free option.
+John Snedden - did you ever find out whether or not the hotspot feature is available on the new Nexus 7 LTE edition?
+John Snedden I ordered one as well. I also called Google support and they confirmed it does have hotspot capabilities. I'll post of I hear more.
Brad Breitenstein Thanks for the video link CONFIRMING it will work on Verizon's network by just slapping in a Verizon microSIM card.  Just ordered mine! :-)
I think the reason why the LTE's aren't sold out yet is because most people think that its only made for t-mobile.  Which makes sense.  Horrible advertising by Google if you ask me.
Got mine today (Yeah!) Thanks!  HOWEVER - Google Wallet says 'Your device isn't compatible with this version'. Wow. Bought this to go with the HTC One Google Edition so I could get my Wallet back. WHY???
Bo Peng
move forward to north a little bit plz, i mean Canada plz
I just got mine today and the 4g is great and does have hotspot capabilities.
I have the Wi-Fi oneand its fantastic...Why am I till itching to get the New LTE Nexus7 for AT&T? I mean, I have 2 phones with tethering already. Someone, make me stop or convince me otherwise. I can't justify it.
Wonderful HD screen with latest Android; activated iPad 4 Verizon LTE sim works in Nexus 7 LTE beautifully; no touch screen or GPS problems.
There is a long thread in the Google groups about random reboots of this device. I personally experienced it, and even my device no longer powering on after only ten days of having the product. I exchanged it and haven't had any reboots or other problems with my latest device. Is there a plan to root out these issues and find the true root cause? Others may not be as lucky as I was that I was still in my exchange period with Wal-Mart. I love my Nexus 7 (2013), so I hate to see it lose a fan base because of terrible build and zero feedback from the company. 
I have Nexus 7 1st gen - one amazing think. All Nexus devices are AMAZING.
when this tablet will launched in india with 4g..........
when its coming in indonesian? where can i buy it? so wanted that cool gadget..!!!
Is the LTE UNLOCKED version available for purchase on Google Play in the US? Will it work outside US?
Got mine two weeks ago and works like charm! Love Nexus 7 :)
will it work in indian subcontinent ?
is it unlocked ? or i need to buy an unlocked version ? is that possible ?
will it be in indonesia market? i've been waiting too long :(((
Love the original Nexus 7 and think the new Nexus 7 is awesome!  But would like to hear info on the new Nexus 10.  It is long in the tooth and desperately needing an upgrade (in particular much more memory and 3g/LTE capability)... any word on this?
I'm planning to buy the N7 2013 LTE in the US. But I'll be using it only in India. Should I buy the tablet from Play Store through AT&T or T-Mobile? Or does it really matter and the N7 will work on the 3G/LTE networks back here in India?
is it possible to buy a unlock version NEXUS 7 from sweden.....if then what would be the approximate price? NEXUS 7 LTE....2nd generation.
Just broke my nexus 7 lte 2013 here in Denmark :-( the best tablet ever
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