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Starting today, Nexus 7 is available for purchase on Google Play in Canada:

While you're there, check out the new Nexus 7 Sleeve, also available in the US and CA:
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Good news for our neighbors to the north...
But I think we'd all like to see that LTE Nexus 7...
I'll have a LTE Nexus 7 once it's tethered to my HTC One GE. :)
Have the faulty screen and faulty GPS issues reported on most android sites been resolved for the UK launch (28th)???
Free shipping and the same dollar value as the US version... nice!
"Not available in your country"
Can't even see the damn thing.
Will there be a dock for the new Nexus 7?
How about a wide european launch of any product +Nexus?
or / +Google Play +Google for that matter.

no nexus directly from google, no all access music, no books, no movies, no chromecast.
If you try to buy just the sleeve, it's $18 shipping. Sorry, I wasn't clear there.
Yeah, sleeve is showing $18 shipping. I hope that is a mistake. 
very nice +Nexus but really it would be great if we could enlarge the image a little bit!
+Benjamin Polidore There are sleeves and cases on Amazon for pretty cheap. Got 3 different Moko cases for 15 dollars including shipping, although that particular sale is over.
That sleeve looks crappy. You'll find better stuff on eBay for half the price.
Everybody needs to quit complaining about where they are/aren't selling devices. There are reasons why. Instead of complaining, go do some damn research!
Let's get that LTE version to NL please!
Where is that LTE version? It was promised within weeks of the original announcement... The wait is killing me :)
+akhilesh kotla Sadly that's the speed at which Google releases products in India. Asus is less biased though when they released the earlier Nexus model before Google put it up on Google Play. :-(
Do we have an ETA for the new Nexus 7 in the UK?
Nice, but waiting for chromecast as well !
Got it yesterday it's amazing great display great performance great hardware 
Hmm, I'm waiting for this in Belgium. Will be available soon ?
Any word on the Nexus Charging Orb outside of US? 
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
When it will be available worldwide?
Google Devices in Mexico?, say yes Google, I know you want ; -)
I already own it in Sweden. :-) it's amazing. 
Nice just bought a 32 gb one :) The free shipping made be bite :P
India is always last ??!
I'd like one but no money LOL xD
Hear Canadians applaud throughout Canada. Then hear them apologize for being impatient.
The new one looks very sexy, can't wait till it arrives in Australia.
non je ne connais pas, certainement pratique dans des lieux au loin de chez soi, merci- )
Wow.. for once Canada gets the same pricing as the US as well as free shipping.. Hope +Google Canada can make this a standard practice.... Now bring the chromecast to Canada and I will have something to throw my money at :-) 
Free shipping not available at checkout. $11.
Follow up: if you select only the Nexus 7 the shipping is free. If you also select the sleeve (case) at $29 then you get hit for an $11 shipping fee. 
Din Din
Hong Kong! When?
I can't wait for the new nexus phone and a 10" nexus tablet now :)
Can i buy it by shipping to Vietnam?
This is great we can now buy devices in Canada but it's only available on the web not on the +Google Play app and BTW when will we get +Google Play Music?
Any news on a new nexus 10? That's what I'm waiting for.
Can't see the price of the new nexus 7 sleeve from where I am now. How much is the cost ?
Could we get GooglePlay in HK finally? That'd be great. Thanks. Bye. 
To all my people up in Toronto...Eat your heart out! :-) 
It is a pleasure doing business with you, I have a great time making my way and my tactics straight, I have it all together as well as all my components on or in your sites. It pays to show off doing it all well with your stuff all here on the on the internet

dare you available purchase in China!?
When will the Chromecast be available to Canada?
What about the Chromcast? The new N7 is nice, but it's still just another tablet.
méxico méxico!!! and latinoamérica
NZ playstore.... Come on Google you're giant enough to make this happen. Surely? 
Definitely on my list. Can't wait... Hope it will arrive soon in the Netherlands...
Please make it of better build quality... screen cracked on 1-foot drop, and now tablet no longer charges no matter what I do.  Never buying Nexus 7 again :(
So a local techshop gets a second shipment of 32 GB Nexus 7 2013s in. Since the noise about the problems with it has died down, I thought I go get one because they have a 7 day return and 30 day replacement policy.

I buy one and take it to my car and while parked, I configure it and install GPSTest. The little GPS icon appears and blinks.. and no satellites. After a minute, the GPS icon goes away. Still no sats. I try Maps and Nav - nothing - no GPS.

Take it back into the store, ask for a refund. I show him the problem. He asks if we can try another unit. I explain that this is a pretty widely reported problem - I don't want to burn through his stock trying to find one that works. He insists and I say what the heck - I really do want one.

He goes to the back and brings me a new one. While we're standing there, he connects it to their WiFi and start to configure it again. I go to download GPSTest and the WiFi blips out. Finally I get GPSTest and the exact same behavior. We take it outside - for a repeat performance.

He refunds me my money.

Sooo.. for 20 minutes, I owned a Nexus 7 2013 32GB

Google - you realize this hurts your rep more than it does ASUS? They're known for makin shoddy tablets. I'm still smarting over the Transformer Prime. This time it's YOUR brand that's getting messed up.
Waiting for it in Portugal. I want it so badly xP
When's are this and Nexus 4 coming in India
I can't but say how much I love Google. Google listens to it's users. I complained about my play store's update and I'm really impressed that I was not only moved from 4.1 to 4.2 but I'm now on 4.3. I can't find my previous statement, but thank u +Google Play . I wish I can be employed by you, I'll stick to Google.
i also want to by nexus 7 or 4 ,when it will  come to india. which one is the best?
I don't plan. The 1st. I 1st 
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I'm still thinking about a Nexus 4. Sorry for being a little off topic. 
M Han
Well m still planning for nexus 4. 
I have an HTC DNA phone and since its android too, when I took this Nexus out of the box, turned it on, it got ALL the info from my phone, even the app screen shots, I love my new Nexus!!
Hi i've an asking how i can install one apk downloaded from mi computer to nexus 7 2013??
Be aware of the problems with version before you buy! Google is not addressing them. Nothing but silence from them for far too long.
Agreed with +Ray Haas , +Google has been very quiet about the GPS issue despite a ton of talk about it for weeks. 
When will the new nexus 7 be available in Australia on the google play store. 
I won't be buying the new version, at least until I hear that it works with standard Micro USB cables.  The first version would only charge with the cable it came with.   So much for standards!
+Oscar Cornejo If it's not too big email it to yourself.  Or put it on Drive / Dropbox and access it from there.  Make sure your settings allow side-loading (I don't know what the default is).
Do not buy this tablet until Google responds to the GPS and Touch Screen problem. They are still selling defective systems. 
+Zak Webster is right, although it's worth adding that the GPS issue does appear to be a software issue, rather than a more critical hardware issue.

That being said, +Google has been very quiet in response to the deluge of reports of this issue. It is actually very disheartening as a gen 2 N7 owner. It serves me right, I suppose, for buying a tablet a few days after its release.

As for the multitouch issue, it seems to be only an issue on some devices. Mine does not experience the issue, though there are plenty of reports (and demonstrations) of this issue.

I am very pleased with my Nexus 7, overall, but the feeling Google's support has given myself and the community by not keeping its user base up to date will make me weary of buying another of their products. That being the case, as well, I wouldn't recommend anyone buying the new Nexus 7 until the current issues are worked through, or in the very least, given a time frame from Google for being resolved.
I'm actually happy with my device also.  It bothers me that Google continues to sell these devices with the same problems.  I'm still seeing new owners coming to forums with these issues.  The GPS issue is less of an issue for me than the touch screen problem but obviously I want them both fixed.  I use my N7 everyday and it's a great tablet.  I just don't like the way Google is dealing with this issue, it seems dishonest. Surely by now they must have some idea of what is wrong. It's as though they don't want to talk for fear of initial sales taking a hit. I'm keeping faith that what ever the issue software/hardware that they will do the right thing but the silence make me question their integrity. Google needs to speak this week on these specific problems and what they plan to do to satisfy their customers.
I think the feeling of them not talking out of fear of losing sales is spot on. And you are not alone in the feeling of being disrespected as a consumer, +Zak Webster 
Still hopeful but I haven't seen one post by someone with the supposed touch screen fix say that it corrects this issue. GPS is still unresolved.  Waiting for the update myself.
+Zak Webster they have an ota update right now that fixes both issues. I can verify both. The update rolls out to different devices at different times but you can expect it in the next few days.
When can we start using the store in Singapore? 
4G / LTE Version when? Kinda makes me regret staying up all night for this...
When will Google devices come to Singapore?
when its available in australua
It'll be released when it's ready :-) 
Me gusta la tecnología. Gracias nexus por entrar en nuestra vida cotidiana.
как всегда дискриминация остальных стран, и СНГ в частности. Тысячи гиков ждут это устройство с модулем LTE.
Come on Google, you are better than this. Launch it in Australia already.
I use the Qi wireless charging & NFC every monent
When will this launch in South Africa.
+Nexus could you please inform me as to whether my 2012 nexus 7 will be upgraded to Android 4.4?
Dear Customers: We are happy to report that our Canadian launch has been very successful. As for the rest of the world, you're going to have to wait for your turn mwahahaha!
Can i know the release date of 2nd gen NEXUS7  tablet in india? i am dying to purchase it :(
Is it nice than other kinds
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