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Picture this: your whole family, reunited for the holidays, in front of a crackling fire. A great image...except if you’re a photographer (in which case, you’d be saying “challenging low light, high contrast...argh!!”). Well, not with HDR+ on Nexus 5, alongside a fresh update to the camera rolling out today with Android 4.4.1. 

HDR+ lets you to take great shots in challenging environments, say where there's a large contrast of bright and dark portions of the scene and also in low light situations. When you press the shutter button, instead of taking just one picture, we take a burst of shots in about 1/3 of a second, and apply computational photography to intelligently fuse images together.

All of this gets a boost with an update to Android 4.4.1 rolling out today to Nexus 5. It improves the camera with faster focusing, especially in low light, faster white balancing, for truer colors, the ability to pinch-zoom the viewfinder in HDR+ mode and less shutter lag. 

So don’t let a dim room or a warm fire be the grinch that stole your holiday reunion masterpiece:
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This is good news!
and my nexus 5 is coming tomorrow :D
When will you update to fix the bug that sends your phone straight to full unlock when it rings? That's pretty annoying!!!
John B
+Nexus Still having a hard time making Action photos. It keeps turning into motion. Any Tips to use AutoAwesome Action photo??
Any news yet on when the N10v2 is coming out?
I was really disappointed by the "lack of" on this device. Especially the camera and the battery. Price and size are perfect.
The first phone I ACTUALLY WISH would cost more.... 

primarily to include a proper size battery & IR blaster, better/faster camera capable of burst shot.
Looking forward to the camera app update on #Nexus5  it has been my only complaint about an otherwise brilliant smartphone. Thanks!
Can't wait to test the new version. I really liked the HDR feature on nexus 4. Was pretty disappointed about nexus 5 camera. Hopefully this one is better!
Is this will be available for other devices with KitKat or only for nexus 5?
Woohoooooo! Got the update. This camera update made the camera 15 times better!! 
Sean S
So I'm new to this.  How long does the roll out last?  Will everyone get the update today or will it be over the coming days?
Nexus 4? we need camera driver/HAL upgrade! Google..Come on!
+Adrian Castillo and you need it because it will improve the quality of your professional paparazzi long range shoot's with your nexus 5?
I just ordered the $350 #motoX I can't accept the crap pictures of the +Nexus 4 anymore, which is going up on eBay. Looking through all the pics the awful +Nexus camera took in my G+ photos I have to admit that even enhancing the pics with the G+ tools didn't help. Leaving the +Nexus 4 for that reason.
+Nexus It's really bad marketing that you always announce these updates before they are available to everyone. It just makes people hate Google. Why do you do that?
+Emanuel Neuman - just the snapdragon 800 with the small battery and no coprocessor... That's my problem. Battery just can't keep up.
Sooo.. Does this update fix the exchange sync issue the corporate users have been twisting over for a month now?  
Where do you guys post the changelog? I want to know if this fixes the camera crash bug found in Face Unlock.
still waiting for the seems nobody has receive the update on XDA...
When is Google to correct the plague of problems on the Nexus 7 HD? The support page thread on just the spontaneous reboot issue alone is now hundreds of pages long with no response from Google. 
+Shannon F get used to that.  Google are terrible when it comes to communication with their communities.  The more time passes the more I'm convinced that no humans actually work there and it's all bots and AI.  Canned and scripted responses are all we ever receive, often without context or relevance. 
+Shannon F Have you tried contacting them instead of using just the support page? I found them to be responsive when actually contacting them.
Can someone pls try to take the same picture in the same setting then let's see if you get the same nice picture?
Really like the HDR+ feature! 
is the sound fix include in this update? the sound is realy horrible
+Edgaras Kubilius 4.4.1 is not on the Nexus 4 right now, that I can find, current is KRT16S, the Nexus 5 is KRT16M.
I am can't wait to see if the update improves my autofocus.
Considering the conditions, that really is an amazingly good photo.
Can't see the update on my Galaxy Nexus... oh wait...
+Barney Doan Hey Barney, yes I have. Google insists that since I bought my device from retail store that I go to them for support. Sed retail store of course says any issues are to be resolved by the manufacturer warranty. Great support scenario huh. Even the ones purchased from the Play Store under warranty are coming back with "no issue found" on the repair notes or new devices with the same issue. 
Still waiting for the update to arrive to my nexus 5. 
Anyone knows if this is a new camera software package or does it include an update to the camera driver/firmware ?
anyone have a how to put in the OTA update if you download it from the above link?
Sideloaded the update, nice camera updates but also sound quality is fixed and also the vibration motor works perfectly now, nice work +Nexus 
I'd like to hear my family when they call "for the holidays" too. Any chance there's a volume fix in this release for the Nexus 5's weak speaker output?
Great!!!!;) ... We will have a good camera in our nexus 5.
Anything improvement is good ....... and what about the audio?? improvement and upgrade will correct the audio to sound better???

Genial ...Vamos a tener una buena cámara en nuestros nexus 5.
Todo lo que sea mejora es bueno.......Y que pasa con el audio???? la actualización va a corregir el audio para que suene mejor
Moto X or Nexus 5 ?
+Emanuel Neuman the nexus 5 takes better picture than the motto x I have both. Ands that was with 4.4.0 I use HDR+ and details are awesome
Hope the shutter speed is fixed in regular mode...
That's really excellent news.
I hope that Google addressed the Nexus devices' screen gamma at the same time, otherwise, the images still won't look as good as they could. All Nexus devices' screens needs to be set to 2.2 to match the mostly agreed upon standard that results in the best tonal renditions. See for more info.
This update does a lot more than address the camera. Sound is a lot louder and the phone is faster across the board. Tested with my wife's phone running 4.4.
What's going on with the nexus 10? Shall I wait or just buy another tablet ?!
wow great news.. will buy nexus 5 after my exams on 25th dec(in christmas) !!
No update yet on my N5 but patience is a virtue.
wow... thats great!!! Way to go!!!
Any battery life improvements coming?
+Aaron Weyhrich Do you understand the specs of the Snapdragon 800? It doesn't need a low-power coprocessor, it has one built in...
+David Baker Hoping sound quality is updated too. Almost no mention of this in change log discussions. 
+Niladri Roy Why not use Qualcomm's battery optimization software? I routinely get 36 hours out of my battery. 
Will this also fix autofocus issues on the Google Play Edition devices (kitkat) ?
Nothing new Sony xperia z have that feature before
My pone tells my that my system is up to date, is there a way I can force it to update?
A quick google search on how to manually load the update is in order... plenty of downloads available too. 
Hopefully this update will update properly for rooted devices unlike the 4.3 to 4.4 update.
+Richard Craney the Sprint version is the exact same as all of the other N5s; all work on Sprint's CDMA and GSM networks, besides LTE.

+Anthony Ridley when a nexus update rolls out, it goes to the whole world, except in the case I'd the GNex which
had 4/5 different versions and means of distribution.
+Rom P this is a Nexus only update, at the moment, and that issue you mention is dependent upon the manufacturer correcting their error in the camera software, most likely.
+Саня Середюк no, but you can download that APK at anytime. I've heard it works well, but I doubt it's efficient to have the always listening active on the chipset the N7 2013 has, since it doesn't have a low power core like the N5.
+Ahmed El-Kadri I'd say wait. You won't regret it. Or go with the pocketable N7(that's what I prefer, but I'm also 6'5"). I think Google may be switching to an every 4 months release schedule for nexuses, so we could be waiting until March for the N10.
still not received for my nexus 5
J Jones
Pinch/Zoom in HDR+: YES!!
when? tell me a date rather than just show how good it is.
When the update for japan realease??
I have a Nexus 4 still running 4.2 how can I update to 4.4?
Ummm when? Where? How? Dont tell me how great the update is gonna be, give me a download link!
Checking my updates as I type...
Google - I wouldnt mind a price of 429$ unlocked to get a bigger battery and better camera!
I've read somewhere that this update is removing the Experience Launcher and also the Ok Google function ,can someone approve this?
Thanks Google! still waiting for the new "boob job" for my phone :P
+Саня Середюк as +Austin Wright mentioned, the update is staggered, so it rolls out to every applicable device regardless of country, but it is usually over a couple weeks, so when you get the update OTA can vary. 
Should I side load it or wait for the rollout? I'm too excited for this
about time too hdr mode was a disgrace waiting to happen!
+seetharamu shroff I can get 36-48 hours if doing mainly music and normal phone operation, but often I will watch videos, use for transit assistance, or hang out on g+, and kill my phone at the end of the night with more videos or PvZ2.
+seetharamu shroff I'm sorry, I'm not using any additional app to manage my battery, and I keep the screen on 25% or less in most cases, unless it's a bright day then it's at 100%. I'm on stock 4.4 on my N5.
My N4 seems to be working fine with GEL and 4.4. Just curious to see what will happen with the update.
I'm surprised at the number of Nexus owners in this thread that can't figure out how to find a download link of 4.4.1 and flash it themselves.
Is anyone from japan get the update already?
+seetharamu shroff yep. Stock ROM with the Qualcomm optimization software. Longest battery discharge was 48 hours.

Naturally, I'm not watching videos or using maps much (both battery killers), but I average six to seven hours of screen on time. Not too bad for a phone I almost returned because I hate the tactile feedback of the power button. 
Why haven't I got my update yet? Somebody please tell me! I'm in u.s.
+Robert Valdes and +Ahmed Chouhdry as +Austin Wright mentioned, the update is staggered, so it rolls out to every applicable device regardless of country, but it is usually over a couple weeks, so when you get the update OTA can vary; it could be in the next hour or it could be two Fridays from now. If you don't have the patience, there are simple methods to getting it now.
Don't Google provide an update to improve the sound quality on our Nexus 5 devices too...? 
Still waiting for the update in austria
Same here...! Even I cannot update my device from the auto update option... 
OTA update from Google is normally not in real time some people can get it in a minute and for some it takes more than a week, I am still waiting though in Germany for 4.4.1...
If I won't get it within two days i'll root it and install it manually... :-) 
It is good to know that google is developing Android fast, but it really, really sucks that Android customers has to wait until smartphone manufactures have changed their software. Who says i asked for it? I just want a new version of Android on my phone!
btw the Volume+Up acts as a camera shuttter button. Sorry if this isn't any news.
Still waiting on my N5 to update...obsessively pushing the "check now" button!
S- Ali
Still waiting .. UAE
Qualcosa di fantastico questo nexus 5
I still haven't received it on my nexus 5... anxious.
Oh for those who also struggle with the e-mail and contacts: Android 4.4.1 seems to resolve all the issues. And not eating up your mobile data plan. I had a mailbox with a total size of 1 GB and the e-mail client uploaded more than 20 GB! So now my provider will give me an invoice....

Oh it nice that the camera seems to work better LOL
Fred T.
+Aaron Weyhrich Funny! Saying you wish this phone cost more and had a couple of better things. Those phones are $600 and will never be a Nexus (thankfully) price point. These phones are for developers and will never be super flashy, but you do get the highest hardware specs at release time. Also, you get the latest updates first. The average user is catching on to the Nexus with more advertising (smart on Googles part). The screen on this phone is phenomenal. 
I have nexus 5 and have not received camera update curious why?
Where is the update, been checking for 2 days, whats up google, did your servers overload????
Looking for the update as well, whats up google
I opened developers options and switched to ART vs delvick runtime has saved battery on my device . I also speed up animations to .5x . The phone moves super fluid now. 
Its stupid that the roll out is this slow my nexus 5 hasn't received the update. Its almost like having a non nexus device by the time we all get it 4.1.2 will be out
It rolled out Thurs I thought and only 1.1% use the nexus 5 there isn't that many of us lol

When the nexus 7 users will get 4.4.1 updates?
My daughter is off to see Santa today and I don't want the blurry pics I have so far from indoor N5 shots so I guess it's a sideload!
Rob hoy
Oi. I'm in UK and my 4.4.1 hasn't arrived yet....I've had the nexus 5 from day it...but can't wait fr update...
I didn't like to wait anymore so I did a manual update with adb. Apart from installing a working USB driver in windows 8.1 it was a breeze. And no data loss.

New is also the location button in the power bar has a high and low battery mode but no longer an off mode.

For e-mail still a bit of a mess with contacts. Still read all the contact folders in Exchange and no way to select them (better). For mail you can select the folders to sync but for contacts or other items like calendars etc not.

So still 980 contacts in Android 4.3 on the Nexus 4 and this is correct and 1516 in Android 4.4.1 on the Nexus 5. And that is not what I want.

Google, fix it please. Either by providing a selection option or just take only for the contacts folder like before.

#kitkat #androidkitkat #google #nexus4 #nexus5 #android #e-mail #exchange #exchangeservices
Rob hoy
What's camera like in low light
The camera is working better than before but it is still no Nikon D800 ;-)
Haven't got mine yet Sun 8 Dec 12.24 GMT. What's gone wrong ???
Rob hoy
I s it in UK yet?
So is this also going to fix the random blackscreening issue on the camera app? Because that's an annoying software issue!
+Nexus when will I get this update? It's been three days.
Well it seems I can't even side load 4.4.1!! Can't sideload, big ol blank @ adb devices sigh
And i live in Michigan, sadly no update yet :(
As of now I have not received my update yet on my Nexus 5 or Nexus 7
Went to a concert last night and really wish I had received the update beforehand. Didn't get one decent shot. Just a bunch of blurrrr! Why is it taking so long to receive this update? Are they personally rolling it out to one customer at a time? 
Still hasn't arrived at 21.18 GMT. At least I know I'm not the only one disappointed by the Google hype!!!

Maybe they're adding last-minute RAW functionality:)
At 23.18 GMT still nothing. You'd think they'd at least give an announcement or tell us when we might expect it ...... truthfully this time!!!
Nothing yet, I actually came back to this post to see if I was the only one!
No updates yet nexus 5? How long it will take to roll out every one?
btw: HDR was introduced on the Nexus 4, why oes it now get so much attention but not a year ago?
+Carsten Schläger b/c with OIS, HDR is now a viable option. Besides, they're doing more than just multiple exposure bracketing. It's whatever the '+' is, in HDR+. 
+Michael Vasovski thank you, still I'm wondering why no one cared about that feature before. HDR was great on the 4 as well... Or maybe marketing just got better 😀
09.45 GMT Mon 9 Dec. Still no update for Nexus 5 here in London. 
So wanna sell my Galaxy S4 for a nexus 5 32 gb. Love the simplicity. Speed. Anyone wanna swap :)
Can't wait to get this on my Nokia 3010
13.28 GMT London. No update still. 
+Nexus When will the factory image be available for download?
Can we please at least have a rough idea how Google plans the rollout? "First to receive android updates" for the Nexus 5 doesn't seem synonymous with an OTA update that "may take anywhere between a day to a couple of weeks."
I hope the sound is being addressed as well. 
Glad to hear others haven't been getting the update yet either. (USA)
How and when do we get it in the UK?
+Wes Cilldhaire
I've heard "YES" but I can't personally confirm it BECAUSE MY NEXUS 5 WON'T UPDATE YET!! (not sure what's taking so long!), but others that have confirm it is fixed!
So, has ANYONE gotten the OTA update yet? Are they doing it by states? By country (alphabetically so USA will be 1 of the last </3)? In order that you ordered the phone? How +Nexus How?
19.46 GMT London. Still no update. That's 3 days now. 
If this is the official Nexus circle I'm surprised nobody from Google has provided an update. What's the point in making an announcement like this if you're not going to release the update for days afterwards? They surely have the infrastructure, so what's the delay and why aren't they talking to their customers?
I went a head and side loaded the update. Works great. The camera is definitely faster. Auto focus works much better and the app opens almost immediately. I'm assuming when Google says an update is available they mean download it and update it yourself.
I just got Android 4.4.2 NOT 4.4.1 !!!!
I wonder what changed between 4.4.2 and 4.4.1. Anyway, camera is much better than in 4.4
Do the camera improvements apply just to the stock camera app, or to all third party camera apps as well?
To those who have the update - where are you?
I guess that explains the delay - last minute glitches??
Anybody in the UK got the update yet?
What about the other issues like volume/sound needs increasing in certain apps also battery drain and hangouts???
My nexus 5 just started downloading 4.4.2
Any way to force update?
Downloaded 2 zip files - 4.4 to 4.4.1 and 4.4.1 to 4.4.2. How do you install them?
So I've read. Is it safe? Using Win 7 64bit PC.
+Ben Tamir - yes. Packages are signed so any checksum errors and it will not update
I just now received my notification that I have the system update waiting for me. Here it goes!
Here in spain from 4.4 directly to 4.4.2
Got the new update. The focus is faster. But, I think the macro isnt where it should be. I mean it can get there. You can see when its trying to focus it passes the focal point where it should be but it misses it. The hardware is there for macro. I have faith this will be resolved in the next update. The sound is better on the speakers too. It's louder. 
STILL nothing in UK. Seems it's been rolled out world-wide... except for
Yep nothing here in UK checked 7:24am don't fancy doing side loader
Maybe they're rolling out in phases, according to manufacturing batch no.
or something.
When it come to india still i am wating fot this update ... ?
I still haven't receive in and I'm in the US in Mass.
13.10 GMT London 10 Dec 2013. Still nothing. Amazing when you consider my belief I would get it 7 Dec 2013. 
Can anybody comment on whether the update allows you to change the phone
number associated with the SIM? I ported my number across, but the old
number is still registered with the SIM and is picked up by Hangouts.
Apparently one solution is to use an iPhone to change the number, but if I
wanted to use an iPhone, I'd have bought an iPhone...
Seeing as how some people for this update 24 hours ago, I'm baffled that it's taking so long for others to get it. Also that nobody from Google is involved with this official Nexus thread on the official Google social media app/site.
I didn't get anything yet!!! Not 4.1.1 nor 4.1.2!!!! 
Got my update Jst now in India....

Finally! Downloading now. See you on the other side...
20.48 GMT 10 Dec London: NIX !!!
Why aren't the OTA updates rolled out globally at the same time? (At least for Nexus devices) Clearly Google have the infrastructure to handle the load (Apple does it). Why this nonsense of forcing people side load updates manually? Come on guys you can do better than this.
What do you know, 4.4.2 update arrived OTA here in London UK!
Most immediate thing I've noticed is that the touch sounds are much louder - intrusively so now. Liked them before, but have had to switch them off. Haven't had a chance to play with camera yet...
I got a notification to update to 4.4.2 this morning but until this time its waiting to download *sigh
4.4.2 looking good! Much improved haptics which makes the keyboard feel sturdy. Previously it felt kinda springy. Camera clicks faster for sure and pics are much sharper in low light. 
If we doing side load when update from 4.4 to 4.4.1 nexus 5 cant be update by OTA??
+Venkat Achanta Even I am waiting for 4.4.2 OTA update on my N5 but over at XDA forums many Indian N5 owners have got the OTA already. 
+Aman Sharma I got the OTA already in japan but i cant update my nexus. "Waiting to download. Via wi-fi only until Dec 13" 
Got 4.4.2 in India, must have got it last night while I was sleeping so found out only today morning (:
I am from UK, bought the handset from Carphone warehouse, no update yet, anybody have the same issue?
Notification received last night. Download is only available via WiFi so downloaded this morning in Starbucks. It's 4.4.2. I'm just glad it's all over. I know what to expect next time!!!
if the camera app would take a picture as soon as its launched from the lockscreen, that would be AWSOME! 
I'm in the UK but still haven't got my OTA update yet. Ar there others in the UK still waiting or is it just me?
I'm in the UK upgraded to Android 4.4.2 last night its awesome!
I love to see family picture. It reminds me about my dad when he is still alive.

regards - +Lori peterson 
But.....wait have you heard lg Google have redesigned the nexus 5!!!! Bigger speaker holes stronger buttons flush sim section
Its hard to I.d if I've got the redesigned one all I know mine was out if stock not first batch and got it 28th November.

Mine has flush sim slot its not raised like the power button
Finally got my update this morning. I can stop stressing about it now. Camera colours much better.
Sick!!!!! I can't wait to try it out. 
Still looking forward to Chromecast showing up as a 'Cast Screen' or 'Wireless Display' so that FINALLY Android has parity with Apple's IOS plus Apple TV.
درود.چرا برای نکسوس4من اندروید4.4آپدیت نمیشود.خواهش میکنم کمک کنید.
Anand S
can not find bluetooth in send option for sharing any file ie apk etc (except photos)
anand s easy just zip the apk and select zip file to send via bluetooth simple.
Got nexus 5. Sharp volume and power buttons. HD screen with 4.2 update works great. Really like the speed. 
there are two lots for speakers at the bottom of nexus 5 but only one sounds
Phone apps on Android are still horrible compared to IOS.
I want Nexus HDR+5 fresh update camera rolling

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