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Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) and the Nexus 7 Sleeve are now available on +Google Play in Korea:
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I'd like to see the +Nexus 7 Sleeve available in Germany. :-) 
Love My Nexus 7!!! Google is the best!!!
Jamais no Brasil... Se com Hugo Barra nós não tinhamos nenhuma "ajudinha", agora então...
Seems like something that beats every competitor by a mile. Of course it's not an iPad but that is actually a good thing after all. Very neat and robust, the very thing Android family was waiting for.

Up until this baby was out, I was set with my Huawei Ascend Mate. Never thought about buying a Samsung Alternative of mate ala Mega 6.3, but this one really has what I thought would take for something to make me make a switch.

Can't wait Nexus 7 to hold you in my arms.

YES! Now integrate Korean into Google Keyboard pls
:)  When is the new Nexus 10 coming?
+Ray McCalla take a deep breath mate. I'm sure they are going to bring one out soon. For now. Enjoy this little puppy.

Or wait till you have it in your hands. This one is just out
+Ali Moshin, I'm just hoping to scoop up a discounted first-generation Nexus 10 when the new ones come out.  :)
E como sempre, não vem para o Brasil tão cedo...
+Ray McCalla I hear you brother. I have been a long time Apple fan. Have iPhone, iPod 4th Gen, Apple TV, Mac, iPad (whay else is there). But recently I have found myself more and more inclined towards Robot ala Android.

Before it was crappy, and manufacturers didn't help either by making phones which wouldn't last me more than 8 to 9 hours max on a usual day. But that seems to have been changing fast. My Huawei Ascend Mate outlasts me more often than not. It still has juice when mine runs out. That was always the case with iOS device but Unheard for Android. But Now. Now Is good as Mate proved itself time and again that it is a true pal. Right there when You need it.

If +Nexus 7 2103 manages to last as good as Mate, I would gladly switch to better screen and Google Purity. 
Why do you not let all European citezen buy it from the play store? Are you on crack?
When will I get in Aussie, I am waiting impatiently :p
It's really hard to find a case for the N7 in Europe! The tablet is fantastic. 
When will be THE DEVICES on play store available in India...?? Nexus 4 16GB is being sold by LG here for Rs. 26000 ($400) which is $150 less in US. only nexus 7 2012 version is available. What a shame.
Gonna pop a Verizon SIM into this bad boy. 
Not in my country.. This since years.. It's anoying...
Please....Its time to bring the Nexus 7 2013 to India now!!!
Hope they sell the 32GB WiFi(ofcourse) version for around $290 or less!! PLEASE
One huge disapointment in Google's devices is their availability.
When will you start selling devices, music and movies in Argentina?
Yoy know Google, in Luxembourg you still can not buy devices in the Play Store at all. So sad.
To all of you asking questions: Do not expect an answer. Google doesn't do two-way communication on social media/Google+. Accounts are billboards for press-relese material. That's just th way it is.
When the Device Store will be Worldwide, it will always be too late :-(
Please make it for Austria
Do not forget Portugal Please! OPEN THE PLAY STORE!!!!
"Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."

Oh well. Just bought mine on won't ship to Denmark.

The world, and Google, have a long way yet to go.
Hello. I want to buy nexus.
Nexus 4LG is good or the new nexus me
i like to buy this phone
+Rowan Truman I got the 32GB A$350 from JB HiFi, still a very reasonable price. This 2nd generation is really great, if you can't wait for the Play Store it may be an option for you...
+Per-Gunnar Eriksson at least they will read all the complains and know there will be people that will buy their products. I hope that helps to change their mind about this.
I like the fact that nexus devices are gaining momentum.
I miss my Nexus 7 ever since I dropped it in the street and it got ran over. It still powers up but the digitizer and glass is shot. any inexpensive solution other than getting the 2013 version?
+Rowan Truman I guess so, there definitely has been no change to the OS (Android 4.3 build JSS15Q), so it's the exact same tablet that you'd get from Google Play. The price may be a bit lower when it comes to Google Play but probably not a lot, I didn't wait as it was my birthday and the birthday of my fiancee who got my old Nexus 7 ;-)
I totaly agree, I am sure that we love if we have a Google store in Brazil. I hope to see it soon. Google is the future of smartphones.
Who made the horrible idea to delay artificially the LTE release? In Spain since the day 28 we could buy the WIFI versions but for some ridiculous reason the LTE version only could be bought from some places outside the Play Store... stupid idea Google.
This is the problem of google, for sexy product like this, you should make it available to the world ASAP. US is no longer the biggest mobile market, think east! 
New IOS 7 I'd the older version of Android. Funny 
When it will be available in India....
Please, please, please, open a Google Play Store for Mexico! :-( 
When the nexus line its going to be available at Mexico? 
Cristiano Ronaldo's Country, please!
DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE!!  I bought mine on 9/4. On 9/23 while playing a game, the device screen went blank. I've been working with Google Play to resolve the issue. They've determined that I need a warranty replacement.

They sent me an email with instructions to go to the Play store and BUY another one so that they can ship it to me while I return mine with the included return labels.


They weren't kidding. After talking to them for what seems like an hour, they aren't budging. So, if I do this, I have to wait while they get the device and determine that it's a justified warranty replacement. They could have my $300 hostage for weeks. I just hope UPS/FEDEX doesn't lose it in shipping and add more delay.

This is THE most asinine, ridiculous warranty replacment I've EVER heard of! They won't even allow me to just ship mine back and wait while they diagnose it without money changing hands. And on top of this, they don't even have the option of sending it over night, so I have to pay more for 2nd day or WAIT the standard 3-5 day shipping.

If this we Apple or BestBuy, I would either have an advance replacement or I could leave it with them.... no money required.

This makes me SO ANGRY that  I've even considered the unthinkable.... switching completely to Apple (~shudders~)....

Bottom line, I'm investigating a bank charge back even though it's aggravating and time consuming. It's the principle of the matter. I am NOT going to give them access to another $300 on my money for THEIR failed hardware. Google, you've messed with the wrong man.

I'm SO dissapointed. And here I am waiting for the new Google phone to drop (Nexus 5?) so I can get rid of my carried corrupted Android HTC Incredible 4g. I'm obviously going to re-think that decision. I'll probably now just get a Google Edition phone instead or go Moto-X via RepublicWireless.
+chris hallman if they will not hold a money from your account they don't have the assurance that you will send the device back. You can buy at best buy if you like. And you can choose the 2day shipping without any charge.
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+Aaron Munro
Right. I would have been happy to just send it in and do without while they examined it. Now that the Nexus 5 cell is out, I'm seriously considering it, but I'll be making my purchase elsewhere.
when can we buy device from play store in Luxembourg
Aaron M
U can't I think
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