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Nexus 4 is now available in white! Starting today, you can purchase one on +Google Play  or at in the US.
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Was just waiting for that to come :) but i'm not going to buy ;))
Thanks for giving us the option 8 months late.
When in UK or another Europe citis?? 
What's the point of making it white if it's only halfway? Wtf 
Black on white is ugly. Cmon Google worth so much money and still stupid.
How about you keep the bumper and knock off $20 from the price?
Not in Germany. When will we finally get the Qi charger?! #angry
As long as the specs are the same I'll probably stick with the black one when my contract runs out next month.
Google should have included the free bumper since day one since the phone is fragile. And the bumper is a bit over priced because you can get one cheaper through amazon and eBay. 
+Tozar Roberts except this is $349,the Moto X will most like be closer to $599. Unless, what he's saying he already has the black one then yeah, just wait. 
Any word on the wireless charging Orb for the UK yet? 
I thought it would be all white. Just the back
I prefer black, but it's nice to give people options I guess!
"it will come with android 4.3 they said"
It seems the manufacturer forgot to make the front part white. Oops.
+Danny Favela This is how Nexus does white.  Nobody forgot anything.  Take a look at the Nexus S in white.  The front glass is always black.
Using apple tactics 50 years after apple. 
I can't find it in white in Google Play. Is it going to be available the white one in Germany? if so, when that's going to be?
Hey, +Nexus I don't have the money, but can you just send me a white 16GB Version for free!!??
seeing how my back cracked but I have insurance on my phone through t-mobile I wonder if I can get the white one as a replacement 
Can i change my black in to WHITE ? :3
A year after release of the black one..... applause ? Anyone? Anywhere ? 
+***** Shut up and take my money! But you can't cause it's not available in Play store where I lives! :-\ 
Looks great but should have released it at the same time as the black 
I want it, but I can't justify buying it when I already have the black one. Plus I have to save my money for the Moto X. ;-)
I wish there was a conversion kit from black to white, as in the Galaxy Nexus. I love to see my Nexus 4 converted from back to white!
Хороший аппарат, интересно, когда в России его можно будет купить.
Is the free bumper also available on black version
I hardly ever care about the color of the back of my phone. It lives in a case and is never seen. 
Actually the gs4 and many other phones were available in India even before announced via carriers in us
Only Google make "white" phone with black front... Who is looking the back of his phone?
A black Nexus 4 with white bumper looks exactly the same in your hands... 
You know, there are more countries in the world than the U.S. :/
Portugal! We need that in Portugal!
Looks Slick! I may pickup the white bumper
That's why it has been available in India since Monday midday
Nexus 4!! When are you going to come to Japan?
Half and half...its a mutt!!
Ohh too bad I already have it in black, but the phone is still great!
White on the front would look shitty I think Google and LG made the right call
+Barney Doan they sale it for the same price as the regular version but throw in the bumper at no cost, just bought one
Ji Qi
would be better is the front is white too...
OS is excellent but HW design still needs "get look"
Oh, shit!  Apple is going to sue!
white bumper can't be purchased. only comes with the white Nexus 4... :(
+Charles Hodges The Nexus 4 is available for $19.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $17 for well-qualified customers with 0% APR on approved credit.  -Drew
Sean S
Anyone know if it will work on AT&T's GoPhone 10 cents per minute plan?  Planning to use it with cellular data turned off and using wifi for data.   
why would anyone use t-mobile
+Nexus if you want to leak the next nexus here, go ahead. We'll wait. 
i want a black one but cant afford one because in Romania this phone costs 400$ + and is sold 90% on the black market and i make 350$  / month so it`s not even a viable option so i`l stick to my iphone 4 and hope that one day i`l get a greencard 
Is there any difference interm of specification between the white one and the black one???
+T-Mobile  +Joshua Worth Right that's what my question was too. And it looks like you can't even purchase the black one anymore with a payment plan online on T-mobile's website. I wonder why they did that....
+Charles Hodges , the white color will be a new and limited time offering available on It will not be available in T-Mobile retail stores. The black Nexus 4 will continue to be available in participating T-Mobile retail stores, and will again be available online once the white Nexus 4 sells out.   -Drew
I meet somebody need to my come. :)
A dream come true in a phone....wish I had one
Any announcements for the Play store hardware section to come to more countries?
Netherlands by any chance?
tha bast phone I am using nexus great phone
Gave up on the Nexus 5, S4 Google too pricey.  Bought the White today @ 16GB w/ free bumper.
Oh no!! It's only half white! My life is over!!! God why?!! The pain!
What about Poland? Please answer. 
Kos Kap
Not that good really, I prefer my black nexus :( sorry 
jeff i
Who the fuck cares?
I demand that it feed me pringles. Where is the pringle feeding version of Nexus? Probably have to wait until Nexus 12 or something. 
I'm not gonna lie because of the price point this was going to be my next phone . But now that the HTC One is coming with stock I'm sold on that.
Same phone with just white color... I am not into it
i want it i want it i want it!!!!!!!
I already have this phone in black. If Google had offered more memory I would buy it in white. 
Hey +Romolo Peterson , the white color will be a new and limited time offering available on It will not be available in T-Mobile retail stores. The black Nexus 4 will continue to be available in participating T-Mobile retail stores, and will again be available online once the white Nexus 4 sells out.   -Drew
Ok, thanks +T-Mobile and do you have any stores in New York where I can actually play around with the nexus 4 to see if I should buy it?
Is this a limited edition phone, like, if it sells out, it's GONE forever?
Helo ladies and gentlemen im greating you all
Dang! I thought it was going to be a few weeks, just got the original last night.
Si no fuera porque Google es localista (USA) lo compraría. 
still prefer black colored phones, but white is starting to grow on me a little bit
Please a CDMA version so I can get off iOS and give you my money!
Please whats the price in Nigeria currency...
Love its smart look.
Its kinda bizarre that the front isn't white though. Waiting for GED Galaxy S4
Why are you still selling an 8gb?
Er Vin
The perfect phone. Thanks for not making the front white!
geo v
All these comments for a stupid colour......can we save that sort of behaviour for iPhone fan boys
geo v
in thing in the red colour interesant don"t you thing?another colour then......
Is this a limited edition phone like if it sells out, it's GONE FOREVER!?!? Please awnser me.
geo v
+David Guest I wish cell phones in all colors
the customer chooses the color and product but that would be another investment.....
How long till it comes with a microSD card slot? Oh wait, that's the Galaxy S4 "Nexus" next month.
Is it coming to Australia ? would love to welcome in my family :-)
Obviously once I get the black version the white one comes out sigh
Google Nexus 10 in Arctic White Please!!! And Laser Engraving Option to prevent theft of device. Also, Fingerprint reading w/ face recognition when ever someone tries to unlock the screen or Google Wallet or Google Enterprise Apps Please!!! 
When is Google and Sony going to Merge and when is Google Nexus Tablets and Sony Xperia Tablets going to become one tablet. And add a motorized 16-50mm Lense on the back of the Google/Sony Tablets for executive photographers. And surround sound by sony on the tablets all around the entire edge of the tablet! Yes Yes! Yes! Lets do these updates right now!
It's only half white because the screen is meant to be completely black, which is why there's no face buttons.
geo v
is super nice black and white the name also 
I should have waited. I want a free bumper now. 
Do some people agree with me that isnt it too late for a white version now?
Still thinking if I should get it to have both black and white.
Is this made by google or by LG?
Would be nice if they sold the white back separately for current Nexus owners. Since thats all that changed. Guess that would defeat the purpose though. 
I think you pulled an apple, coming out with a white one a bit late Lol. That said, it looks nice
I hate the non-interchangeable battery Devices, including iPhone.
This is the original black Nexus 4 with a white back #lazy

It's a shame. I use the black Nexus 4 which I love. I do see the appeal of a white phone, but this is literally half a job. Could LG not be bothered doing the front?
Please don't say white. When it is black and white.
I love my Nexus far so good..not even a glitch. Could care less about the color
i don't care you dumbass!!! you're not even worth my time, and besides, who even asked you about your stupid "nexus4"??!!!
okay then........" Nauticaslim Espinoza."
um.... who are you??!!!
Geez! looks like alot of people here are rich. i ENVY you people. guess for a man who doesnt even own a phone will be very out of place here. I BETTER SHUT MY MOUTH AFTER THIS T_T 
I heard that the Nexus 7 is still better than the Nexus 4 
Just white no hardware or software upgrade. What's the point of buying it again when I have the black nexus. 
If only you could buy these direct from google in new zealand
I think a white phone is the worst idea ever. That thing will get dirty so easily. 
32GB, and that's all I will say. 
You know what? I rather get or a Nexus 4 or and iPhone 5s guys!
Beautiful, Maybe some day in Latin America ........ :-( 
You mean Apple doesn't have a patent on all things white?
are they limited? i ordered mine, but i'm just wondering
Fail. Front is black. I'm not jealous at all. I like my all black N4. Lol. 
I'll stick with my all black Nexus 4. If the phone is going to be white, I 'd prefer the front to match the back.
this is to cool and when i used it it was even more cool
Eric Su
I have two white Andriod devices...a Samsung camera and a Sony Acro S.... Both are going yellow where I grip. Be warned: white plastic is a bad choice in an personal electronic device.
Nice in White but it still doesn't work on Verizon.  I had my beautiful black N4 in Montana last week and could not use it at all since T-Mobile kind of sucks in Montana - but still the phone looked great.  
Switched to the blackberry z10 from nexus 4 and realized just how light the nexus is so switched back. Would like to see a software update though and the blackberry did have a few cool features, but nexus is fun to use. 
I was gonna buy it but then I found #oppo and I'm so happy with it. 
Yes. Since you Arabs sit on world's fuel resources and make money on all of us we think you should pay more as a punishment. This is how we get our own backs. Lol
IMO, black Nexus is way better than this zebra edition... LoL 
Can anyone share a link for the wallpaper shown here?
Good, but I'm not going to buy it. Waiting for the moto X
Will this eventually roll out to the rest of the world?
When will the Nexus product be available on Google Play at Taiwan?
I bought it online on 29th itself in India, though its not available through the Play Store in India,LG has been good. Its in my hand now.
Danny k
You Need To make a 32g version of the Nexus 4
But still not available in Portugal :(
Google, can you please make a OEM back like the one on the N7?
Cmon more carriers.. Let's go already
Google!!!! Why don't you make available google play devices in italy, too?????!!!!!
The back of mine doesn't really look glittery.  Just looks like two toned checkered pattern.
Why is the Front still black? That makes no sense... and looks horrible. It's like they said fk it we'll just put a white back on it, call it new, and stupid people will by it.. 
AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY FREE BUMPER? I spend just as much for my Nexus 4 as those buying them now; Only I spent 4 hours refreshing the store page on launch day... Yet I don't get a free Bumper.
I want a Nexus 10, but i cant find it anywhere here in Indonesia... Please help me!
Ah Google.... when you're store will be available here in Indonesia?
iam in pakistan plz send stoks name me 
is there any possibility to get 32gb nexus 4 ?
+Chris ED IMO you should know that white Nexus devices are always sporting a black front
+Marshall Baer You realize you're an idiot if your questioning why they made the white Nexus 4 this way. Every other Nexus device has also had a black front for the white version.
No. Available in Oreo. The battery cover is white. The front is black. 
Who is interested in selling.great used andriod phones to me
Now put it on Verizon...and don't let them mess with it.
I think the Samsung Galaxy S4 it's going to be his enemy. Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4...
I am a Nexus user in Hong Kong, I love Nexus 4 but the customer service of LG is very bad so I just left my Nexus 4 and switch to Galaxy S4 
The white nexus 4 is available now on play store with free £ 15 bumper. .its a pitty the front wasn't white aswell. As I think more people would of liked that ?
Pls Google give us the LTE back, don't be evil you know?
Lolly mobile to use
Poor than 20$ Nokia mobile phones 
It's more beatiful than the black one! I want it
Can't understand why Google doesn't bring Nexus 4 to India via Playstore?

LG is selling Nexus 4 in India at $460 ie at 100 dollars more.

What's the concept behind selling a device at 100 $ more in a developing country & selling it at low prices in a developed nation?
+Shashank Varanasi Bro, its available in India through LG, but sadly it costs Rs. 25,990 i.e. $ 460, about 110$ more than in the US. 
Je veux un gratuitement Mnfdilkm ÇŃĚćßă
For the record, the black front with a white back is cool.
Not using white for the front might be more of a technical reason.
Apple had considerable trouble geting the white front of iphone 4 to not have light bleed. Having the black coating on the inside edges of the glass block all stray light from the LCD..
+John R They could also be following the white Nexus tradition of having black fronts.
Very nice. Just wish the play store had devices in Denmark (and music, and books, and magazines, and movies, and TV ... plz El Goog?]
Well, when LG sorts out the supply chain... The Nexus 5 will be here. I couldn't buy a N4 even if I wanted to. It's permanently out of stock. 
I want a free bumper too.. why are they giving them for free now?
Awsome! I buy already. But in Black. Malaysia. :-)
I think on Google play they are giving the free bumper with the black version too
how about putting a 5v solar panel on the back?
Did this Phone even hit the market in Europe? Thought Google and LG did not make enough devices for us?
Nexus 4 is now available in HALF disappointing.
+Justin Woods Doesn't matter if they all have been like this. It still isn't a white phone if it's half black. Since half of the phone is black, would you call it a black phone? Of course not. It's either white or it isn't, and this isn't.
that is truth but they should try other colors to attract attention, like nokia
Too expensive there are better competitive tablet
At best a fragile piece of hardware prone to breakage
Please Google when Google Nexus 4 is available in Portugal?
I was a great fan of Nexus but it never came to India :'(
I don't need white, I need LTE
Why have only the back half white but not the front? It's the front you look at the most. This is so bizarre. 
I won't buy the white one, but I am looking forward to more nexus devices soon
No Brasil esta muito caro, R$1.400,00
who says Nexus 4 has Scratch less Gorilla Glass? My device has developed scratches in it. Is any one listening?
I think its not a gorilla glass
friends beware!
Do you have a mail address? I need to send you a message about the galaxy nexus. Or even better, do you have an Italian team? Please answer, it's important...
yes i do... you can reach me at
Come on Google, Canada wants it
Any idea when/if the White Nexus 4 will be released in the UK? 
Going by the Chargering Orb... NEVER...
I'm only interested in learning when the next Nexus 10 is coming out.
What happens when in a couple of years the battery on Nexus 4 gives up do we pay out for another phone.
Mk Nx
Got it, Love it! Good price! Thanks! 
Just replace the Battery..£20..4 a Genuine 1..
S4 Google Edition , top Phone...
Where can I give feedback to google regarding the nexus 4?
Why is this phone not in Europe yet?
shipping phone without headfones? tomorrow you guys will stop sending charger also?
When it'll be sold via play store in India?.^_^ 
I should've bought the nexus 4 instead. I didn't know about it until I bought my LG Optimus L9. Don't get me wrong, i like my phone but the  nexus 7 does more. It has a quadcore processor and better screen. Awesome phone. I recommend the nexus 7 to anybody out there and costs about $395-$400.
in China,it Will cost $370 and without the bumper, not so good
when white nexus will be available in Canada on GooglePlay????
When's it going on sale in the UK and via what channels?
does nexus devices get regular software updates ? I mean do it get the latest android updates right away not like for say Samsung or LG etc
+Nabeel Molham yes they do, but there are cases like in america where the devices is branded by the carrier. In those just like Samsung, LG, HTC,... the carrier gives a little own flavor to the software, once google releases a new update you might need to wait for the carrier to tweak the update and release it. 
why has the galaxy nexus been forgotten?
+Ryan Trembath pretty good question, but unfortunately the answer is that on the smartphone industry after 6 month to a year phone is pretty much outdated. Google's update policy allows to extend that date a little because they demand Android updates rolling for the devices up to 18 month after release but yes again that's is.
And that just how things work, you also don't hear about the PS2 and soon to be PS3 don't ya?
However the galaxy nexus is still a pretty good device, and if not for the nexus 4 price tag I'd pretty much recommend it to anyone who needs a good phone but not necessary wants the highest gear devices.
In June 5,I buy a white Nexus4 16G in Google Play,the phone alway can't find the network,it will prompt "unable to fegister",I have alreay change the Micro SIM card twice that can remove thie reason.Please tell me an correct solution
@chinees name you probably got a manufacturing error in your device, it happens to the best companies out there, you're a bit late on the warranty for a online bought product but it should still be possible to send it back.
I bought the nexus thinking I'd be happy for at least 4 months.

Then the back cracked for no good reason after 2.

It's a great phone that's fun to use with garbage battery life and ZERO support after it shatters. Which it will do. Apparently for no reason, too. I coddled mine...:'(

I'm kinda heartbroken now. wish I just gave my money to samsung :(
When is the nexus 5?? I would like it so soon because I m inpatiente!!! I would this is accessible in belgian and luxembourg and the other countries... Please, please, please!!! I would be very happy XD :)
Quand est ce que le Nexus 5 sort, car j ai envie de l acheter et je voudrais qu il soit accessible chez les operateurs aux luxembourg et en belgique et dans les autres pays nimporte grand ou petit car meme si ce sont des petits pays il voudraient aussi pouvoir profiter des produits de google notamment le nexus 4,7,10 et peutetre le 5,8 et 11!!! S il vous plait!!! Merci :)
Awesome White back, I am enjoying it to the full ;) But bumper gets dirty very fast :( 
When is it coming in India? Some estimate?
Can you put a 32 gig sd micro chip card in this phone...
Neden nexus 4 te otg kablosu kullanılmıyor?
worst phone ever, do not buy this piece of plastic, mine got scracth just after a month of use, now with the update the wifi doesnt work properly, the carrier signal goes on and off all the time, and also it shuts down by itself and the battery goes to nothing! also gets really hot!...This is the worst phone I've ever had almost $400 only lasted 5 months,1 good and annoying 4 . Never buying a nexus again, I will switch to (apple) iphone!
I love this phone! I've owned almost all iPhone models and given the lower price point of the nexus, it is worth every cent. I also would love better battery life but just like the iPhone 5, they all have limitations. You can add s 3rd party app like batteryguru to help. Many other apps available to help make your experience better. I can do everything on this phone. Can't wait for the nexus 5. Good luck.

The bumper shown in this picture is impossible to find!! I can only find plastic cases!
Some issues in nexus 4 4.3jb need help
loooooong gone my friend, maybe ebay. they didnt produce that white flavor for very long
Eu tentei comprar uma capa p meu nexus 4 aqui do brasil não consigo ,Fiquei decepicionado com a google 
Meu nexus a bateria nao dura nem 4 horas e fica super quente quase impossível de segurar e fica reiniciando do nada .
Nao adianta Ligar no 0800da LG
Nao quero ficar sem meu celular
LG quer deixo na assistência para verificar ... Mas eai vou ficar sem meu celular nesse período . ? Acho que devia fornecer um reserva 
Hola me esta fallando en el sonido cuando me comunico... Alguien me puede orientar como arreglarlo o es necesario ir al centro de atención
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