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We made some 'Happy Holiday Cards' to share with you this holiday season! Pass them along to friends and family by sharing this post and be sure to download the full high-resolution files...they make great wallpapers for your phone, tablet or desktop. Enjoy!

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aaron w
koolll :DDDD. FURST
I'd much rather have a "Merry Christmas" card than a "Happy Holiday" card, personally.

EDIT: Not because I'm a Christian (I'm most certainly not), but because Political Correctness and treading on eggshells all the time pisses me off.
Seasons greetings,cheers for the wonderful artwork!
Maybe get some more Nexus 4s out their. That would actually be a Christmas miracle. 
We don't want cards, we want Nexus 4's!! SMH

Edit- Received mine on Jan. 4.... Finally!
No way, Polar Bear is more of a Nexus 10 kinda guy! :-D
+Nexus how can we have a Happy Christmas when we could not buy the Nexus 4 because it is out of stock? :'(
It is not easy for some one to see the new year so marry christmas and happy new year and let me see u guy with big shout happy new year
Is it just me or can I not download the picture
with all my happiness i can tell the world that i am a father and i have a daughter .! ( she is not born yet
Watch out Apple....we have polar bears that know how to use tablets!
greg s
Very cool....
That Yetti is hench!

( +Google+, make it more obvious that there are, in fact, multiple images to swipe through on a multi-image Post like this in the App?
Like, a "photo 1 of 5" indicator or something?
I'm pretty sure most people have overlooked the other images here...) 
So sad as I'm posting this from my nexus one not the nexus 4 I thought I'd have months ago. When does the S4 come out.. 
I would be happy too .. if I could only buy the Nexus 4 .. desperately need a new phone and this has been sold out for a month now :( was hoping to get it for X-mas - so this picture just makes me more sad :( boo hooo ...
nothing can be happier than google nexus 4 is available in play store :)
+Chau Hoang Du Not in Australia - sold out in 30 minutes a month ago - I was about to leave for my holidays then so I did not buy it .. bad mistake .. still out of stock
That is now a background on my Android tablet, and it looks sweet and awesome (quote from the wife).
I remember the days when families would talk around the fire while drinking eggnog. We would actually have conversations, talk about life, share stories and bond together. Now its a generation of having your face in your phone, ipad and toatally unaware of your surroundings or life itself. This picture makes me sad. Life is too short to have your time wasted on a laptop, cellphone or device. You'll regret it when your loved ones pass away, your sons and daughters grow up and you missed out, or possibly find yourself alone on the holidays due to your addiction to social media. Wake up and live life. 
Wait, how come no one's using that Google sphere-thingy?
So cute....I want one of the stuff from here :-)
+Simon Stuart Don't ruin the holiday spirit by pushing a petty political agenda. If someone says 'holidays', they don't need to be bullied. Try to actually enjoy the season.
The card looks really cool. I like the little green android in this setting.

it's kul......i really love it
Merry Christmas!! I'm a father in this year Christmas!
Santa was due to bring me a nice Nexus 10 but it seems that the last retailer who claimed to have stock was telling fibs so the order was cancelled. Spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourselves :)
What a wonderful christmas. The family isn't interacting with each other in any way! 
Why won't these open on my Nexus 4?  Saved full size to my Mac, uploaded to Drive but all I see on my phone is a blank image.  Same with 'set as' wallpaper on phone.
I wish it snows in Nigeria on Xmas
I'd rather have the Nexus 4 I ordered last month.

nyc ones.......merry christmas in advance guyzzzzz
I bought 2 Nexus 7s as gifts this year. I'm such a good Santa. 
+Nicolas Balcazar   ... What is it that is unusable for you in 4.2? Everything seems pretty "usable" to me. Maybe you should just get an iphone instead. 
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in advance
that is awsome i mean just look at that little android guy just awsome
Today's technology & creative visuals, great artist!
se ven bien motiados todos
Thought. There cute
Look it's my Parents :D yeah its pretty sad how I'm more old style then they are, and I'm the young one ;) 
My new Nexus 7 has made this a very Merry Christmas for myself.
Looking forward to spending time with family this Chrisma
Lisa T
Love this one@
Cool Wallpaper. Google and Android 
nyc cartoon charectors with android
whoah, i saw nexus dock
is that a polar bear next to a fire
nice picture ,downloading ...
What humans have on common with the animal kingdom
There needs to be more nexus 10s made instead of Happy Holiday Cards...
someone tell me how to download the HD files.
Love them all..thanks 4 sharing...:D
Did anyone else notice they are naked? It's a bare bot. 
Polar Bear has nexus 4. I have nothing for my Christmas. Thanks to Google mess up ordering and shipping process of nexus 4
Merry Christmas and may 2013 be a much needed New Year for everyone. To all the others using this as a place to spill venom about your ipads, nexus, etc. problem...take it up with the correct people that haven't delivered, not here, not anywhere..put it where it belongs. Enjoy what you have and that in spite of the Mayan prediction, you are not cooked..hahaa!!
Just sent one to Tim Cook from Steve Jobs. 
Nay Myo
WOW,Cheer GoOgLe!
I'd be even happier if you could have the Google Play Store Devices in Italy, we have to access to the new Nexus.
We cant compare nexus 4 production with galaxy nexus production. That shows the power of samsung over any other manufacturer
Thank you Google you kept your promise with the delivery date for my nexus 4. Ps one day later and I would have got refunded the delivery charge. But its a great little phone :-) and I say little, coz I'm coming from a galaxy note. No more waiting for Samsung to update my phone!!!!! 
hello mai lal babu
I would love the chance to make a sister earth...say...a 30 minute space flight. Forget the rules of gravity for now. Let's say I spent the extra dollars and purchased the "New Earth Deluxe" kit. I'd like that. I'd like to do it with...3 people at the most. After that, I would need to stop. I don't think I have the vision to grasp the idea of the type of people to invite to sister earth. Let's try anyway.
Awesome images for Search App
dorio x
Cool nice android
Google should make illustration viewable like photospheres... Just for fun
Epic Google, well played sir. Let's see Crapple and microsuck to better??? Lol I'm sorry I no I no but I couldn't help myself
Really good work... But when the nexus 4 go aut in italy???
I really really really like that picture so many thanks to you for posting it
?a nice way to end christmas day
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Instead of making cards, can you fix my Samsung nexus gmail sync problem please?
many thanks eventhough I don't have Nexus tablet...
Hmm. Sending one of those to a non-droid fan, (does such a thing really exist?) would probably get them thinking I need to get my head examined... :-D 
+Nexus What about you very soon make it possible for us outside the US, making purchase in the Play store?!
Now THAT would be the best Christmas gift ever!! 
Well, as others have pointed out, the pictures just won't show on the gallery (or any other image viewer) on Nexus 7.
Has someone managed to open the full size images on a Nexus 7?

Edit: Had to open and export them with GIMP to fix the issue.
At least the penguins managed to get their Nexus 4 shipped! 
N. Wigi
Think u sir :-D

good im in tanzania '

'''''''i wan 2 chat'an publishing ma blog
he gyes..whats going on...
Will use these to wish all my Apple using friends and colleagues a happy holiday season - the fools
Ironically neither of my nexus devices will display the image once I download
Is there any gift from android from the android users on this Christmas ??
Looks like android have already had christmas :-)
Yeah, I'd really like to  hold a nexus 4 in my hands but ... it's being harder than expected ;P
Can't wait for my Nexus 4 to arrive.. 3weeks left.. I hope.
Jim Hal
Hey Matt. Merry Christmas.... Is that u sitting in that chair with your nexus 7?
Nice and truely amazing. Just a dumb question where to download the full size files ? Thanks 
¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Jim Hal
Don't send me shit any more!
+Jim Hal , you over rate your importance. no one sent you anything. Go to explore and pull the slider down to zero and never ever click on explore eva again.

BTW ... the polar bear is looking up penguin recipes
Jim Hal
Dam I knew I shouldn't of added Leo leporte to my Gmail +.... Stop sending
me shit...
Jim Hal
Asshole u too..
Stop sending me shit..
derp try clicking on mute post    .....................down there V
Wow... the Christmas Spirit is very much alive in these comments </sarcasm>
When I download these their is no thumbnail so I can't use it. 
I can't open the pictures on my nexus fine on sgs3....
how you can help or make sure what are writing be true or trust to make holidays be part of people happens.well that's what I see on my live 
Why on my when I try to download this image does it just show up as a grey square on my galaxy nexus?
That's what it does to me says missing thumbnail but on siii 
happy holidays Google! happy holidays Android !thanks for standing for innovation , freedom and reasonability, i love you and cannot imagine a world without Google and Android !
Awesome, thanks and Merry Christmas to Google!
J`ai la tablette, les souricettes, pas Le feu. Be reasonable, oldad!
Happy Jelly bean filled Christmas!
fc bhzahehWedvayoscbSfchjsxidztgvugkewyt!!!!!2ßsssssßsssssà
I am a big fan of Android products so I am really interested in the latest Tablet Nexus 10. However, It is not sold in Singapore currently and I think It will be much expensive than its market price when it sold in Singapore because I found that the market price of nexus 7 is much higher than its market price in Singapore. As a student, I really can't afford that. Does any one can help me to get Nexus 10????? Furthermore, I need to get before 15 Feb 2013!!!! I will really appreciate if a anyone can help!!!!
Hai google pls make nexus 4 to buy in india soon thanks happy new year
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