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we are expecting you on LATAM :D
Herro Korea Japan is better at everything and nothing was ever invented in Korea not even Korean
I really want that background lol
I am in China, a google ignore place:(
Korea has Google play store but Mexico doesn't. That's unbelievable 
Samsung is korean. Thats a pretty good brand of electronics
I'm guessing they mean South Korea, since nothing is available in North Korea, not even electricity. I'm a little bit surprised that it took so long, since the Nexus 7 is manufactured right down the road in China.
Korea has Google play store but Malaysia doesn't. That's unbelievable
Er Vin
Google play SEA please
Dan Lee
Is it same price as offline ?
how about worldwide? not only google play but all of it's services like music, etc... we have play here in the philippines but limited... this country is one of the texting capital in the world where even a homeless person has a cellphone.
Oh man, if this is only South Korea then the North will get very very upset, could be war you know.  See what you did there Google :p
I find it strange that the Korean made nexus 10 and nexus 4 are not available in Korea.
+Greg Lehman because the Koreans support their own products and the Samsung is great
E no brasil que é bom, nada...
when would you start tapping the market of india????????????????????????????
Austria??? not the one with the kangaroos, but the small country in middle europe - next to germany...
Any idea when it will be available for South Africa? :D
India is a bigger market than Korea, then why not here?
Ray Li
when shall we buy nexus device in China mainland ...
Li Jie
Great, had to bay this in France next mounth;) 
Everybody please tell google how expensive the Nexus devices are in your country/place, comparing to Google Play.

US$565 for Nexus 4 in Hong Kong!!!!

I want to develop apps for Nexus 4....
Please open for more markets!
Korean is not GooglePlay
Please make the Nexus Range Available on Google Play in South Africa!? 
Switzerland still waiting for it :-( Why the hell don't you offer a worldwide play store identical service ? I love Google but that way of dealing sucks !
I'm not sure whether you guys actually aren't able to open up the Play Stores in all countries, or whether it's a marketing trick to get everybody excited while they're waiting for their country to get some Play-sweetness. If it's the latter, then you guys are smart. But I dunt layk it. Stahp it. Now. Gimme Nexus7. Pls.
+Rick ter Beek Play Store(s) are available in some countries only. That's why the price in some places is soooooo high (and it is being sold by LG.... damn)
+Edditoria Dev are lucky guys, this is cheap ...
meanwhile in wild russia it (nexus4) costs 665$ (facepalm)
in the google play you can buy two of these devices on this money,
and I'm pretty sure that the device simply no one will buy in russia  because of such price....
Google simply loses a lot of buyers in russia (and not only), and loses its face in front of customers, allowing the LG company to sell the device with the Google brand name for such a crazy price
You know what is so ridiculous? When I bought my Nexus (In the US) I got the $199 8GB version. Now Play has gotten rid of that completely  Now the 16GB took place of that. I feel so cheated on. 
When in India.. ???
May be till nexus 8.. :)
I got the 16Gb for $249, it's now $199.
+1 on that Steve. I got the 16gb two weeks before it went down to $199.
What about south america? Lots of people here wants nexus devices
Finally the Nexus 7 available in Korea!! Good! 
+Nexus Will it be available in India also? I can see India on the list but when I go to "Shop Now" it shows not available in your country.
Love mine. Have the whole family 4,7 and 10 tablet
I just got my nexus 7 in the US. Well worth the money!
+Alex Yang the nexus 10 is made by Samsung, a south Korean company. And the nexus 4 is made by LG also a south Korean company.
and simply the nexus 10 avalaible ... it would be amazing, no ?
I have got a important document for the nexus' designers that i am wanted to deliver to you. Tell me how please, time is rushing.
When Nexus 4 will be available in Poland?
Koreans want nexus 4 instead
when will the 4.2.2 will upload our devices automatically?
i'm bored to try adk,sdk,adb sideload....
i want my 4.2.2
This is gonna sound stupid but, I haven't figured out how 2 use the camera, help ?
Exactly.  Nexus 7.  4.2.2 upgrade installed.  Still no camera app or Photosphere.  Can someone please assist?
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