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The rollout of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, begins today, starting with Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ devices.

Jelly Bean makes everything feel fast, fluid, and smooth. Notifications are expandable and actionable, widgets are magical and the keyboard is smarter and more accurate: 

Jelly Bean also features a redesigned search experience, with a new user interface and faster Voice Search. You can type your query or simply ask Google a question. Google can speak back to you, delivering a precise answer if it knows one, in addition to a list of search results. 

Google Now is also part of the updated Google app, getting you just the right information at just the right time. Google Now tells you today’s weather before you start your day, how much traffic to expect before you leave for work, or your favorite team's score as they’re playing. There’s no digging required: cards appear at the moment you need them most.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ device, you will receive a prompt alerting you to the update over the next several days. Up next for Jelly Bean: all Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Motorola Xoom and of course, Nexus 7, which will ship with Jelly Bean later this month.
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Jason Kam
Spanning the Update Now button. :)
Awesome! Let's hope Verizon gets going on that GNex rollout!
Johnny C
ahhhhh, ahhhhhh fumbles for Gnex - careful, don' drop it... 
Great, can't wait to roll out to my Nexus S as well ;)
Will this update come through for my Nexus S 4G on Sprint?
"yes" would be the answer I'm looking for.
"no" would be the answer that would make me all sad face and stuff.
Awesome! I've been running the jellybean leak since google I/o , and downloaded an AOSP 4.1.1 rom for my galaxy nexus last night, and all I have to say is JellyBean is great. Google nailed it with this update.
sigh still waiting on t-mobile to roll out the ICS update for SG2!
Why do I worry that it will be longer for those of us on yakjuxw.

Pesky pre-Play availability desires... Now they come home to roost.
Ancyl S
Nice! Lets get the roll out moving
YES! Can someone explain to me how they determine when updates are rolled out to which devices? Is it done geographically? By serial number?
+Luis Flores It's determined by who wants it the most. So start wishing upon that star, little dreamers! :)
Nexus S with JellyBean? Yes please.
Awesome news! But now I will be checking for updates every 5 minutes... uuh... already checked twice :)
Honestly Google Now blows Siri out of the water, great job!
I'm sure Verizon will have it out on the GNex and Xoom in October...
+Cody Russell Lol, if that were the case, I'd have a Nexus 7, Q, a new display for my Galaxy Nexus, and Jelly Bean. 
+Luis Flores I think they choose the devices based on which ones are ready for it. Google's Nexus devices (and the Motorola Xoom WiFi) are ready for OS updates sooner than others because the OS they come with aren't skinned by the Manufacturer (HTC's Sense, Samsung's TouchWiz, etc...).
Im out of the country and I hope that doesnt effect my update time!! Cant wait!
verizon is looking at updating around christmas time as they think we're lucky to get it so it's really a present. 
Is there a place we can just download it from and install manually, rather than waiting for the OTA update to tag us?
I'm psyched to get Jelly Bean on the Xoom. It's been a great product thus far.
+Eichi Akimoto Yeah, that part I understand. What isn't clear to me quite yet is within the Nexus devices for example, they don't ALL get it at once. With the last OTA update I got it three days after it was reported other people were getting it.
Will the update also come to german Galaxy Nexus devices this month? =)
Woohoo. Hope updated build to I/O (& the fixes'd that'd imply).
Wow. If only Bell Mobility would roll out the update. Man, sometimes living in Canada blows chunks.
I look forward to the reaction from UK Xoom owners. What with the UK Xoom still being on Honeycomb and all.
+Brock Hatfield Totally, if it's partially geographic, it sucks for me cuz there must be a only a handful of devices in Ecuador, so we must not be very high up in the priority list.  I know I'll be going into the Settings Menu very often until I get it!
+Gianluca Cogoli Yes, I would guess so because the Nexus 7 given to developers are getting that one, and apparently Google is also using the release to circumvent the possible injunction as it moves up the courts.
I can't wait. I flashed my phone 2 weeks ago with 4.0.4, so I could get OTA from Google and not Samsung.
Awesome, can't wait for the update on my UK G Nexus
I wonder if it's any different from the I/O version I'm running now.
Also waiting for it in my UK Nexus. :D
I wonder if this includes the Galaxy Nexus phones sold in Canada?
+Reid Canavan probably not. Seeing most of the Galaxy Nexus phones in Canada, are supposed to be updated from Samsung and not directly from Google.
+Jesse James Ettebe I think I may have to rethink my position on fastboot oem unlock!  I'll die of old age before Samsung releases the update!
Mine just got the 4.0.4 two days ago (should've got that two months earlier?). People said it's because the software is maintained by Samsung, so I don't expect to get the 4.1 this month.
+Graham Miao if you want 4.1.1 youll probably get it first with the Takju and Yakju builds, those are directly controlled by Google. the others go through Samsung or other carriers before being pushed to the devices
I really hope it comes with a better battery performance for Samsung galaxy nexus
+Brock Hatfield I have to agree, I did this on the Xoom just to be sure I got ICS.  Trying to resist the temptation and wait.. but with all the goodies Jelly Bean has to offer......   ;)
just got my Galaxy Nexus from Google last week, i better be one of the early updates
hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
+Andrew Hansen 4.1.1. 4.1 was the developers preview given out to Google I/O devices and the source code build which was released yesterday is 4.1.1 and JRO03C
I wish my Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus would get this sometime soon...Will never happen though :(
+Balaal Ashraf 4.1.1 was released to the AOSP source code. Did you get the official 4.1.1 OTA? OTA and AOSP are different.
What about Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO 2011 edition?  The red headed stepchild...
+John Kuntz why do you think Verizon Nexus won't get jelly bean?
Hurray! Thanks, Google. Very excited for Jelly Bean. The more I tap "Check now," the faster the update comes, right???
+Andrew Hansen nope im waiting for it. i was just saying im sure it will be the same 4.1.1 build pushed through OTA to everyone
Does it roll out to Canadian customers as well?
Just got the 4.1.1 ota update on my Nexus 7!
Tell Verizon not to sit on this update for 6 months again
Verizon will get it, but it'll most likely be in the 4th quarter of 2017 by the time +Android is starting over again at the beginning of the alphabet.

I hate being pessimistic but Verizon does us like that.
Can anyone was has gotten the OTA confirm what version number it is?
google just slap the carriers and manufacturers to push their updates by august and you will be my hero!
Awesome... checking for an update every minute!!!! Anxious!!
Stupid phased roll outs. I'll spend all day pressing check now
Please give Motorola ATRIX 4g ICS and Jelly Bean! Hardware wise it is more than capable.
Will Galaxy X (brazilian version of the Galaxy Nexus) be gifted with the update soon?
When will it be listed on the factory image page?
I just don't see why Google Now was not made available as an App for all android 4.0 and above. This makes no sense at all.
I feel happy for tajku and yakju flavored maguro owners. I'm on toro, and may have to go the AOSP route if VZW takes as long as usual.
Hurry up....this is worse than having to pee and being locked out of the bathroom for an hr.
so excited about this news! can't wait, and I too am constantly checking my phone for the update.
I have a yakjuxw build GSM Galaxy Nexus, that just received 4.0.4 last week. I hope I get 4.1.1 a lot faster.
Would love to know if/when any one running JRN84D
received this update...
N7 got the update today! Just installed on mine
Nexus S here.. How many more days?!
+Nexus Can we get the official statement: Is yakjuxw covered by this announcement?
Gah! This suspense is terrible!
哪里可以下载OTA 安装包?

where could download the OTA Image from ICS 4.04?
Is it correct to assume the Xoom update will be for Wi-Fi only and not immediately for 4G?
At least Google has said up next for Jelly Bean is "all Galaxy Nexus". I have hope for my Sprint GNex now.
Please don't emulate Apple and use words like "magical". That's a silly way to describe a product.
Can't wait for my Nexus 7. :)
I need some help if anyone can help me out. I don't know what the problem is but I've been trying to update my galaxy nexus HSPA+ version for a while but it won't work. I mean the update get downloaded but it won't install on the phone. Thanks 
I now know how a kid in a candy store must truly feel like... 0_o just the thought of having Jelly Bean on my Nexus brings so much joy :D ... can't wait!
Iphone doesn't need stupid 4.1 whatever cause IOS6 will blow it away
Spamming my check update button!  Anyone have a link?
I have a galaxy nexus hspa+ yakju but i cant get jelly bean yet..why?
How do I force update? Check for updates doesn't work.
Cool...I just got the jelly bean update. I am on jelly bean now on my galaxy nexus.
+JR Shepherd ICS is currently available for the S II. It's installed from a pc through Kies mini. There area instructions on the T-Mobile website.
Also, spamming the update button for the next few days. I can't wait for the hotness!
I want my butter and jelly now.
I honestly hope that the VZW update is right around the corner. I feel bad for the many, many that don't root/ROM that were left out in the cold with 4.0.3 and 4.0.4. Hopefully, they receive 4.1.1 in a timely manner. Plus, I'm sure us custom users would like the latest GPS, NFC and Camera bins.
Sam Sun
+Constantin Huber I'll try it. did you force stop or disable? My cache in the framework is already cleared. Also do I need to clear the data? 
Everyone complaining about carrier are you doing on a modified rom when you have a gnex? Get the gnex toolkit and free yourself from all that shit
Can't wait till it comes to my Nexus S hopefully by next week!
How long does it take for your gnex to see the update? 
why cant i get it????!!!!! i keep checking for the update but it isnt working!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT JELLY BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why would I be so stupid to buy the Verizon Xoom? Found out long after the fact that it wasn't even a GED... 
Probably chip sets and vzw bitching. Wish my week old Gnex would get the update right now :-)
Please Verizon, don't hold it back :)
Bring on the ROMage!! Thanks Android. You make phonein' phun.
Does this mean that Google will start shipping the Galaxy Nexus tomorrow? Ordered one on Sunday.
I keep hitting Check for Update on my GSM Galaxy Nexus... can't wait.
So is it gonna come to Canada anytime soon or be MIA like the 4.04 update?
Yes cant wait to get this on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus!
now i just have to revert back to stock vs CM9 to get the update!
Telus galaxy nexus!!!!! Anyway at all to get it now?!?
So those of us with the Verizon LTE version should expect it by September, right? According to some sources the Verizon GNex won't see 4.1 until after the Xoom and Nexus S.
Curious....I bought a GNex HSPA+ from the play store the day they want on sale on there. Is that one of the devices receiving this update? Or is it just the phones given out at I/O? I'm guessing I'm in the rollout, but who knows.
Check update but nothing yet please please I've been waiting and waiting lol. I'll keep hitting the button I waited this long I can wait a little more
I'll switch back to my NS4G once you guys get it there.
Still running on 4.0.1
Google doesn't care about Canadian customers...
Samsung representatives don't answer  questions properly...
Checking now... 8:44pm central... no update... waiting... I think I better do something to take my mind off the rollout. It's like +Santa Claus is coming, and I know I'm going to get butter in my stocking!
Come on wifi Xoom update! .... You are my only hope for JB cause I doubt +Verizon Wireless will ever update any phone before my contract ends in September and I know +MetroPCS will never get any JB phones on their network and +Sprint is unlikely to update either.
Neng Lv
Waiting for the update for my Galaxy Nexus!
+Nexus how abt other countries? i'm living in Singapore with an unlocked GNexus. will it be on my phone soon?
My sprint galaxy nexus dosent find any updates :+
what I don't understand why it is that Apple can control OS updates for their devices across multiple carriers and push them out in a coordinated fashion but Google can not do this with their devices. I understand the breadth of devices and the custom skinning, but take only Nexus devices or Google signed devices (XOOM etc) and say these ones we control the updates just as Apple controls the IOS updates and we push them coordinated across all carriers with no delays. I don't understand how Google isn't able to get this kind of deal worked out.
I'll believe it when I see it on Verizon.
neo Fu
When will the ota come to Canada? 
Hope to get the update this time around. Until 2 weeks ago I still had Android 2.3 on my Nexus S. I had to download a .zip file from the internet and update manually. Really dumb for a device that is suppose to get the latest updates first.
Does anyone know of an app that will push the "Check Now" button on my Unlocked Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ device every 60 seconds? +Ben Clinard, you got to help me out here.
Should I get a Nexus or the SIII?  I can't decide?  Please help. Gotta get a new phone. My Droid X is on its last legs. 
Apple has one phone and one tablet. Google Android has an astounding variety of phones, each smartphone specific to a particular carrier, each uniquely coded down to the bone -- and many of these Android phones are 4G requiring "testing" by the carriers.
Give us some jelly bean love to Canada! We've been stuck in 4.0.1 for ages :(
Now, on to shipping me my Nexus 7...
I was on 4.0.1 on Virginmobile in Canada, I switched from Yakjuux to Yakju and instantly my phone was so much better.  I got all the updates from Google and I'm at 4.0.4 right now.  Mashing my update button looking for Jelly Bean now.

TL;DR - Canadian Customers, switch to the Yakju ROM.

P.S. Google does love you, Bell/Rogers/Telus hates you. Blame them for your late updates.
Just keep hitting that Update now button!
+Ryan Carroll the problem is Android is an open system that allows anyone to build a device. If google controlled every aspect of every android device then yes, they could update like Apple, but since they don't, they have to rely on the carriers and manifacturers to update.
+Mario Moreno II Valenzuela I completely understand that, but only certain devices are "Nexus" devices, or "Developer" devices, why not tie those to a set of rules as far as software updates etc. use them as what they're supposed to be, devices that show what the platform can / should be. Similar to what Microsoft is trying to do with "Surface" tablets, using it as a cornerstone device that showboats what everything can be and makes everyone else try to go past them.
Vindi E
+Nexus Is it available for yakjuxw... please help I'm desperate for waiting this OTA
Pan Ng
When will Yakjuzs build get the update?
+Sahir Abbasi Well for one I imagine everyone in a given area downloading a huge file all at the same time would be disastrous for the carrier.
Still waiting for this with bated breath on a yakju.
Bell, Rogers, telus don't control the updates. Google does. Google is not pushing updates to Canadian phones. So disappointed with Google! And I think converting to yakju voids the warranty
update,update,update,update; last checked 12:40:41:42:43:45:50 ffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Let's go +VZW. Make up for the wait. Deliver the OTA by then end of the month. 
+Ryan Carroll I think the answer to that is that the manifacturers have no pull. If Apple said "Let us do this or we walk" the telcoms will bend over for them for fear of loosing MILLIONS of dollars. If Samsung said the same thing to Verizon, the reply they would get would be "Remember how we effectively killed the Palm Pre, when the Droid was released? Want us to do the same to the Galaxy?"

Hell even Google doesn't have the same pull as Apple has since Verizon is effectively trying to kill G-Wallet and I'm pretty sure iPassport or whatever they call it was unscathed.
I have a GSM yakju Galaxy Nexus, and the update hasn't shown up yet! What could be happening??
V 4.1.1 will be available via system auto update, at 12:01 A.M. for all eastern time zone customers DOWNLOAD WILL BE IN BATCHES!
lol i can't wait to get my new phone. #google  your making money of me. great investment. 
I've had it for 2 weeks, its so amazing.
No update yet, don't have a laptop, the stupid Intel ssd died last week. HP does not have replacement in stock
Can't wait for it to hit my phone!
For those unwilling to wait for OTA  the signed .zip from google is availablefor the IMM76I builds of the Galaxy nexus HSPA+ GSM VERSION Only:

Q: how do i know if this file is right for my phone?
A: go to "about phone" go to bottom where it says "build number" if it says "IMM76I" this file is for your device

Q: how do I install this?
A: your device must have root access, and have an unlocked bootloader, AND clockwork recovery to proceed....if you have these; place the file you just downloaded onto the root of your storage.

1) boot into clockwork recovery
2) perform factory reset
3) wipe cache partition
4) go to "advanced", then wipe the dalvik cache
5) go back
6) select install .zip from sd card
7) select the file you just put at the root
8) select "yes" i want to install
9) let the phone flash everything
10) select reboot now, and wait for jellybean 4.1.1 to start up1

Its that easy folks!
Anyone know if this will be coming to the UK SG Nexus at the same time? Secondly what about UK Motorola Xoom 3G? I'm still awaiting 4.0.x update for that... :( 
What build is the update available? Takju, yakju, yakjuxw or is it available to all the builds?
Why is it that when a new iOS comes out everyone can just download it and install it immediately, but Nexus users have to be staggered by device type and then further staggered over the course of a couple weeks?
I think I'm gonna drink some Nyquil maybe when I wake up it'll be here, Or I'll be In hell lol
+Cody Russell The updates here are substantial, whereas in iOS the updates are can rarely be qualified as substantial. In iOS 6, most everything about the update is happening in userland, such as a new maps app and improvements to Siri. This is one part of it.
I have the hspa+ version and have not recvd the notification. I just checked through system settings and it also came back with no JB.: (
I had the developer preview from the I/o and it is quite an improvement from ICS 4.0.4. You will all be impressed. No more lag at all!
Also, google now is very useful, just as SIRI is on apple devices. Furthermore live wallpapers are no longer choppy but run at a smooth 60 frames per second! woo hoo
+Cody Russell unfortunately even the nexus line isn't completely free from fragmentation...and carrier interference.
great news! Thanks guys, can't wait!!
i dont know if this is a stupid question but what is HASP? 
Joe P.
I hope Sprint doesn't drag out the update too long.  JB looks great.
hspa is slow "4g" internet...its not really 4g just 3.5g
some networks dont have 4g they have HSPA
+darryl jackson Google has said that they won't be playing favorites with the Nexus S this time. All GSM and CDMA models will be getting Jelly Bean at the same time! 
I love my Nexus S 4G, Last month Google sent me Ice Cream Sandwich. This month they want to feed me Jellybean. And to think this all started when Google made some Gingerbread.
But when new iOS updates are released Apple's server either crash (resulting in the download not completing) or because of the sheer amount of users downloading it the update takes a lifetime to finish. I'll take the Google route and release the update in batches.
Where is my pre-order of my Nexus 7? I'm starting to hear that retail stores are going to be stocking it on July 12th, and I have heard NOTHING from Google!

PLEASE communicate to your customers!
Guys, this update is AT THIS TIME only available for nexus7 tablets, and UNLOCKED GSM galaxy nexus handsets bought THROUGH google play store....

Attn sprint and verizon subscribers!!
In order for you to receive the update it must be released from SPRINT or VERIZON! Google cannot release an update directly to you because of legal contract the only people that can tell you when it ill be available is....SPRINT and/or VERIZON

Sorry for the bad news....
+Pan Ng probably 3-4 months from now since that's how long it took to get 4.0.4 on em..I like how phones that are all suppose to be first in line to get updated really aren't any better then other android phones its sad when you have to say first takju, then yakju, then ALL the other nexuses when they should be all at the same time at least all the gsm unlocked ones but they hide the truth from you which is your nexus isn't REALLY a nexus

Sent from a GSM unlocked yakjuzs galaxy nexus that probably will never see jelly bean...and please don't tell me bout flashing and rooting because if I gotta flash and root to get a update then that defeats the purpose of even getting a nexus because you have to do the same with all other android phones
Has anyone actually gotten. The update from there carrier yet or are we going to have to wait a year for this update as well.....we for stiffed on the ics 4.0 to 4.0.4 update Verizon has some make up work to do
Cuando van a liberar la actualización para los Galaxy Nexus ?
Well i said IT WILL BE RELEASED IN BATCHES....but if you insist....a couple of people just got it....look up a couple posts...maybe not in your exact area yet...but its comin dude..promise
Google fooled everyone when releasing galaxy nexus by saying that phones will receive all the latest updates ota. Still stuck on 4.0.1 So buggy.
Hey Google how many years will yakjuux (Canadian GN) be waiting for this update. We are still on 4.0.2. Samsung being responsible for our updates has totally detracted from the whole latest updates Galaxy Nexus experience.
Lesson learnt: don't trust anyone except apple for updates and customer service.
Ha the OTA just kicked in for me!
Patiently waiting on my nexus 7 and my Verizon gnex to get this update.....although I do have an unlocked boot loader.......
If you have an unlocked bootloader there will be roms available for your "toro" version device....just do some searching on XDA developer forums
I hope I get the 4.1 this month for Canadian Galaxy Nexus from Bell. 
So will the phones that already have the Google IO JB build receive an OTA update too?
Well that depends on whether you have a "deodexed build" or "odexed build" whicjh do you have?
The deodexed version will not receive the OTA update. Only odexed builds of JRN84D will receive the update over the air. The reason is because deodexed ROMS have been modified to allow themeing which removes the ability to be updated over the air. Hope that helps!

You can always use a toolkit to flash the google factory image for ICS v 4.0.4. essentially bringing phone back to stock, and then wait for the OTA to reach your locale
The build of the official OTA is "JRo03c" not JRN84d....the JRN84d is the developer preview released 2 weeks or so ago
Id sleep itll prompt you when its ready in your area
Please share if anybody already got the update yet
Hopefully "Up next..." means only a few days for the Nexus S and not a few weeks. Either way, it is going to be awesome!
Not out for Yakju 4.0.4 at the time of writing. Mashing update button throughout the afternoon...
+Pablo Benavidez I think you might mean HSPA. If that's what you are asking...  I'm not an expert, but I think its basically a type of data transfer based on the legacy 3G infrastructure that allows for higher speeds than 3G however not as high but comparable to 4G LTE, which is a newer type of mobile data.
For an analogy... If 3G were DSL, HSPA+ would be like High Speed Cable, and 4G LTE would be like Verison Fios, or Google Fiber. 
Since I will have to wait another 21 + days to get an official build. Looks like I will be updating my Jelly Bean ROM tonight after all.
I cant see any update on my device as of now :(
Oh, cool! All I need is a GSM phone on a shitty carrier! +Verizon Wireless won't send that our way, much less to a 2 year old phone. Still waiting...
Stills waiting 4the ota of nexus s maybe in hours? Maybe in days? So exited!
Cong Ma
I can imagine a few screens damaged from excessive poking in the following week ;)
and what about HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus yakju (GT-I9250,aka the international version)?
My Russian Galaxy Nexus got 4.0.4 just last week. I afraid I will wait for 4.1 some months.
+Alexander Ivanov Me too here in Austria. I think maybe they pushed it out just now to allow fast 4.1.1 update. As a kind of preperation, that it can get the OTA same time as the other versions...
Is it possible that we can download 4.1 image and flash it manually?
Well, the time has finally come! Will yakjuxw get this OTA as well, or do we have to wait for Samsung to release it?
Takju HSPA+ Nexus and nothing yet in Hawaii
yakju devices have to wait (don't know how much time)
It's such a shame that Google/Samsung never sold the GNex officially in India.. Never understood this. Hopefully they will bring the next Nexus here. N7 is also a miss for us :(
Good news ! But with JB and the new Google Voice Search, I am not able anymore to do an action like "Call Someone" "Send a Message", in French ? Do we have to wait Google Knowledge Graph in French ? When will it be available ?
Hong Kong Galaxy Nexus users just got the 4.0.4 updates from Samsung HK 10 days ago... They seems to be adding some customization (e.g. "Samsung IME") to the ROM which most users including me have never used. We are just having the delay for no value :-(

probably we need another 3 months delay to get this 4.1 on our devices bought from official resellers... We buy Nexus phones because we want the latest update and best support from Google but end up we only suffer huge delay...

Yes we can flash a pure Google ROM from Android Developer page but that void the warranty of our phone...

Can +Google or +Nexus do something to help us please?  =(
maybe request Samsung to give us a choice to opt out their customized ROM? Help please...!!!
How do I know if I have a  HSPA+ version or not? I'm in the UK with O2!!! The update better comes fast xD , really excited about it!
When will we, non-english, get back the Voice Actions feature? We lost that feature with the Jelly Bean update. I thought that it was just an issue in the pre-release ..... Please tell us when we will get that feature back.
Any info when the Nexus S will be updated?
all galaxy nexus can be upgrade? i check on my phone no update any news...
Cant wait ! - Living here in Denmark and after the Google IO12 i have search every day for an update :) 
i envy +Jairo Ramirez. I hope we'll also get the JB OTA here in Philippines. However i have my doubts as my GNexus were recently updated to ICS 4.0.4 last week.
Matt S
+Leonard Leijenhorst you have to ask HTC not Google ... I'd you buy nexus than it wouldn't be an issue . I'm guessing you'll get your jelly bean beginning next year or so knowing HTC.... look those manufactures are just updating their phones to ICS and ICS was announced last year ... what do you think now....
Matt S
+Nexus I hope you fixed messaging widget .....
I love it! Cant wait to get the update on my Gnex
Is this worldwide? As in: Can I, as a Dutchman, expect this update to hit my Galaxy Nexus anytime soon? 
My GNex is about to get fixed. Want it back! Want Jelly Bean!!
Yeah! i'll wait the OTA for my Nexus S.. when it will comes to Italy?
Great news! I love my Galaxy Nexus!
And when will it be available for the Galaxy Tab 2?
just go up and download the file yourself...oh my lord its not so complicated. I put it there for you guys to use
I'm waiting in belgium... but since I got the 4.0.4 update only a few days ago I have no big hope to get 4.1 very soon :(
When will I get this ota update in india. I have a galaxy nexus. Still waiting?
Wait for version to my Nexus S. Thanks Google :)
Hey guys, who can I contact about support in South Africa?
Where can I download the factory image for Galaxy Nexus? I can't wait for the OTA to happen.
Can't wait to see what Google now recommends as an alternative route for my (ten minute!) commute in the morning!
And what about other devices then Nexus? Will they get the new OS?
Will yakjuxw models get the update?
Is this international? I'm in the UK and got Samsung Galaxy Nexus (with Vodafone) will we be getting it Mid July too?
When does it roll out to Samsung Nexus S?
Please either stop making us jealous or release the next Nexus in India first as we haven't got the Galaxy Nexus yet and even the Nexus 7 is not available in India yet :(
I can't wait for this to hit my GNex and Xoom here in the UK!! WOO!!
Anyone from the UK with VF Galaxy Nexus got JB update yet?
Any word about Vancouver, Canada on Telus?
I'm in Sweden with a Galaxy Nexus GSM (build IMM76K.I9250XWLD2), just got the 4.0.4 fairly recently. Guess I won't be seeing the update today..

But here's hoping!
\*#*#2432546#*#* (\*#*#checkin#*#*)is the same as pressing the Check now button ;)
Updating Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.1.1 Final (JRO03C) from 4.0.4 (IMM76I) or 4.1 (JRN84D) on Takju. 

Hope this guide comes handy! :)
+Nexus Any word on timing for Aus? also I've never had an OTA update, is there any data/app losses in the process?
+andres barroeta Just oem unlock it and restore to yakju factory images already.. there are plenty of guides on the interwebz for you.
Awesome.... waiting JB on my Galaxy Nexus... Thank you Google
When will the Samsung Build GNex be updated? I don't understand why it takes so long... Does anyone know?
State side only! Samsung UK just say they are working hard to bring update. Google you no where I live so why send messages like this. Yes you are an American company but don't forget rest of us.
+Nexus When can i expect to see the factory image by?
Is this a North America-centric announcement or are literally all eligible (HSPA+) phones getting the update? I'm from the UK.
Awesome recognize Accuracy.
And the Robot Voice is more nature than Siri.
+Alexandros Ignatiou you shouldn't be surprised that there are no updates since they haven't announced the update for GSM phones yet, only HSPA+.
Can't wait for it to appear on my Nexus S.
Is this update only for the states or do we get this in Europe as well?
"Your system is currently up to date." Last checked for update at 6:56am... 6:57am... 6:58am...7:03am... HURRY, I want my Galaxy Nexus to rock!
Why don't Google just give us dates? So they don't get thousands of people asking, and we aren't left guessing? Just a thought.
Notice that the update from 4.1 to 4.1.1 doesn't contain a new radio image (still XXLF1). So the DHCP problem with certain WiFi routers isn't solved :-(
Update: Good news, official Android 4.1.1 OTA Update is now available for YAKJU Galaxy Nexus too!

Updating Galaxy Nexus from Yakju 4.0.4 (IMM76I) to Android 4.1.1 (JRO03C)
Aaaaarrghh I can't wait any longer, hurry up :))
WOW that's what I call the future of technology.... Awesome work Google!!
Aaaaaaa! I hope I get it soon. :)
* anxiously checks for updates once per 10 min *
I wish they wouldn't call widgets "magical." That's something silly I'd expect to hear out of Apple.
So being in Canada, I'm still stuck on a bugy 4.0.2 release. I don't even have 4.0.4. I expect to get this update probably in a month or two unless I unlock bootloader, root and switch over to the "Google" build of the phone. So much for reference phone.
lol i can see it now... apple brings you "widgets" (the ones that go on the screen,not in the notifications bar lol) then call it innovative... and we all yawn,and go about our daily lives * adds weather widget to screen* resizes -_- widgetgusta....
hits update again Come on phone! Lunch is on me if you JUST UPDATE.

-lives in Ohio. Come on, Ohio. Stop sucking...
Update still does nothing (on yakju).
oooh yes! can't wait for the GSM updates :D
The build on my galaxy nexus is yakjuxw, when release the 4.1 jelly bean?
Well I'd say no company has come as close as Google has in chalenging the once commandeering Apple Inc. in the mobile business.
In Virginia with GSM HSPA+ Takju.. no OTA yet :(
I know all of you are excited as much as I am, but has anyone acctualy received the update. As far as I can see everyone are saying that they can't wait and nobody says if they actually got the update.
+Jesse James Ettebe Really? Because the Bell Mobility website generally shows when they are ready for a new update. Or at least in theory. I don't think I've seen updates for any phone. 
I just wonder how many Galaxy Nexus phones Google/Samsung sold. Seeing I dont remember the OTA taking this long.
Is there a Google Nexus LTE phone yet? =)
Matt S
+Nexus really guys messaging widget still force closes whole launcher when scrolled to the bottom and than top ...
Ohh yeah!! Can't wait for my Galaxy Nexus gets it !!!! 
How about shipping the Nexus 7 today to all of us.
Hi everyone I'm from India n I have nexus s, will this updates work smooth in phone.
Hmm, I'm reading that as "the Nexus 7 will ship with Jelly Bean later this month." so... it's been more than a minute, time to check for the update again. :-)
update update update! :))))))))))
SGS 1 and 2 users rage =)) Nexus S gets an update
Please somebody post if already receive the update..
Great, i just bought a Galaxy Nexus i can't wait to update it to JB.
yes, i am waitting jelly bean, and my nexus 7.
I'm waiting for OTA update! Hope Jelly Bean coming soon! I have found a way to get the OTA update. Read my post.
Still waiting for the OTA but looking forward to it to get it soon! (Hope it doesn't again take a few months ^^ )
Is there anyway to install the Nexus 4.1 image from Google without using Clockwork?
Come on JB!!! can't wait for update! 
Can you push my phone to the top of the OTA list?... :-) Can't wait!
David C
Sounds good to me. As long Nexus gets it. Can't wait!
Google please put the pressure on Verizon to get it out to us sooner!!
Жду с нетерпением!
Dont really care when it comes out in Sweden fro the Nexus s.
I have root access and unlocked bootloader, so when i can se the OTA hitting USA, when i can just flash it easy as a pancake:d
Looming forward to a quick update for the LTE Nexus. Don't screw this up Verizon!
OTA update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus by end of the month... I'll believe it when I see it. It took them how long to push out 4.04??
i heard that at first they are updating devices with 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 that is devices google gave out at the IO i bought a Takju from google play so hopefully our update should hit us with in a couple(PRAYING)..EDIT: DID anyone try forcing it with*#*#2432546#*#*  ??? my friend did it and it worked but not me.. guys try it out and  let us know.. Ok Guys Try this first Check in my dialing  *#*#2432546#*#* . then GO to Settings> Apps>click the tab called ALL> scroll down for "Google Services Framework " open it then clear the data and force close that service... then go back and search for the update in settings.. it will show that the last time u checked for an update was 1969 and will download the update forcefully.. it worked for me but you might have to do it a couple f time.. Have fun
Fiq Evo
Can't wait!!!
Migs B
Awaiting jb on my nexus s, I can't wait :)
Has anyone in Ohio gotten the update yet? I'm still waiting.
Anyone in Minnesota gotten the update yet?!
It's almost end of the month. When does the Verizon Galaxy Nexus get Jelly Bean +Nexus?
So its almost August and I'm still waiting for my update. I have a Galaxy Nexus with Rogers in Canada. I hope I get this update soon.
It still needs some work but looks very promising... :-)
curious as to why it is so much longer for Sprint/Verizon versions take so long... either way work hard and have fun... can wait to see what you have... hopefully its better then what i got on my Xoom update...
Tiếng anh kg hiểu
Sorry for what reason on my Phone galaxi nexus I have not received my update thanks I need help...
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