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Spam callers be gone! Today, we’re beginning to update your Google Phone app with spam protection on #Nexus and #AndroidOne devices to warn you about potential spam callers and give you the ability to block and report these numbers. If you already have Caller ID turned on, spam protection will be available on your phone once your app updates to the latest version. Learn more:
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How bout the ability to block private callers instead of having to download an app
Awesome! But where does it get the info about the spammers numbers? Will it work in the whole world or is it another #USOnly feature?
I could have used this earlier today! Very cool! 
Hahahaha I got this on my Moto X 2014 Google dialer app
Nice addition. Hope same is implemented into Messenger as well.
+Younes Layachi +Shelby S it says you can report numbers, but it's not clear if there's already a database for them to start, that's what I wanted to know.
Living in Europe unfortunately I know there are really restrictive rules about privacy and this seems to be a feature that can be blocked by those rules.
oh god I badly want this! is it only for Nexus? Google Call app? or others call apps gets it too?
Thanks Google. Now all we need is an indication of how long it'll last.
Finally I get rid of Truecaller. +Nexus​ please make it available for non Nexus phones as well! 
I don't need this. I just hang up spam phone calls 
Of course, this requires Google is collecting metadata on all your inbound calls, giving the NSA an extra place to request this information. There's no other way for Google to collate what is and isn't a spam caller.

Oh, and my Windows Phone already has a block caller button.
+Davide Stefanini Basically, Google is storing metadata about every call placed on phones infected with Google Play Services. From this metadata, they can collate what numbers call massive amounts of phones and the time between those calls and similar behaviors. And of course, on top of that, they collect reports from everyone using these apps.

It works a lot like email spam detection.
+Paul Zak​ I suppose until we feel it's impossible to part with the feature. Then they'll kill it
+Jake Weisz Google would not need to store call metadata to enable this feature. Caller ID would just need to compare an incoming number against a known spammer database. Call metadata for a specific phone need not be stored, just compared in real time.

If you're using Caller ID in the Google Phone app, you're already sending the incoming number to Google for identification. You are free, of course, to turn that off and I bet this spam warning would be disabled as well.

Granted, I have no inside knowledge of how this feature is implemented, but I'm guessing you don't either. I just don't see why it has to be implemented the way you think it is.
+Jake Weisz did you learn all that stuff about how Google spam caller ID work at the College of Dupage?
Good! !! Damn spam callers
I'd say currently it is an unfinished product, lacks several features considered important as a phone. I would still use whoscall for a while.
Need option to block"unknown" and "private caller". Those are the most abused feature in telecommunications history.
+Jake Weisz as someone who frequently gets spam calls, if they can identify the bad callers from the good, I'm all for that. It saves me from being distracted by a call I may or may not want, and when I'm driving, I don't want to be distracted by a spam caller.
Please let us install this on non-Nexus :'(

+Lorenzo Ciani Dude, if you're going to make a juvenile ad hominem attack on someone, at least bother to read their whole profile. I got my second degree at COD because I was bored and needed something to do. (Not that DeVry is a top tier school either, by any means. But like... do your research when you make personal attacks on people's character because they said something you couldn't refute with facts.)
+Cross Ganaway The only way Google gets a spam caller database to compare the number to is by collecting caller metadata in the first place. Numbers come and go quite regularly (like spam emails). You can't just say "oh, here's the database of spam callers". This only works with data collection.

+Joshua Percell If a phone call while you're driving is distracting, you aren't appropriately equipped to be taking phone calls on the road.
I got so excited until I realized what phone you need. Looks like I keep my Truecaller for now
+Shelby S done and done. One more profile I'll never hear from again. Jake would be happy moving to the EU. He assumes we can't think for ourselves and are not comfortable with the consequences of our decisions. If any of that bothered me I wouldn't own a Nexus phone.
Create a dummy contact, add number. Block contact. Repeatedly add numbers. Survives nightlies and wipes
+Jake Weisz
"The only way Google gets a spam caller database to compare the number to is by collecting caller metadata in the first place."

That's not the only way they can do it.  There's a whole bunch of websites out there that provide information about spam callers.  They don't own a phone OS.  Where do they get their information?  User reports.
+Jim Vernon I have your number. I don't like you. I report you as a spammer when you call me. User reports is a helpful, but not a total solution.

And to be clear, if you understand how Google does things, there's no way they're relying solely on user reports for this. Google believes at their core that collecting people's data and analyzing it for the perceived benefit of everyone is the right thing to do.

It is silly to suggest Google would limit itself to privacy-respecting solutions, because they've never shown any desire to limit themselves to that before.
Does it work like truecaller and truemessenger? (looks like the same box)
How will I play along and waste their time now? 
Please provide a way for importing blacklist.
My Samsung S7 Edge already has this feature
What if the spammer spoofs the caller ID to a non-blacklisted number?
Very nice! Is there is way to send a caller to a second voicemail greeting? Like a for people you know or stored in contacts get your priority mailbox and unknown callers or callers you choose get sent to junk greeting/mailbox.
This is basically what the Hiya app does. As a matter of fact, that picture looks exactly like the Hiya app. Unless they do something different, it doesn't work well during the actual call if you don't have a good data connection or aren't connected to wifi at the time.

It basically lets you click to report as spam and see other people that have identified who the call came from.
I am running Pure Nexus rom, will this be an available update through the Play Store or will PN have to make a patch? 
+keville caesar you can can't you? Go to your call logs, long press the number you want to block and it should be an option there? 
Would be great if the entire Android community could use the Google Phone app instead of the junk we have to currently use. I'll just sit here patiently waiting...
+Jerry Bolton But not automatic blocking based on user feedback. It's not the same thing at all. 
When will this roll-out to vendors like Sammy?
(If it's going to, that is.)
I love this feature, I really hate using 3rd party apps as most seem shady as hell with what they're doing with that and your info. Bravo Google!

Will it be available for other Android OS phones?
Truecaller app was before google, and here we also have cyanogenos ahead.
+Andrei S AFAIK Caller ID is always sent by the originating exchange along with a flag that indicates whether or not to display the number at the called line. It is up to the destination exchange to respect the flag. Theoretically blocked numbers could be filtered but you would need telco cooperation to provide blocked numbers to the application.

BTW: Upshot is that people who need privacy should not rely on caller id blocking. Thinking about battered spouses etc. Example, our phone company's voice mail service would identify blocked numbers if a message was left.
This should be available for non-Nexus devices.
PLEASE bring this to all of Android.
+Davide Stefanini I would guess it's kind of a database build up by users. You get a spam call -> report it -> next person gets the warning 
how about fix hangout app instead making new texting app. 
Where can I download this app form Samsung Galaxy S7?
"poundNexus" and "poundAndroidOne"?

Whatever. Why don't you put the headphone jack on the right end of the phone (the BOTTOM, duh).
+keville caesar You don't have to download a new app - this feature is part of the dialler that you are already using to make and receive all of your calls.
Please get rid of the jelly bean style "call pulse" effect. And use the same from clock app, when the alarm goes on!
how would this work when its one of those spam callers that use your own number to call you from? or a string of zeros? or they use unused or available local numbers from your area code when they clearly not from the area?
+Chiira Maina You can use the truecaller dialer for the same functionality for non nexus and non andorid one devices
+Sacha Obado I don't like TrueCaller yet the functionality is available. Won't use it, will never use it.
Need! 3-5 calls per day damnit, I'm about to change my #
Thank you so much for adding this feature to our Nexus phones. Spam and scam callers are getting worse every day. 
+Wren Hensgen You need to provide a phone number to block... "Private caller" is not a phone number. It's when the caller has hidden his/her number
Is this announcement premature? The Call/Spam options indicated in this article are not available on my Nexus 6P.
"Just reject them" works only after you've answered, this works before you answer. 
Can it block bots? Also, private and unknown callers? Like Hiya?
Awesomeness Google Well done.
It's got to be better than me adding them as a contact and pushing them to voicemail..
+Shelby S pretty sure you didn't understand him. He's referring to the fact that there is no option to block unknown numbers (or caller ID withheld) in the stock app
Yo this is hot! I've been receiving spam calls like crazy this year! It's gotten out of hand. Loving the fact that they came out with this. I didn't even think of anything like this lol +Robert Primeaux​
TERRIBLE update!! Broke my ability to block calls from my call log! Also I have received several spam calls since the update and it identified none of them. 
so how do we get the update?  I have a nexus 6P and haven't gotten the update.  Is there something special I need to do?
I have the app it doesn't work
This doesn't work for me on my Nexus 6p. I don't even have the options. 
Android police has the apk. Google has also updated the app 4 times since July 25th. I have the most recent and have had the app since July 25. I get spam calls at least 4 times a day.....the app has yet to notify me of one.
What version do you guys currently have? I seems to be stuck at 2.5.x
How about you restore the ability to block numbers that the latest version took away? Also took away the call details option. Reverting back until this botched update is fixed.
+Josh Weigner
The latest version (I have 4.0.129037693) does have number blocking option and call details. What version are you on?
Has anyone seen the application actually work??
Please google. Allow this to be installed on all devices. 
So is there now a collected database of spam numbers that is being shared?
I do my part to report the robot dialers. Hope this will stop the malicious abuse of telemarketers calling my dnc registered number.
I love this! This feature was long past due. Thank you Google. However, why can't I mark this random number that keeps calling me as spam?? The option for just this number is missing. However, I can mark contacts in my call history as spam... 
Fantastic! Finally I can mark these phone numbers for others to avoid! Today I accidentally gave my phone number to what I thought was a government entity and have received 4 phone calls in the last 15 minutes.

Use the Google Voice app, set it up, and give everyone your Google Voice number. This will do exactly what you want. This has been an option for Google Voice users on Android for years now. And it's free for consumers.
Google voice makes them state their name before it connects it to you. If they don't, you don't get the call. And you can set it to only do that to numbers you haven't previously approved.
There is safety concern due to robocalling. My phone's memory fills up with spam and can't receive weather warnings and emergency information from the local police department among others. I'm sure more than a few people have died as a result. If the phone companies don't have enough of a conscience to end robocalling it will be up to legislation which they probably will not like.
Well these robocallers get away with it because of services like Skype. Mainly Skype. They can spoof phone numbers and make calls from anywhere in the world. The majority of spam calls I get, 90%+ I hear the Skype sounds when i pick up. Our law makers need to do something about this. Hold Skype, Microsoft and whoever else that offers VoIP calls to a higher standard. They allow this to go on and allow people overseas to scam people out of their money. I get scam calls all the time too. I got put on a list because my father's over 60 so they call me thinking I'm him. I've actually scammed a scammer back and recovered $200 they stole from an old woman in Georgia. Don't ever believe anyone that calls you that you don't know.
The app put "suspected spam caller" on an outgoing call I placed to the New York Times! 
So this update that was released 10 weeks ago STILL has not been fixed and "block number" is still missing from the 6P?? And the spam caller BS doesn't work either. I receive 3-4 marketing calls a week and have never received a warning. Google, get your act together.
Have you tried turning it off and back on again... 🚠
I have the 6P and I can report spam. What I still have yet to see, though, is any kind of reporting TO me. I get at least one spam robocall per day, and I dutifully report them, and yet I have never once seen a call come in that says "Suspected spam caller" on it.

Not to mention that even when I DO block a number, if it calls again on another day, the voicemail still goes through to Hangouts! What's the point of blocking a number in Google Voice if it'll still leave a voicemail instead of going into my Spam folder?!
Now this is the best app for me, knowing who is calling me. 
It's not updating on Android One phone...
Get at least 1 spam call a day and haven't seen this feature on my Nexus 6P with Nougat. Does this feature work with UK spammers?

For those in a similar position - Mr Number provides a working solution.
A tablet as well with A lot of data on phone and tablet. I have been hacked into the past 6 months. I believe data would be an answer. Or not. We have wyfy. The phone has never left the house. Thanx anx
App was just updated with "bug fixes" and still the option to block a number or report SPAM is missing from the call history on my 6p. Only way to block a number is to copy and paste into the block list which is ridiculous. SPAM reporting feature is useless without a way to actually report.
Just received this update on my Nexus 5X. Looks like it's working so far. Can't figure out how to keep the phone from ringing, though, when it thinks it's a spam call. Phone still rings.

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