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We've started rolling out Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, to Nexus S phones on a number of carriers including T-Mobile, H3G, O2, Rogers as well as Vodafone in most countries, with more to come. Enjoy!
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Hopefully i get it tomorrow here in sweden, else im unlocking the phone :)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus S here, update received. Google Now is absolutely gorgeous (though in Italian is not as complete as in English). 
Дайте оновлення для SGS2! Будь ласкаааа!!!
How about Nexus S on AT&T USA ??? any update coming to this phone? still on 2.3.4 ... :-(
On T-mobile on Nexus S 4.0.4 - is there any way to manually apply or force the OTA this update w/o rooting my phone?
Christmas has gone into overtime! Can't wait for this update!
Waiting for mine on Sprint!
There is a star the the front and a start at the end
Meh, still on ICS on Fido Galaxy a tatste of Jelly Bean today as i just received my Neux 7... want JellyBean more than ever on my phone now!!
Any ETA for the Nexus S 4G ?
Please click on my profile, is anyone else experiencing the following issue with the Nexus 7
there sould be a place the hardcore´s can go and download it and install it themselfes. Let the non-nerds wait for the OTA ;)
Yet another reason to buy nexus devices. Supported forever :)
Just not my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. NBD I'm rooted anyway. Been on JB 4.1 for weeks now
Grrr... where is the OTA update for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Stupid Verizon.
when will Verizon galaxy nexus be updated to jelly bean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it is not a true nexus. pretty sad
seems like most of the american providers suck ass. I mean, pakistan got it before you. PAKISTAN!! do they even have cellphoneproviders!? :P
Why the bad news on the screen??
+Seth Vidal Yes there is. Go to "settings>apps>all>Google Services Framework" Click clear data. Then go to "settings>about > check for updates", will show up automatically through that. Keep trying this, as it might take 20 times, but it does work. Just did it to my wife's T-Mobile Nexus S and it works great. Good luck!
+Juan Karroum  open your dialer and put [star]#*#2432546#*#[star]
replace [star] with * it should pop up in your notification bar that "Checkin succeeded" and any updates that you have.
Just received the update some minutes ago here in Switzerland (Swisscom). Thank you!
I never got the Android 4.0 OTA update on AT&T so I'm not expecting to get this time around. I will just wait and download the .zip update file and update myself.
My Verizon Galaxy Nexus is dying for the update! Its awesome on my Nexus 7, now I just want it on my phone!
those moaning about verizon gnex, blame them not google for strong arming google into making theirs different
+Alexander Reissig Nope it works. Did it to my Takju Galaxy Nexus last week and it worked. And just did it to my wife's Nexus S 30 minutes ago. Sometimes you have to do it a bunch, but it is definitely confirmed to work.
Should I reset my Nexus to factory data after the update or is it useless? I can't feel all the smoothness you declare in these first minutes..

Anyway, many thanks!!! You just know how to keep your customers satisfied!!!
so the nexus s gets it before my galaxy nexus?
good one
+Nate Blevins , So your saying it works on Nexus S also? dont know. have been doing that whole day and nothing. but i also read you hade to force close aswell before you whiped it
I wish #videotron will get some sweet love soon. ;-)

Personally, I don't care too much, my Nexus S is rooted, but for the average users Jelly Bean is a must.
+Jordan Stock Thanks I did that and checkin succeeded but no updates at all :( went to about to check for updates and still nothing. it says your system is currently up to date.!!!
I also did the Google Services Framework Click clear data trick and nothing!!! not my day maybe...
Chuck D.
Verizon Galaxy Nexus?!!! You need to cut VZW out of the update loop. Just push it!!!
My Nexus One must be next then :-) Just kidding, I know I've been abandoned. If I weren't going to get a Galaxy Note 2 soon I'd be disappointed.
+Derek Davies there is a rooting thing you can do to get JB on nexus one, XDA did it already. (that is if you really want the update)
I have AT&T but I still got OTA update
Nexus one must be the one phone that everyone on XDA been working with. hundreds of good roms for that phone. but still, dident get a lot of love from google
Great, my wife will look forward to the update for Nexus S.
I hope I get my update soon.. I'm still on 4.0.1 with rogers (Galaxy Nexus).. 
+Ricky Pike , arent there any manual downloads for your phone out? should be atleast some out, unless its the same problem for you that you need CWM to install it
Which will update first?  My Verizon Xoom or my Sprint Galaxy Nexus?
+Ricky Pike I am flashed to latest, but canadian carriers are still on the buggy 4.0.1, and show now intention of updating (they also broke the direct from google updates like verison)
+Seth Vidal Nothing. It resets the framework time to search for a current update. Had to do it like 15 times on my wife's Nexus S, but it worked and just updated it about 30 minutes ago. Jellybean is fast on it!
+Alexander Reissig: I didn't need a manual download for my 32 month old Nexus S. Why should I need one for my 8 month old Verizon Galaxy Nexus?
So tempted by Jelly Bean and the Galaxy Nexus but I'm going to have to wait for new Nexus phone hardware before I make the jump.
When will Samsung get thier ass upp and fix Jelly Bean for Nexuses in Sweden? I should not need to root a Galaxy Nexus.... it is a Nexus, damn it.
I'm with +Roland Heimdahl's pathetic.   You buy a phone (Gnexus) branded "Google", bought directly from a store (no carrier lock) and you find out you gotta wait for Samsung to get updates...makes no sense.
Got it on my Nexus S a couple of hours ago... Works like a charm!
Making me wonder why I went with sprint for the Galaxy Nexus. No Signal, No updates :( 
Cant wait til jb gets to razr maxx too!
Whats up with my htc magic?
Lol all of you who are complaining about Google not sending the update. Ask your carriers to stop adding their junk to the update. That's what slows down the update process.
Slow on my Nexus S. Hope it will get better.
You should have all spent the extra cash for an unlocked, Google sold nexus. Not buying it from the carriers
My wife's Nexus S got the update today, my Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.0.2
The JB experience on Nexus S is far from buttery. Also, the notification area seems to jump when you start pulling it down. I got the OTA yesterday but it's a bit disapointing... am i missing something? Is butter working as expected?
why dont people just expect for OTA roms to be bad? they never were good.
I have Nexus S, but it is through Sprint...bummed we will not be getting this update too, especially since these were supposed to get all updates first. At least that is what they (Google) touted and are still touting in their ads. "With this device, users will be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available." :( Isn't this software upgrade now available? Or do they mean when it is available for Sprint? Disheartening...
What about Verizon Gnex? Do you know when, and sad to say, but if it'll get it?
Verizon gnex is not supported by google, dont expect it unless verizon does it.
Of course not on the flagship Nexus phone...Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. 
+heday quniba I think JB has the screen rotation locked by default. Check in your settings if that;s the case.
Yes! What about the Verizon Galaxy Nexus??? That was the first GN and there has been no info on an OTA update. Verizon is ruining the Nexus experience and brand for many users. Too bad Google is unwilling, or unable, to help!!! :( 

Is the update coming to the Wind Mobile nexus s
Grrr, now is not the time to have too low battery... gaaahh.. ='( talk about bad timing! charge charge charge.. come on.. hurry hurry!
+Matt Taylor Can you send a link or something on how you rooted and flashed.  I started but I couldn't using a toolkit because I have Windows 8 and I figured it wasn't compatible.
+Ricky Contreras find a fastboot binary, find the windows samsung adb drivers, plug it in, fastboot oem unlock , fastboot flash recovery  and done...
What about for galaxy s ii jelly bean update?
Got my update this evening. I'm loving JellyBean - insofar as a man /can/ love an OS.
would you two PLEASE explain to me HOW a sgs2 or motorola xn update is related to the NEXUS line?
CM9 vs jelly bean OTA? (On a nexus s)
those jeally beans in there look disgustion
Seriously, dont anyone of you got it yet?
i love jelly beans!
Any eta for jellybean ota for HTC one x in UK t mobile ? (not trying to hijack thread ,just want to know )
So when are the nexus on sprint going to get it
Okay... Time to roll it out to Verizon's Galaxy Nexus. Thank you! 
Great update, loving the speedy UI but only let down by missing the ability to mount usb keys.
I gave up my Nexus S for Nexus Galaxy and Nexus 7. 7 came with 4.1 and the Galaxy Nexus was the first to upgrade to 4.1. It's buttery smooth!!!
Got it on my nexus s and loving it. Go grab it from xda
Amazing update. Best 200 Euros ever spent.
I got the Galaxy Nexus hoping it would stay up to date with the updates but Verizon ruins everything
Do you if Asus TF101 tablet will get jellybean????
Verizon sucks balls. My Galaxy Nexus will never get updated. Google please put a boot in their ass
Josh S
Can you please stop companies skinning! whats the point! I can see why it was necessary years ago because android didn't natively have all the bells and whistles but now its all there and all this skinning by Samsung, HTC and the like just slows the phone down and fragments the market with old OS's.
Verizon says they should be pushing the jelly bean update by January 2013
Don't forget us wannabe's on Sprint.  
Powered up and  ready to go.. =D
Hopefully the AT&T Nexus S is soon to follow!
what about the 1mb update I got, what does it mean?
Got it! Denmark's in the gold zone :-)

Used the Clear Data From Google Services Framework-suggestion. Worked after a few tries for me - my wife's Nexus S was way faster at getting the update, though.
i have been hitting system update on my nexus s tmobile for weeks, lol..just did the apps, framework clear data, did it about 5 times, it worked..jelly bean downloading as we speak....if you read this nexus s owners do it....settings, apps, google frameworks, clear data. then settings about phone, system in northern california, near sacramento.
I'm already Jellybean on my Galaxy Nexus. Gonna turn on my Nexus S and see if it gets the update.
Do I even have to say it? VERIZON!!!!!!!
When would galaxy s2 started the Android Jelly Bean ?
Awaiting update on my i9020 on my nexus s in the UK on o2. Hopefully I'll get it soon!
amg, I just checked for an update on my Fido Nexus S and I got the update! Woo hoo! :D
I bet everyone is so excited for an update they will not get on their Android device.
Mobilicity users in Canada can update too!
Gavin P
Seriously!? Are you taking the piss!? Why hasn't my Galaxy Nexus sim free GSM handset still not got this update? I bought this under the impression I would be first for updates etc.... WTF!?
Sounds to me like all you #CDMA users should take a hint... Verizon will screw you any way possible to make a buck! Just my two cents...
"buttery graphics" ??? this is why iOS better, because it has "bacony graphics"
I just forced my American Nexus S in Germany to update. The performance really seems better.
Just got the update on my T-Mo Nexus S. :D
My OTA update for my Nexus S Build IMM76D wont verify after downloading. Any reason +Nexus ?
Does this mean that the Nexus S 4G on Sprint is coming shortly?
My att Nexus s still hasn't got ics!! Didn't expect "pure Google" to be so bad. The whole purpose of buying the phone is defeated.
Luv this soooo muchie! I'm having a t shirt made of this!
I don't even mind that I don't have it on my Galaxy Nexus yet, just don't go advertising that you have put it out on all these other phones like it's some sort of accomplishment.
I hope +Android sees all the +Verizon Wireless comments and +1's here and decides never again to give the name "Nexus" to a Verizon phone. Shame on you Verizon.
Verizon sucks. Do something Google. NOW!
But what about the chinese android phones? :(
luckily have galaxy nexus, got the update a week ago. :-D
Battery powered up enough, update installed, I'm Jelly Beaned.. woohaa! =D Finally! 
Now installing, then BOOM jellybean on both my Galaxy Nexus & Nexus S :D
Carriers suck at supporting phones, hopefully Google continues selling phones and updates come from them and not the Shitty carriers. For all you out there, look into changing your product ID on your phone so it gets updated right from Google. That or run a custom Rom built from source like AOKP
Why am I on HSDPA: 8 now I've upgraded to jelly bean?
finally, put an end to the wretched lag 
Looks like I'm going back to android... Galaxy nexus here I come... 
Go go Galaxy Nexus LTE Update! Any estimated release date on this?
Please please please someone leak the LTE version of Jelly bean that was sent to Verizon.
Vodafone Australia are claiming Jelly Bean has been halted by the regulators due to an issue with emergency calls. Is there any indication of when the issue will be resolved?
Why no love for the galaxy nexus verizon customers? 
What about galaxy s2 i9100???
What will be K or L or M or N or O or P or Q or R or S or T or U or V or W or X or Y or Z
Got it - been pressing 'update' for 2 days!!  It's so sweet, like a brand new phone. Google Now is amazing, offline typing is brilliant, new notifications are beautiful. Yet to see how battery life is affected.
Jelly bean, jelly bean on its way
Buy a nexus 7 today
Please give me my jelly bean
To try it out I'm very keen!

Jelly bean, jelly bean, its the bomb
Not having it just feels so wrong
Until it gets on to my phone
I'm gonna whinge and whine and groan

Jelly bean, jelly bean, come to me
I'm as eager as can be
So get my nexus 7 here now
Train, boat or truck, I don't care how!
@phillip please let me know how it works out on battery life, which was one of the main reasons I stopped using android in the first place... 
Already rolling in Portugal! Great update! I only wish google search would understand Portuguese...
Please send this to the LG Optimus V!
How about those of us who purchased unlocked phones from Google?
Already get it, really cool! Thank you guys hard work!
Yeah, c'mon Verizon! Hand over Jelly Bean. And while your at it, let us use Google Wallet on your system. Stop blocking innovation. Quit being like Apple!
For those with GSM Nexus devices and are still awaiting the OTA update for your device. Please use the method I posted above. You will get the update, it definitely works!
Vodafone in Australia blocked it. Any idea when this 'emergency phone' problem will be fixed?
Awesome! Loving my #Nexus7, but I'm very excited to compare it to my Xoom with Jelly Bean goodness.
Also, my Galaxy Nexus is an even more amazing experience with Jelly Bean; Thanks, #Google, for such an amazing mobile OS.
Well still trying to get it on my GNex t-mo...been trying the clear data from the framework thing for an hour or so now but still no luck ::cries:: oh well I'll try again later lol
+Miles R. Young Well, I doubt Verizon Galaxy Nexus users will see it soon... I would know since I own one. I certainly don't consider this a Nexus device... It even has two Verizon apps pre-loaded in the OS that I can't remove... AT&T: please add towers in Western NC.
I hate Sprint!! I hate CDMA!! Sprint is definitely going to lose a bunch of customers if the don't get the ball rolling!
Nexus is cute , but I'm very happy with the Galaxy S3. When can we get the update?
When does the Verizon Galaxy Nexus get it?
when will it be available for Samsung Galaxy Ace?
+Brendan Mahon when VZW is damn good and ready for you to have it that's the sucky thing about being on VZW
Got it on my Nexus S about 11:45 AM PDT. Works great!
Is WebGL finally supported?
+Donato Carriero Sto ancora aspettando sul mio nexus s... Glad to hear that from an Italian user. Can't wait any longer...
Yea if your on sprint looks like going to have to wait which sucks when the phone came out Google & Sprint both said first to get updated cuz it was a Nexus device but now we all know it not true! I thought having AOSP support was going to change that but guess not!
Can My sgs2 get this jelly bean..?
My GN recieved the OTA update yesterday, and my friend's GN havent recieved.. Haha. . How Happy
So where is the update for the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint?
I'm hoping this is good news for those of us on Sprint...meaning the wait won't be much longer. ;-)
2 weeks on 4.1.1 on my GNex, lovely!
When will Verizon Galaxy Nexus get Jelly Bean?
It would be nice if we could at least get a definite release date for the 4G even if it were a far away date... All this “no word yet for the nexus s 4g" crap is getting old. We bought the nexus to get the exclusive updates. Period. It's the sole reason a lot of people bought the damn phone. Carrier crap shouldn't matter and if it does, then don't call it a nexus device. Other devices should never see an update before ALL compatible nexus devices have been updated.
Nexus One had Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. The Nexus S had 2.3, 4.0 and 4.1, and I don't think it's gonna get a new one so it's not unfair people are saying. They released 2 updates for those phones, far more than normally from other OEM.
Just got it... loving it so far.  Thank you!!!
I'm betting my Sprint GNex will be the last to get JB (officially) :(
Got it on my HTC desire s already! :D
I have a unlocked Galaxy Nexus yakjuxw and no Jelly Bean yet... :-(
What happened to the Xoom getting it in mid-July?
hey wanna ask you a question plz... how do i chat with ma family  members that i aint friends with or anythin over here?
Quick tip: the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was meant to be rooted...otherwise you will wait..........forever for updates. Fuck Verizons slow ass!
I have a unlocked Nexus S and I'm yet to get the Jelly Bean update, I do not want to root my device but I want the update...but the more I read comments on XDA of how great the OS is i may have to! Hurry Jelly Bean!
atrix+bell  I'm  hoping Canada gets up to par
Just Got notification System update available. Now having Jelly Bean installed quick and easy in my Google Nexus S. Why all the fuss about not getting it?
When it will come for Nexus S in India ?
I just wish my Galaxy Nexus on VZW would get updated, like all of its GSM counterparts.  Why oh why VZW do you have to do things different.
Not sure wot's expected of me yet !
Think I screwed up my nexus phone. GPS is not working. Neither is sync. Anyone that can lend a fellow user a hand?
I just got my galaxy nexus, got the update as soon as I turned on WiFi :)
Looks better, but still laggy. Going back to iPhone now, nexus s was such a disappointment
Just received the OTA upgrade in Hong Kong!
That's awesome I just can't wait verizon galaxy nexus to get jelly bean
Got it in Austin, Texas by clearing App Data from Google Services Framework in the All Apps tab, then checking for updates. Took about 10 tries I think.. thanks for the tip guys! It's installing... and booting with a new boot screen! Good sign....
+Gregory Fonkatz, Nexus S looks better than the iPhone. It's no wonder Apple tried to put a stop to it's release.  Apple's a goner!
What happened to the unique email icons?
Tell me that you love me Google and the others with the GTJ61 (AT&T) build, who technically have no update path from 2.3.4
What difference does the carrier make? Aren't these updates coming from Google?
Have a Samsung galaxy nexus and its running smoothly
Just got my Jelly Bean on my Nexus S!! 
M200 user here any news when?
And yet your most expensive flagship device G nexus LTE is still out dated ... I feel betrayed
I've been running it since Google IO dumps hit the web and its a major step forward with massive scope for further development.

CC: +Nexus +Android +Google Developers - Notifications: use ALL available space, let me respond or mark items read! So much potential.
Thinking to switch to Android. Thinking bout getting me the new GS3.
Q. R
Thank you guys for your great job! It's cool and fascinating! Thanks a lot! :D
Still on 2.3.4 with at&t :(   hope this update comes through unlike ICS
Well now we got Jelly Beans Blackberry Apple Ice Cream Sandwich a ll we need is the other fruit plus maybe Bubble Gum
When is it going to come to the Sprint Nexus S 4G?
FINALLY!! After a few attempts 4.1.1 finally came! Very nice so far!!!
This is awesome. I love it Google... you have done a great job.
but there are some issues with automatic brightness changes and offline voice recognition...........
How about the Verizon galaxy nexus being one of the first for updates?
My Atrix 4G is still waiting for ICS :(
I still haven't gotten Jelly Bean and I own a Galaxy Nexus!
I can vouch for +Nate Blevins method - this works. Keep doing it.  (T-Mobile Nexus S) Took about 15 times.
"Go to "settings>apps>all>Google Services Framework" Click clear data. Then go to "settings>about > check for updates", will show up automatically through that. Keep trying this, as it might take 20 times, but it does work. Just did it to my wife's T-Mobile Nexus S and it works great. Good luck!"
When can we enjoy 4.1 here in Canada and specifically with Telus?
Still waiting for jelly bean on nexus lte.....
So wait. If I buy the phone off the google play store I can use it with t-mobile?
If it's anything like the galaxy nexus, it will be awesome.
Yeah.. posting from my Jelly Bean Nexus S :)
I'm sure Verizon will be last to get it since we just got ice cream sandwich for the razr
i have a motorola bionic on verizon hope i get it to.
Move over mickeysoft.  Android is taking over. 
Im still stuck with Ginger Bread on my at&t Nexus S. Anyone know if i need ICS before updating to JellyBean or can i just make the transition as is?
Please tell me when you bring jelly bean to other platforms, you'll address the issue of not being able to manually move apps to sd card, saving me some much needed internal storage space!
Great news... Though have you sorted out Australian emergency requirements to be able to roll it out here in OZ?
How about the Verizon Galaxy Nexus!
What's the issue with Verizon not getting it?
How about Galaxy S3? When will Jelly Bean updates be available?
Samsung should start this in about 8 to 10 months?
Will this fix the freezing and automatic shut off of the galaxy nexus??
When will it roll out on Verizon Galaxy Nexus ?!?!!??!
What about Verizon!!!!!!
Voice recognition is fast, notifications are super, and that Butter UI is melting all over my face. Looking forward to Now learning about me before it becomes self aware
When is Verizon's nexus getting 4.1 ota update
We won't get Jelly Bean on the Verizon Gnex until Verizon approves the update. Who knows when that'll be. +1 Google as a wireless carrier. +Brien Gerber 
Just got the update up here in Canada (Wind Mobile). Thanks Google! Had to try it a couple of times.
+Gaith Bader do you know what the specific problem with emergency calls in Australia is supposed to be? I have an Australian Galaxy Nexus flashed to the stock yakju image and it upgraded OTA to 4.1.1 last weekend; it seems to have the same emergency call functionality that ICS had.
Dave C
It's working great on the GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.  Thanks!
jelly bean! what happened to ice cream sandwich?
I say if Verizon does not give it us with in next 48hr we should all cancel them and go elsewhere!!!!!!!
Well I'm glad that the Nexus S is getting upgraded.  Meanwhile my Galaxy Nexus (you know the newer one!)  still has yet to receive an upgrade.  
Any word on 4.1 rolling out for sprint nexus s ???
Zach G.
Will non nexus users get jellybean? Im currently using the droid bionic.
Verizon forced my hand. Didn't feel like waiting for 5 months for an update on my so-called Nexus so I chopped off its chains and rooted!
How about kicking Verizon into gear for the Galaxy nexus... a 1.5 year old phone gets it before us, should have stayed with the nexus s... #Verizon Wireless
Getting tired of my slower than a snail iPhone!!!! Want to give me one of these to test out? 
What about our Galaxy Tabs? Is there an official upgrade to something better such as ice cream sandwich?
I should have been specific: Nexus S 4G on Sprint :)
Already got it.. This is awesome Google.
And stop trolling. This post is about Nexus S. If you don't have one, stop hijacking the post. Thanks!
How bout fixing my frikin volume issue on my galaxy nexus.
What about the motorola xoom man ? Anticipation is killing me !
wow......wat a phone...amazed about the jelly bean.........superb demonstration at google india
How bout an update an update to the "flagship device" my verizon galaxy nexus?
Yeah an update woud be nice for my Bell Canada Galaxy Nexus..sigh im routing it, first upgrade to ICS 4.04 then onto Jellbean 4.1 to sync nice with my nexus 7
I agree with most of the comments above...  I assumed my Verizon G*Nexus would always near the front of the line for updates and that getting a Nexus meant we would not be held hostage by Verizon.  Guess I learned my lesson.
Nexus S AT&T (i9020A) on ICS 4.0.4 in Australia.
I should be scheduled to get JB update with fellow Americans right?
Still waiting. Tried resetting framework. Tried checkin
I don't know how many times I've done the framework since 7/12. Nothing yet on my Sprint GNexus. Oh well, its Friday.
canada GNexus no jelly bean yet? :(
I have a T-Mobile galaxy s2....I want it for my phone. Email me if you know how to get it.
Will I be able to get it on my galaxy s blaze 4g on T-Mobile
Please fix the auto brightness on the nexus 7. Using it in the dark causes the screen to stay dark and it acts like its powered off.
Geno G
I love mine!
When did the term "buttery" start getting used everywhere?
Buttery was used on Google IO 2012 to describe jellybeans smoothness...check it out on youtube
Can jelly bean can be uploaded with HTC desire C
Samsung galaxy s3?
where does one find a good collection of disney junior videos to download. The Google Play collection won't last long enough with my 4yr old.
Is Nexus 7 compatible with Hulu +, amazon, itunes for downloads.
I've samsung galaxy note n7000 whats abt it
Pretty please leak a Verizon Galaxy Nexus update file!
So let me get this straight, Nexus S (a device that is over a year old) gets the latest update before the Galaxy Nexus?  I want my contract to be up already!!! #verizonsucks
Umm.. Daniel if ur referring to jb on verizons galaxy nexus its already here.
I am really sick of seeing photos of android. very sick of it. 
Any OS Upgrade news for samsung galaxy ace plus?
...waiting for nexus s here in the Philippines
Hopefully soon for opt us in Australia
bob kim
where can you get it
When are we going to see it on HTC phones? Amaze 4G next, please!
I find it amazing how Google is an U.S. Business an things always have to release overseas first...gee thanks for showing your appreciation!
Works just fine on my nexus s. I only wish they would include face unlock...
What about an unlocked #NexusS  in India? When will I receive the OTA. Checked just now & phone says it's up-to-date with version 4.0.4.
How long until sprint gets the update?  I have the old Nexus S
With Fido (Canada) still on miserable 4.0.2...
Will I still be able to receive the update if I've unlocked my Nexus? I'm still running on build IMM76K. 
when I9250JPLE1  build will get JB update....................? anyone with  JPLE1 got any update?
Still no luck whatsoever on Telus; done the framework trick with and without sim card and even a factory reset advised by Samsung via Telus 2nd level support (which did fish out a few new updates).  Is there a log anywhere on the phone that would tell me why JB update not coming to my phone?
Will it be possible to switch to a real Linux and run #Plasma3 on it?
The Nexus has the right price tag, but I have seen Android on my wives table and I have to say I wasn't impressed with 4.0.
Nexus Root Toolkit needed to get my Telus i9020a to factory image. Will we ever get 4.2 on nexus S? Anyway will likely be getting N 7 and using S to connect to cellular 
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