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Nexus 4 is now back in stock in the UK. Get the new smartphone from Google today:
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Nice but I'm waiting for number 5, rumour has it it has a Nikon camera inside ;)
hahahaha... I think that boat has sailed.
+Peter Scharff By Nikon, you mean a Sony sensor? Sony makes the sensors in Nikon cameras. The Nexus 4 has a Sony BSI sensor. So, if you want, you could say the N4 has a Nikon camera inside.
I have it. I love it. I need it. As soon as the 5's out it'll be in my hands, unless the X Phone doesn't persuade me otherwise or if you don't have another set of delays like this time...
In czech republic, we are still waiting google !
That is very true +Barney Doan, Sony do make most of their sensors, they make very few themselves....
Got one had it since November top phone stopped me using my ip5
These nexus 5 rumors are sooo stupid... There won't be a nexus 5 soon...
Had it since day one. Do not like it at all. Can't wait to give it to the wife and buy something else here in two or three weeks. So long Nexus. I'll never buy another one.
Jim Lee
I love it .. perfect and intuitive.. 
Queria eu conseguir comprar aqui do Brasil... :/
at this pace new nexus will be out by the time nexus 4 will be available in czech republic (and other countries)
please make nexus hardware available over google play in austria!
Sold mine 16GB, great device, love the pure android OS but biggest problem is the battery life, not good at all 
Battery life poor... Try juice defender
What about Italy? I love nexus 4 but where I live Play Store devices isn't avaible... I hope that one day the desire of all of us Italians to have the same services that are available in other countries will come true
Matt S
+Mark Long care to elaborate? Most of the people dislike something because thing they want to do is not being accomplished the way they want 
Ordered my Nexus 4 a few days ago and its pretty good.  The only big let down with it is the camera.  8MP.  I had an iPhone 5 before hand and the nexus camera doesnt even come close to the quality that the iPhone 5 spat out.  Hopfully the rumours are true and they are working on a Nexus 5 with a fucking sweet camera, but this one sucks. Sorry Google.  You do have my heard but start getting your colab peeps to make better shit. 
+Anto Robertson Try a different camera app such as Camera360 Ultimate esp with stabilizer mode. It improves things a bit, but I agree camera and speakers should be improved
+Anto Robertson This is made by LG for Google LG is not "up there" on the list of hardware makers who make quality hardware, based on my personal experience.  Your results may vary.  
Just ordered one as a temp phone, as my Samsung Galaxy S3 succumbed to the "Sudden Death" bug. We'll see which one becomes my "daily driver" when the GS3 returns from repair/motherboard replacement. Gotta say I'm looking forward to trying a pure-Google Android experience, as the Samsung apps just get in my way.
+Nexus When on earth are UK getting the charging orb?? Come on already, its been available in US for weeks now!
you'll get that when italy'll get nexus 4. so neverever
I have the nexus S. Love it, however it's really slow now. Sometimes it grinds to a complete standstill. Looking to get the Nexus 4 but the price here in Sweden is insane. Would love to see Google sell it themselves here too. But as i really need a new phone I guess I have to cough up the amount asked. But seeing the price in the US and UK and then compare it to what we pay in the rest of Europe is depressing. 
Sorry. Tired of months waiting. I've got a Galaxy Note 2 instead. Really love the stylus and the screen size. It's the ideal size that makes my Nexus 7 now hardly used. Yes Google bring out Nexus Note please. 
+Stephen Allen weird.. never seen any of these issues.. perhaps try disabling backup / restore this device in settings.. Maybe something is restoring the settings when it shouldn't be.
what price? At first LG wanted google to sell it 599€
I might get the next one if they can supply it this time. But sorry, given the choice of tech out there, I won't wait months for it.
How about guaranteed delivery date or a free phone? If it's good enough for pizza delivery...
+Daniel Smith I do know that. But instead of ticking off the rest of the world, they could instead sell it for the same asking price all over. But that is my opinion. 
How much does it cost to repair the rear class after I break it?
1-2 movies, 2-3 larger games, some music, some photos, the standard bunch of apps ... and 16GB is gone.

+Peter Scharff I have not rooted it, but I'm considering doing so. But also considering getting the Nexus 4 despite the price as I have had my Nexus S for 2 years now. Its an awesome phone, but its showing its age.
No, i have lots of series films and music and have 5GB free
Question anybody who owns a Nexus 4 have an issue with the AUX volume it's to low? 
Evris K
Already ordered 2 of them. It's nice having friends in different countries heh
A bit late, don't you think, given the next Nexus model is a little over a month away?
To late. I want NEXUS 5!
Aaron G
Had mine since launch!! LOVE IT!!!! 
When comes Google Play to Argentina? I want to buy books and music, and even a new Nexus...
The supply problem is still present? Wow.
I want to have it but ican not buy 
I just bought it. Fantastic 
Evris K
too much rumours next android and nexus are some months away. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Same rumours mentioned eye scrolling and 3100mah battery on GS4 but was wrong,
Aaaaand sold out again. Lol. J/k
+Sola Veritate well yeah thats gonna happen with most phones switch to stamina mode and i get two days on 3g/wifi always synced
Yeah but I get 7 hours screen time simply because I can and did replace my s3 battery with a 4600mwh.
6 days if I do the same as you.
Just because I could replace the battery. 
When is it going to be available in Norway ?
When will it be available in New Zealand!!!??? I'm sick with only-apple store here!!
+Sola Veritate touche' on the battery point tis annoying but I swapped my S3 for it and don't regret it, the first phone to impress me since the Desire and saame goes for the S2, not very interesting phones, the Xperia Z however is class.
Holding out for an announcement at Google I/O in May... please bring me the Nexus 5!
The Nexus 4 was available since early February in the UK....Google you surely lagg behind everything. 
I was waiting to get a nexus 4 .. and now galaxy s4 comes out .. what to do what to do? :P
The bumper is back in stock aswell. Shame I've just bought one off eBay for an extra £13
I live in the Bahamas and just got mines 2 weeks ago back order from end of last year but it was worth the wait I am LOVING IT!!! and it's great as not tied to a plan and unlocked.
Great phone!! I have a Nexus 4 and its powefull and cool!!
4 score and 7 years from now, the Nexus 4 will also be back in stock in the remaining OECD.
the best smartphone I ever have.
Which headphones with mic best for nexus 4?
I got mime yesterday. Just had a Galaxy Nexus. So far I loving it and no issues to speak of. Other than it is wicked zippy the screen is awesome and the speaker I actually find pretty decent. My wife has the iPhone 5. Every time I use it I want to throw it in a 
Got my phone... love my phone! 
한국 출시만을 손꼽아 기다리고 있습니다.
I'm just waiting for Korean release. 
Does not look to be any chance of this coming to India in the near future :'(
Too late? We all now got Note II, S3, Xperia Z, HTC ONE.
K Yan
i really like the felling of glass 
Not a problem waiting for the Nexus 5. I'm still enjoying my N4. Nice having the best.
Those that complain about battery life are doing it wrong, my n4 is outperforming my old s2 by a mile, and I'm not running any bs task killers or juice saver nonsense. 
I still need a official bumper. Hopefully can get one soon.

Any chance for Google/LG to expand sales of the bumper to normal shops outside of Play Store in the net?
Back to the original point of the post, it's been in stock for ages now, weird post awesome phone. 
I've just got one of these for my birthday. It's a great phone.
I haven't seen any bumpers in sale in Finland yet. Hopefully some brick&mortar shops would get the official ones at some point. Otherwise I will have to ask one friend to send one from Spain.
UGGGGH!!! Can someone, ANYONE tell me how to add another screen to the 5 on my Nexus 4? It's making nuts that I can't figure out how to add an additional screen.
+Mercedes Keyes probably best to install nova launcher or something similar, then you can customise many aspects of the standard offering, such is the reason we have android :-) 
All we need is the wireless charger now then.
"Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet." :/
What about getting the device store to Denmark, so we don't have to pay those crazy prices for Google Devices. 
you guys will never consider issuing nexus in china. huh.
ordered mine monday on UK playstore, status still says pre ordered
+Peter Liu As long as China is blocking Google services this will be pure fantasy. No Google Play store to sell a Nexus through, no official support for Google apps. That's enough to kill the Nexus concept and I wouldn't blame Google for this to be honest. 
So sad google still can't get a phone that is now about to be a complete generation behind in just ain't what it used to be. So many other great options on the horizon.. And that is why android is great! It can be frustrating, but I love the pace of innovation. 
bring on the Nexus 4 II already. Hmmm looks like 411? thats not going to work. 
It would be cool if they fixed the wifi issues (or connectivity issues in general) in 4.2 at some point during their big push to get their signature Android 4 device out the door.
Jens M.
I wish the next producer is HTC, their beats speakers are amazing!
Thanks to Google for delivering my Nexus 4 in 24 hours last week.
Yes 16gb. I was surprised that I got it that fast. 
The Nexus 5 better be good, I'm seriously considering the S4 or the unannounced Note3 as my next phone.
Please, when it's gonna be available in Venezuela :(
I had to order one from the US and have family bring it to SA, sadly SA do not get google play for the nexus devices at all, and anywhere local is double the price. I look forward to having mine, which gets here May.
Any one getting S4....mega Memory..replacement battory.....
the front and back glass of nexus4 is too fragile, plus, the camera is still too weak, so i decide to wait for nexus5 or whatever google guys call the 5th generation of nexus phone. hopefully the rumor that nexus5 will come with a better nikon-powered camera will be true.
I love my nexus 4 .of coarse its Fragile like any other glas display, but the software is running stable, updates go so easy, like a osx desktop. No troubles at all, perfect for business, and no power problems with hires games. 
Anything new about a white edition of the Nexus 4?
there won't be any white version of nexus4, guarrenteed. as for nexus5, we'll see.
cause nexus 5 is scheduled to be unveiled by the 2nd half of this year, in other words, nexus 4 is reaching the end of its life cycle. if google had planned a white version, we should have seen it already.
renato, you need to find a us-based transportation company, which deliver package from the us to ecuador
I love my nexus 4. Getting impatient waiting for the orb though. Come on Google pull your finger out!
If you are ordering a nexus 4, try ordering the bumper as well with it. It is worth it, protects scratches on the back and also gives the phone some protection if you drop the phone.
+Alvin Liao I have it in Florida, the problem is that from Ecuador I can`t buy the Nexus 4 by "Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."
+Renato Pachano You can buy from USA Google store using a public proxy. Now that might be a little tricky.
I´m thinking about buying Nexus 4 from ebay. I want an unused one. Is it good choice or I should buy it from a store in CZ? 
when are you going to bring it in italy?? I know plenty of people who would be very happy to buy it
When coming in Pakistan ?

Anyone know how the returns policy works? I saw that the money is returned to Google wallet if you wish to return it within 15 days but from there can it be placed back onto the credit/debit card or trapped in wallet?
+Simon Weston If you paid with your credit/debit card it should be credited back to the credit/debit card, not trapped in wallet.
+Fazle Arefin Great, thanks. Was a little confused with the "Google will issue a refund in your Google Wallet account as soon as possible but not later than 30 days"
I would but i kinda have no phone after smashing my htc last night. The reason I ask is because i'm thinking of getting the Nexus 4, Just not sure if to stretch the budget and get the 16gb or make do with the 8gb :)
+Simon Weston For the price N4 is the best gadget I ever bought. I would go for the 16GB. 8GB gives you about 5.6GB of free space. Make sure you get the bumper as well, the back glass isn't so tough.
I went for the galaxy nexus, I know it's a lil old but it's still a good phone and I got a 16gb for £168. Budget eh
+Simon Weston I'm curious, how does the phone perform? I am looking for a Nexus phone and i'm not sure if the Nexus 4 is much different from the Galaxy Nexus, they are still both great phones of course.
I love the phone, i played with the nexus 4 in a store and it's great and all but I'm on a tight budget and the galaxy was a lot cheaper, great screen and 16gb. It's not a quad core but runs fast and has the latest software. I've been using a HTC desire HD which was awesome and it pretty much did everything I wanted, just didn't survive the last drop. I'd say if you can really afford the N4 get it (Or the HTC one), but for me the galaxy is still a great phone and £120 cheaper for the 16GB version. The other thing you have to think about is if LTE is something you're gonna need in the next year or two? Neither has it but for me the tariffs are too high atm
Well LTE doesn't really matter when you're in the UK :P
Raw M
Wow wirklich super nexus4..Ich bin zufrieden mit dem :)
I want a 8 inch nexus 8
In my country, nexus is a rare item and I have one :D
When It officially coming to India? or we can expect skip this and start  with Nexus 5 very first time?
When can we expect NEXUS 4 in India ??????? will it officially release ??!!
might buy one i just want to ask if they have a root warranty
#Nexus   i will buy this phone for sure, if was available in Portugal !  
Not heard good things spec better for damaging phone but has there mods on it and junk software... looks like another phone not coming out and this one does not have enough memory
+Nexus my nexus 4 has stopped working and i don't know why, so is there a tech support ? if there is how can i reach to them?
+Nexus I recently bought a new nexus 4. After a week, I realised that my wifi is not working properly when the device is operating on deep sleep. I searched the internets and as it turns out, this is a common problem shared by many nexus 4 devices. I waited for the 4.3 update to see if the problem goes away, but nothing... There is a guy that has made a fix, but I don't want to root my phone and install a random script... What do you suggest? I'm pretty disappointed by this...
Hey guys,
this is the worst cell phone in 21 century,
last night, it dropped from my bed to the floor (hardwood) from 1 foot height and both screen and back broken at the same time and i can not do anything with it :(((((
can you believe it????
i could not find any part for it and there is no where to fix it.
do not buy this phone......
Iphone 4, not 4S,that i had before, is much much better than this,
dont waste your money,
Still waiting for it (bought it the 28th of august) and no one is able to give me explanations. Thanks Google.

Really disappointed of my nexus 4. Have it for 7 months and during this months got lot of problems: with the video calls, overheating when using my phone for casual things, camera problem, battery problem (happened 2 times when my phone just run out of battery in 4 hours without using it), no more pop-up notifications for  hangout after updating it, and lot more. No more nexus after this experience!
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