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Introducing #Nexus9: the new tablet from Google designed for work, play and everything in between.
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Wow, finally. Nexus 6 looks really good
Fantastic look and perfect dimensions! Well done!
Can't.... Resist..... Must.... Put wallet.... Away..... Gahhh
Anxiously awaiting pricing on the device and keyboard cover.
+Oliver Stahl Not quite QHD but still very good. Also should be easier to use in either layout now that it's a 4:3 ratio. 
How much is 32 GB model
Not a fan of the 4:3 aspect ratio at all.. but otherwise, nice job!  VERY glad to see front-facing speakers, FINALLY!
Bob B
Wonder what the reasoning behind the 4:3 ratio on the N9 was?   Kinda bummed about that.  
+Bob B 4:3 in most tasks is far more usable than 16:9. If you are primarily watching movies than yes 16:9 is great but that's not the case for me. 
+Dan Ramos +Bob B I bet it's to make it more "work friendly". The main draw of 16x9 on a tablet is watching movies, I think, and they're not making that the primary focus. Then again, most computer screens these days are 16x9 and we manage just fine doing work on them. Oh well. I'm fine with 4x3.
+Nate Woodward As someone who works, I'm not sure I can agree that 4:3 is more "work friendly" but that's not to say that wasn't a good guess at their reasoning.
Nothing to complain about this looks marvelous! Will be buying one this year.

Seems just right!
+Nate Woodward On a computer screen, any resolution you make due with, it's a different story completely when that display has to lay in your hands and isn't in a fixed position like that computer display. Trying to do anything useful in portrait mode on a 16:9 device is not much fun. 
If you do not ask, how does one ascertain whether or not they can afford it.  YOUR STATEMENT IS INVALID!
I'm getting nexus 9! I'm goona keep my HTC One m8 play edition for a couple of months.
wowo yo lo  quiero...vamos lo necesito
Can't wait to replace my first gen iPad with this. Going to be a huge upgrade for me, and a great compliment to my HTC One.
4:3 will not be an issue in my case. 
I'd love to see a device that includes a webcam so that I can use hangouts in my living room to chat to family/friends. Yes, I do understand that my mileage will vary in terms of audio quality, sound feedback issues etc - but if you can do this for corporate at $1000+ why can't you implement a cheaper 720p version for consumers?! It's can't be that difficult! And you'll have MASS adoption instead of a limited pool in commercial environments. Sigh.
And the Nexus Player? Will it coexist with the Chromecast?
+Mike Hamm It has a front facing camera, as does pretty much everything nowadays... 
Nikos K
Now bring devices availability to Greece.
Wow, it looks incredible.... From the OS to the hardware....
Can someone explain to me what 4:3 aspect ratio means for this device? I here some people complaining about it not being 16:9 , Is it not changeable on the movie player on the tablet?
+Tech Evans It's a matter of personal preference, most videos are in 16:9 ratio and as 4:3 is just 16:9 but higher, you'll just have a black bar on the top and bottom. I don't really care.
I think the jump from $479 to $599 is a bit big just to add LTE to the 32GB version. The 32GB Nvidia Shield LTE version is $399. Will be worth comparing these two. 
+WOLF LΔMBERT So does that mean only videos in 4:3 will fit the whole screen of this tablet? 
I'm looking forward to this more than the Nexus 6. Idk if that's good or bad. 
+James Pearson I realize it has a front facing camera, I'm not criticizing the device, I'm hoping for a feature request! I currently use a PC & webcam to do hangouts via the TV (40") - just makes for an amazing experience that tablets & phones can't compete with, particularly when chatting to family. Thus the request - slap a webcam on an Asus Google TV box and you're off to the races! I'm just suggesting they package it in a complete unit so that consumers don't struggle with gear that doesn't play well together. K.I.S.S and they will come..
Andy L.
Being able to set up your new android device by just one touch with NFC to your old device is totally badass....
Any proof to the rumor that it will have SD card support?
Time put my two old nexus 7 2012 up on Craigslist and get this bad boy
Was waiting it for so long ... This one's for me !! 
I sincerely hope this doesn't turn into a Brick like Nexus 7 version 2012😊
Perrona! Pero debo controlar mis impulsos de gastar jajaja
The front speakers, that's genius
I'm getting it take my Xmas money now !!! 
The price starts with 399USD
No 64 gb option
I'll have the 64GB model, thank you. 

But seriously... you release a 64GB phone, but a 16/32GB tablet? Come on...
That things got nothin, NOTHIN! On the iPad mini
not having an SD card slot is ridiculous. I'm a heavy Android user and cheerleader for them, always debating my apple nemeses about android superiority because of its customizability. Lack of SD slot really puts a kink in my argument.
From what I'v read there is no SD slot. With only 32GB and no higher options that is pretty lame.
phone too big and tablet too small, this is my nexus-year! :-/
Now I know for sure that my next phone will NOT be a nexus!
Far to expensive Nexus has lost me as a customer
where is powerful nexus 9 or ipad air????
i know google launch a phone and tablet once a year
I don't understand, should't a tablet a more powerful and useful device for work and play? 32gb and 2gm ram? 
I still like my Nexus 10 
Google sabe como hacerme poner ansiosooo
wacom stylus perhaps? I mean, if we want to push the envelope here we need to do something more than "prettier, faster, bigger, new OS". I've tried on multiple occasions to take notes (mindmaps, diagrams, drawings, text, etc) with a standard stylus and it leaves me wanting my moleskine notebook and pencil or whiteboard and marker.
I've a question. Will Nexus 9 support wireless charging with Qi technology?
Nevertheless I just pre-ordered it on I am quite excited holding this great tab in my hands and use it.
By the way: When will the keyboard extension be started distributing?
#Nexus #Nexus9 #Android
What time does the nexus 9 go on pre order tomorrow?
So disappointed with the lack of storage on the 9. 32GB is not enough. I really wanted this, but my 3 year old HP Touchpad has 32GB of storage and it's not enough anymore.

And if I did buy the 32GB, my luck would be Google would announce a 64GB version early next year.
+Kyle Sampson I wish I knew. It is available now on Amazon preorder, but I would rather buy on the Google Play Store.
what is the background music?
Okay... you can start the pre-order now. It's the day. C'mon...
waiting also, f5 button has died
... only 5h left of the 17th... Google really don't do 'international' well :P
Waited, waited, and waited and they want $600 for LTE.  No thank you.
Wow... no SD support... still?!
I was waiting for this, and it has SO MANY AWESOME FEATURES, but lack of SD support kills my interest... :\
Por fin una tablet con buena resolución!!! Lo malo q siguen sin tener slot para sd...
please add TD-LTE band38、39、40
64gb like the nexus 6 would be nice...
For movers, ha! Unless they carry a diesel generator with them to recharge the battery. What a miserable battery performance!!
+Oscar Garcia - Hello, does the battery really die out too soon on nexus 9? No where near the 9.5 hrs battery life giogle claims is it? Hw much hrs of usage do we really get? 
+Aravind G I got less than 5 hours browsing. I suggest you to wait. Some people claims that is a chrome issue.
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