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Starting today, the Nexus 7 Case (2013) is available on +Google Play  in the US. Custom-molded to protect your Nexus 7 (2013), with a microsuede cover and built-in stand. Choose from four colors.
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Im deutschen Play Store steht immerhin "Bald verfügbar", es ist allerdings nur die schwarze Version gelistet...
It says in the headline "Starting today, the Nexus 7 Case (2013) is available on +Google Play  in the US"
Those aren't exactly the most attractive shades of their respective colours...
Didn't take people long to moan about the price did it.
I'd wait for Poetic to make a case for the 2013 N7 (if they haven't already) before getting this.  My 2012 N7 in Poetic slim case cost about $12, better color options and multiple stand angles.
Nice looking case ... O well, already bought a Portenzo case. 
It's a little pricy... But I may still get it anyway. Lol. Yeah I have no willpower. (It's $50 +Marcel Hilzinger BTW)
that looks really good, but 50 bucks?! i'm already scrimping and saving for the tablet itself
But would it fit on my Nexus 7 (2012)?
+Skipper Kagamaster I will be so happy when something interesting will be released only in Europe and US folks will be starting to whine too and begin to realize how the RoW feels. Replace Europe with anything else for infinite rage. 
When is it available in Canada?
+Skipper Kagamaster don't be so mindlessly ethnocentric! They obviously are not tagging because they didn't notice the "US" in the original post.

They are clearly tagging it because they are sick and tired of Google releasing products and services that are only available in the US.

There is the dubious excuse in some cases such as licencing, for media for instance. But no excuse for things like this. They even have a licensed store that ships merchandise globally ( why not at least release stuff through them?

It's just irritating. But frankly, worst are the many free web services that Google provide only in the US. The ROTW generate over half Google's income to pay for these services, but almost none of it benefits from it. So yes, you might be alright, jack, but this is a legitimate issue for others.
Oh good, I'm still not allowed to look at it from Norway. #bah
Starting today it's available in the U.S. whence no access elsewhere people!! 
All right, I live in the US and I can order one.
Here in Middle East i can't buy any nexus device ..And this's really so bad for you guys.
It surprises me how it surprises all you people that a US based company is doing a US based launch. They more than likely have a small supply or are testing the market. Not everything all the time has to be a world wide launch... especially cases... #WTFreally  
With +Levi Wilcox on this. US company launching in the US first....funny that!! Get a grip people! For cases etc, it won't take long for a further roll out. #patience
So is this just a case or is it a smart cover (one that wakes your device from sleep when you open it).  The Poetic Slimline case which is very similar and about 3 times cheaper is a fantastic smart cover.  I can't see paying $50 bucks for this one is it is just  a case.  Does anyone know?
nice, just too little too late.  Since the device is already several months old, kind of already got a case....
+Raffaele Procentese there already are. The U.S. can't access certain BBC players or content. Plus certain music service companies (similar to spotify) are UK or EU only.
There are things called trade agreements, regulations, etc. Many of which affect companies located outside of that country, while companies based inside that country are more easily to take their products to market in that country.
Is Google was EU based, the situation would be reversed.

But believe me, they would love to sell you those products & make more profit. So its not some grand conspiracy. Its obstacles, and logistics of suppliers who service those countries. And even ISP or carrier companies can create obstacles for web services.
Does this one actually fit? I know a pot of people had issues with the one on Amazon.
how about making it available in Canada?
My moko case that I bought for $9.99 US off of amazon is really great for the price.
+Mickey O' Sween believe me, I don't think it's some sort of conspiracy or anything, I'm just saying people complaining are not to be pointed out as something abnormal. I mean, whoever could be in their shoes would understand how they feel and why they're doing that.

Marketing is something that requires interest; it's the only way you can get something out of it as interest generally means more profit, and that's exactly why people complain. It's their way to show their interest.

It's their way to get the company's attention. 
No new Nexus accessories until the new nexus arrives
I got the roocase origami slim shell folio case cover 5 bucks and I am from the Trinidad(Caribbean) for the n7 2 
Wait a minute this isn't the apple Store....? Lol I got a much better case on Amazon for a lot less. 
+Juan Sanchez Agreed, the price seems steep, but how do you know if this will be worse or better than whatever you find on Amazon?
what is the price of the black case?
That is crazy expensive! Not cool. 
+Jens Knutson for my use of the device and for what ever I would need it for got a 5 starts in all. 
Oh no how will I ever buy an item for $50 its too much 
I don't get all the hate for those of us who think $50 is exorbitant.

One of the best parts of the Nexus 7 is its bang-for-the-buck. In fact, I bought a used, perfect-shape 32 GB WiFi N7 2013 for $170.

Why in the world would I want to buy a case that's almost 1/3 the price of the tablet (or ~20% the cost of the full retail)?? 

I paid well under $20 each for Moko cases for both my N10 and previous N7 and they work very well. I just choose not to pay $30 for a little Google flag. 
So I ask again, Is this just a case to cover your N7 with, or is it a smart cover which wakes the device from sleep when you open it?
Wow. +Nexus +Google Can you please get your physical fulfillment together? You screw it up every time. I went to order it. Finished up everything including the billing part, then I get a nice "an error occurred" message. But, the URL has an order number in it. I wait 5 minutes for an email confirmation. None comes in. So I open a new tab and go to the Play store again. It says I still have the item in my cart. So I order it. Then I get two emails saying I have two orders. I put ONE item in my cart. ONE. How can that one item become two? Don't show "error occurred" messages if no error happened. And stop lying about the shipping date. I am still looking at where it says "ships by October 9, 2013". But when I go to "My Orders" - it says ships by October 11, 2013. These two web pages were seconds apart. Argh! You guys are terrible at this.
Can't wait to get that case and root it.
$50 is only about $25 too much...cmon +Nexus they aren't worth that! There are too many alternatives out there that are probably just as good for less than half the price.
This is EXACTLY what I wanted for the first gen Nexus. I spent 80 (but it's made from solid wood), so this seems reasonable. Good job actually making a good case, Google =D
What about those of us who paid for a Nexus 10 a while back? No dock..., no sweet case..., no love.

Maybe people outside the US aren't worth as many targeted advertisent dollars?
Maybe people outside the US aren't worth as many targeted advertisent dollars?
I got the moko case... MUCH better and has the the magnetic sleep/wake. Too late, too expensive with this one, Google.
Also, quit fartin' around and fix your bluetooth+wifi interference bug.
$50?! perfectly happy with my Poetic Slimline thank you!! :) 
Fix the touchscreen bugs, and I'll be more than happy to buy it.
And what- us Nexus10 peeps had to wait like 10 months for 1 SCREEN COVER to come out!!!
is it even necessary to mention "in the US" because nothing ever comes to Europe, or anywhere else for that matter :(
I saw this earlier while i was checking out the new HP Chromebook 11- excited about the N7 cover, I'll probably get one!
Nice case.. That is until you see the price tag -.-
I would buy this in a second if it were $24.99. $49.99 for a case is outrageous. #comeongoogle 
i don't understand why google can't make its products available all over the world (
I realize it's expensive, but the colors look great. It looks like a high quality case and its worth its price. I ordered one. (It still should have been cheaper though +Nexus )
Why would I get $50 case on a tablet that costs $230-$270, a bit expensive, people love nexus cause its cheap and has the latest specs tho, why would people get that if there are cheaper and better on amazon or any other store.
hope, i can buy all nexus device at play store indonesia :(
If all you no access people want one, send me the price plus shipping to your country and I will send it to you. Still interested?
How difficult is it to accept a credit card payment from anywhere in the world? How difficult is it to ship a package anywhere in the world? Why Google, why?
Return it. I'm on my third device. This one seems ok. Google nexus 7 random resets and you'll find many customers being affected by this malfunction.
I love my Poetic case which is only $13 from Amazon:

$50 for a case for a $230 tablet is insane...seriously.  Especially for what looks like a mediocre design...the ugly flap in the back to hold the case?  Those are the ugly cases you can buy on eBay for next to nothing...and then just glue on the Google colored tab.  I like Google, but they always seem to drop the ball with accessories.
Great, but we want it in Europe too (Romania). Maybe you can help us with an eBay or Amazon listing. 
What is the current price for that case ?
It's a suede case with a hard plastic back and looks like good quality with an attractive appearance. If $50 is too much for you, buy a rubber / plastic cover off eBay for $10-$20. Having bought the 4G model in Australia for $450, $50 is a worthwhile investment for a top quality case.
What kind of case Crack are they smoking?  $50 for a case?  That's just STOOPID!  And it probably doesn't even have magnets for the auto on/off.
It doesn't have the automatic on and off response I think. Waste of money. 
What a rip off price compared to the vast number of perfectly nice cases on eBay with free delivery, got a nice thin leather look one with magnetic on off ability for about $15us,
In the US. Always the frickin US. I'll be a Nexus fan when I can buy them easily in my country. 
So when you guys are done bitching about price and availability, do any of you know if this is a smart cover that wakes the device from sleeping when opened, or is it just a case? 
For $50, this thing should be leather.
Today start I am very happy,I like that your heart very kind.
Seeing that no one here seemed to know, I took the liberty of calling Google directly and inquiring about the covers.  It turns out that these are nothing more than protective covers.  THESE ARE NOT SMART COVERS, and they will NOT wake your device from sleep when you open the lid.  To wake the device you will still have to press the power button.

Also, these lack a magnetic lock for the lid.

IMHO, as good looking as they are, that makes the Poetic Slimline and the Moko cases look even better by comparison.  Oh well.
Is there a reason the nexus 7 is $70 more in Australia. This doesn't happen with the Nexus 10.
Again with the bullshit us only. This is why I'm going to get an iPhone. 
What about rest of the world. When will nexus 7 be available for other country? 
"Google Play is not available in your country yet"

The "Fun" part is that google Music is available now but noone wants nor uses it. But the hardware is in high demand but is not available.... Sigh.
Otter box defender is the greatest
Has anyone done a Review of the product in India
Not as sure of price yet on the nexus 7 case, but I scored the NEXUS 7 32 gig for $199
Thanks wal Mart..:)
Asus, Google! Please fix the Touchscreen bug first! 
Using a €9.99 one from InventCase (amazon). Delicious!!!!
Google, u r making yourself look bad. $50 case? OTL
Make it cheap some how. cant afford easily in Pakistan. Think about middle class
Lee Ben
When do we get Nexus 5 on sale???????????????????????????????
Is there any release/preview date of google play in portugal? I had a nexus S changed it for the nexus 4 that I had to ask from a friend in England, also had the nexus 7 and now the new nexus 7 II. I would really love to have the new nexus5 but I don't want to ask my friend again and again...
I'm sure I'm not the only one that would apreciate that move.

Thank you!
This looks absolutely stunning in the grey with the red or blue highlights. A magnet along the edge would make it perfect!
This case is beautiful. If only it had a magnet, it would be the perfect case for the Nexus 7.
I bit the bullet and ordered the Greg/blue. I should be able to easily shimmy up a magnet.
Bad form not to include a magnet to switch on/off, such a lost opportunity.. also the cover does not hold shut unlike the kindle fire HD etc. so it swings open at will. My money will be spent elseware.
I have my Nexus 7...
When will come to mexico this case?
I'm very disappoint with google play. Placed may order on Nov 1. I was waiting 1 week to obtain cancellation of order from google today.
I had to place another order and wait again if they cancell it or not.
I've already got a cover , but want another cover with built-in bluetooth keyboard...anyone know where I could get one of those?? Thanx! :-)
Will it fit my previous generation nexus 7?
Got the case, it is beautiful.

+Darren Pardoe  yes this does not have a magnet to keep the case shut. It does not swing open at will as when the cover is shut I am either holding it, sitting on the table or in my bag. I have yet to see where a magent would be valuable outside of a wake lock. Does the Nexus 7 have this capability?

+David Hernandez  have got the case, it is very nice looking and feels good when holding. The Nexus snaps in nice and snug. Buttons are easily accessible and usable. Kick stand mode is grat with two angles. the lower angle I love as its that much easier to read as opposed to having it flat on the table/bench.
+Scott Bell Scott. I did not say the words you have quoted me as writing. I think they are from someone else 
+Darren Pardoe you did not quote your source :) who ever wrote my comments are still relevant :) hope they helped 
I have the grey/blue case and love everything about it. $50 is a heftier price but i am completely happy with the purchase, The tablet looks stunning in the case, the fit is perfect and the functionality of the built in stand is very usable and effective.
When these coming to the UK ?
I like the color of the cases
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