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Moonshine 2.1 has been pushed to Google Play

2.1 is mainly focusing on bug fixes and polish


NEW: 25+ Icons, along with revised icons!
NEW: Icon Search!
NEW: Activity Fixes!
NEW: 3 "Palette" Wallpapers! (Thank You Adobe Kuler!)
NEW: Wallpaper Viewer!
NEW: About Section! Come say hello!

FIX: Cleaned up some launcher issues and some misnamed icons.
FIX: Tablet layouts.

HELP: If there are any icons that are unthemed but you KNOW we have an icon for, please contact us with the email subject "ACTIVITY".

Please wait at least 2 hours for the update to come to your device.

Huge thanks to +Aidan Follestad for 2.0+ updates, so give him a follow!

Have a good weekend!

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Muy bueno todo, iconos, Wallpapers y la aplicación en general. Los que tengan problema con el reemplazo de algún icono, pueden cambiarlo manualmente dentro de la inmensa cantidad que posee Moonshine. 
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1 Year ago today, we released the first "teaser" pic of Moonshine with 20 icons included. #progress.
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Still using the icon until now,moonshine ftw!
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Le Origin of Moonshine

Moonshine was never intended to follow Material Design guidelines. In fact, from the "Project Hera" leak a year ago, there were only 15 icons to reference from. 1 week later, Moonshine 1.0 was released to Google Play. (Thanks +Avery Massenburg​​​​​​​​​​​​​​!)

Later that year at Google I/O, we finally got an understanding of what the Project Hera "leak" was referenced to; Material Design.

We then decided we didn't want every icon to follow the same grid like Material Design ( with already a couple hundred icons made, we didn't find it that wise to redo them all but trust me, we seriously thought about it. ) We wanted the icons to follow more of the Project Hera aesthetic instead ( since that is what Moonshine was based off of in the beginning ). But honestly, who knows what Project Hera was based off of. Did Google follow the same grid as I/O's Material Design? Did it have the same Material color palette?

We may never know. IF those "Project Hera" icons were the real deal, and got green lighted to final production (AKA, Android Lollipop) we would have to contemplate on also updating Moonshine to Material...BUT..Since it was only a leak (and stayed a leak) we were in the green to use Hera as it's own design language. 

A few months later, we initiated the process to take some design aspects of Google's very own Material Design guidelines, and add them to Moonshine ( as an update we added the materialesque shadow behind every icon, AND updated all the colors to the Material palette ). With that being said, it's "inconsistency" is on purpose. It's more of a "free form" pack, and instead is supposed to replicate icons in more simple iconography.

So yes, not every icon is supposed to have a long shadow, be square or circle, or even follow the same characteristics from another icon. That's the beauty of Moonshine. Every icon is different and doesn't represent another in the same style.

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This is without question the best icon pack available, the icons look so much better than any other Hera type icons by mile, even superior to Google's own icon set. 
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We just updated our About page on our website! Feel free to check it out!
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Well I know who to contact if I need graphics! :)
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Material Business Cards are now ready to purchase!

Due to the incredible response to many of you, I decided that it was time to open shop. I am teaming up with +Spiderfly Studios to produce a LIMITED run of premium stock, 16pt thick (think of a really good postcard) business cards. The price ranges from $35+ from a variety of quantity options (100, 200, 500, 1000).

If you don't want to purchase directly from +Spiderfly Studios then that's fine. For $12 you can contact me directly and I will make your business card and send you the print ready PDF files only. Not the PSD

So basically, here are your two options.

$35-  We collect your info through Spiderfly, make the business card and send everything to the printer for you. You get the business cards right at your doorstep. No PDF files, PSD, etc. We do all the work for you.

$12- You personally contact me (email, hangouts, etc), give me your info (website, phone, social media files, etc to fill out the business card) and I will send you back the print ready PDF files only. (Bleed, 300ppi, etc). From there, you can choose what company you want to print with these files.  (I only take Paypal or Google Wallet)

There are two variants of the card too. You have the cleaner, less bolder look; or the bolder, more streamlined look (with the colored name bar) If you decide to go the $12 route, please tell me which variant you want! If you go the $35 route, you can just choose from the style options.

I can not thank you guys enough for this opportunity! I hope you guys purchase and enjoy the design as much as I do! If you have any questions, please just comment down below. 

Feel free to +1, reshare, etc! 
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+greg kobey feel free to hangout me +Pedro Peguero Jr.​, or just buy them from the site directly! 
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Valiant Pixels

Screenshots, Wallpapers and Icons  - 
Edit: April Fools
That's not all

Along the production of Moonshine Dru, we decided to turn on every photoshop effect possible. 


2,000 m-dpi icons, in a staggering 24x24 resolution.

That's it.

Coming soon
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So where is the screenshot, the wallpaper or the icons? 
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If you aren't following +Eduardo Pratti , you need to be. True material icons at its finest.
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If we were to delve into T-Shirt design, what would you like to see? Would you buy one? 
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Yes something I ll not see on other place, some unique design that meet my... Let say android's world. An idea.... Android dressed by r2d2 old fashion. This is just an example. 
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1 year of Moonshine

Today marks the anniversary of the Moonshine Icon Pack. Let's get into statistics, shall we?


Moonshine has been currently downloading over 1,660,000 times, with an active install rate of 508,000.

We have added over 1,000 revisions in total of icons added and revised icons

It is one of the highest rated Icon Packs on Google Play, with over 67,000 ratings ~ 4.4 Rating on Google Play

Android 4.4 is the most popular OS to install Moonshine, with a 52.89% total install base (879,264 people have downloaded this pack on that OS). Our lowest OS is Android 5.1 with a 2.51% total install base

Our #1 most recognized phone to use Moonshine is the Google Nexus 5; followed by the Asus Zenfone5

The United States is the #1 country in total installs, with a 16.24% download rate (269,980 downloads), followed by India with a 9.28% grab in total installs (154,354)

The #1 language to use Moonshine is English

Moonshine 1.9 was our most installed update to date, followed extremely closely by Moonshine 2.0

As of right now, Moonshine 2.0 is currently installed on 337,040 devices (66.29% of our currently install base), followed by Moonshine 1.9 with 79,433 current installs

The #1 user carrier to install Moonshine is T-Mobile

February 12, 2015 was the highest number of uninstalls in a single day, with a staggering 9,659 uninstalls.

February 11, 2015 was the highest number of installs in a single day, with a staggering 16,961 installs.

We have made under 100$ in a year from Moonshine in donations

In the last 6 months, we have only had 39 total app crash reports


Cheers to another year! Let's see if we can reach 2M downloads by the end of Summer.
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India 2nd in Total Installs! ☺👌
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Dig OS X? Love Material Design? Feel free to pick up these system icons then!

Slashing my price of $10  down to $5 for these icons! Pick these up now in time for an update by next week! 


What if OS X followed some material guidelines? Look no further.

In this pack, you get 26 icons that match perfectly with the OS X system. Included are:

App Store
Mission Control
Photo booth
Text Edit

I am planning on adding more support to 3rd party applications!

You will receive the following icons in the formats

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We just recently added primary and accent color options, variant selection, and QR Code links on the order page through +Spiderfly Studios !
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Dope. I love it. 
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We just pushed a hot-fix for Moonshine. This fixes an icon search bug which forces the user to only display the icons they searched until the app restarted.

Also fixed a broken link within the FAQ.
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Contact Information
Contact info
Charging Into Design
Valiant is to be courageous, determined, and bold. Pixels are the very thing that make up the screen you are using to read this.

Put them together, and you have "Valiant Pixels"; a design studio founded by Pedro Peguero JrOur vision is to deliver a product that doesn't compromise your needs as the clientWe want to make sure you choose the best design decisions for your company.Whether it is a logo, brochure, or UI/UX; the goal is to reach our clients best interest. 

Not only do we do graphic design, but we also publish our Android related work under Google Play. Our first icon pack for Android is named Moonshine. It has gained over 1,500,000 downloads, and over 60,000 ratings. It has averaged a 4.4/5 on the Google Play store. Moonshine has grown rapidly, and we gained most of our popularity from the Android community from that one application alone.

We believe in taking risks, and revising until we reach a design you are beyond satisfied with. With our skills and ideas combined with yours, we want to produce a product that represents your best interests along with ours.