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Newt 2012 Announces Washington State Endorsements

Spokane, WA – Today, a number of current and former elected and Republican officials announced their endorsements of Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Katrina Asay, State Representative

Steve Beren, fmr. 7th Cong. Dist. GOP Nominee

Bill Cooper, fmr. Chief of Police, Bainbridge Island

Jim Donner, Snohomish Co. representative Republican state committee

Bob Eberle, fmr. State Representative

Olga Farnam, Snohomish Co. representative Republican state committee

Yvonne Goldsmith, fmr. Mayor of Ferndale

Mark Hulst, Mt. Vernon City Council

Cheryl Hymes, fmr. State Representative

Mrs. Jack (Norma) Metcalf, widow of the late congressman

Tony Moore, Federal Way School Board Member

Explaining his endorsement, Tony Moore said, "I am supporting Newt because he is the only candidate with statesman-like gravitas that can turn this ailing country around. The speaker gets it AND can do something about it! I have been waiting for him to run for president for over a decade."

“We’re thrilled to have the support of such a great group of Washington State leaders,” said former Rep. Cheryl Hymes, Newt 2012 Washington Deputy State Caucus Director. “Newt believes that to change Washington, DC it will take all of us working together from the ground up, and we’re proud that these effective reformers will be standing with us.”

These endorsement come on the heels of the recent endorsement by Pastor Joe Fuiten, who also serves as Newt 2012 Washington State Chairman.

R.C. Hammond
Press Secretary
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This is the only Republican who alos be advisable deganar Latino Republicans the White House
Dear Mr Gingrich. Please do not take this wrong because I feel you are the best choice of those running. But sir the time has come for you to step aside and support the only conservative left in the race. No I am not talking about Romney. I am talking about Rick. You know in your heart the race is lost for you sir but you can still rise up and help the GOP pick the next president who is not a represented of the elite GOP establishment. If you stay in the race you will surly ensure Romney to win the nomination. The very man who trashed you so viciously will be the GOP nominee and you will be the person responsible. So if you love the nation and not are not just seeking power you know in your heart you must step aside and fully support Rick. If you stay in the race Romney will win and the GOP will once again lose to Obama with a establishment candidate.
+David Hicks The guy who wants the government to pick winners and losers by having different tax rates for different industries is hardly a conservative.
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