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Sketchy Romney: Everything Changes

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wow they really jumped all over this didn't they?
Come on Newt, I know you would like to win, but it sounds childish to talk about that comment. Stick to the facts and you will be fine.
+Dan Daily wirthnewt trailing in popularity behind santorum and behind in delegates behind romney, there aren't really many more options he has. sticking to policy and the facts won't give him the push he needs after only winning two states outright.
+Peter McNally i think the GOP is being incredibly smart...put forth your 2nd string against a campaign wunderkind like obama, and when he leaves its open season - put out the 1st string. mark my words - jeb bush is going to run in 2016. these guys are just place holders, keeping the GOP brand in the public eye, and keeping their message front and center.

because of them, obama will get the win, but it'll squeek by, thereby killing any political capital he has left. its freaking genious when you think about it (if thats the plan)
Want evidence the current GOP candidate slate is out of touch? They're about the only people left who know what an Etch-a-Sketch is.
Come on +Newt Gingrich do you have anything better than a crappy pieced together video. These tactics certainly do not make me want to hand you my vote.
Are you kidding? This is BRILLIANT!! WELL DONE! :) Jared apparently can't handle the truth. He would rather vote for the other liars. Newt has shown the truth here. You don't deserve Newt as a president Jared!
+Fernanda Rocha I can't handle the truth, that is laughable. I don't like pieced together out of context, outdated garbage. I like facts, links, entire interviews, etc. I don't like them from either side of the aisle. But it's weak minded people that gravitate to this type of stuff as absolute truths.
Do any senior level campaign strategists actually approve crappy social media posts like this one? I mean, come on. It's time to pick up your ball and go home, Newt. Or at least fire the interns who are sharing this crap with your followers.
I can't tell if this post has been overrun by tweeters who don't have the attention span of more than 60 seconds and like this AD go for the attack statements that has the most impact (at least in their own minds) or if there are any serious social bloggers? ... I believe the point is that +Mitt Romney seems to vacillate depending on what will get the most approval. he is a consumate polician but many of us are sick of this kind of leadership. it's extremely difficult to represent (NOT rule, which seems to be the form of goverment the Dems and too many Repubs are taking us to) A people that have been so divided by well crafted views from the media and academia but I suppose allot of us wouldn't be here on G+ if we were just sheeple going along with the popular views. my point is that it will NEVER change for the better just doing what the estabishment says is the way it works. that is why the estabished authorites hate a legimate threat to their rule like the Tea Party. I believe this kind of political leadership in a time of crisis will not work. I don't like OUT OF contexts attack videos but looking at Romney's record, he is weak as a conservative except for his record on private business but even the Dems can claim they are for the worker as they have helped (along with many Repubs) created the largest employer in the world, the U.S. government. if Romney is the nominee then I will have to endure the lesser evil but it's not what I believe is kind of leader we need during this critical time.
Romney is a panderer and a flip-flopper to the highest degree. He cannot be trusted.
Patrick = the hell he can not be trusted?
@ Jared, "pieced out, outdated garbage?" - HA..HA..HA.. :D That is the POINT of the etch-a-sketch! Over the years, he's just erased and re-started. Do you really not get that? It's SO simple. wow.
+Fernanda Rocha pieced together not pieced out. The point of an etch-a-sketch is the ability to erase and start over, I get it. This is the type of crap I expect from the media and super pacs and political action organization - small blips without the full detail, NOT what I expect from my potential next president. This also is certainly not what I make my decisions on either, but it seems you do. If so, I've got some ocean front property in AZ that I'll sell you for a great deal.
Jared, what an intelligent ending to an otherwise dull post. Romney erases ALL his previous beliefs and replaces with new ones. sigh. Just NO getting through to you is there? Drink the Koolaid rather - oh wait. You have.
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