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Newt Calls 175,000th Donor, Samuel Samford

Mobile, AL – Newt 2012 announced today the 175,000th donor of its presidential campaign, Samuel Samford, a warehouse manager from Jacksonville, Florida. After learning the news, Newt Gingrich called Samford to personally thank him for his donation of $2.50 in support of Gingrich’s American energy plan to lower gasoline to $2.50 per gallon.

You can watch video of the phone call here:

“From the very beginning, we set out to run a people-powered campaign based on the creativity and enthusiasm of Americans looking to dismantle the old order and rebuild the America we love,” said Newt Gingrich. “I’m proud to have Samuel Samford and our additional 174,999 donors standing with me as we work together to fundamentally change Washington. Not only have they donated their hard-earned money, but they have also volunteered countless hours of their time, and Callista and I are extremely grateful for their support.”


R.C. Hammond
Press Secretary
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Keith C
Call him back and tell him that you need 78% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination, and ask if he still wants you to have that money.
So far I've learned the GOP wants War with Iran. Mandate $2.50 gas and those who don't do that are enemy of the state. Also want women to shut-the hell up and use asprin between their legs for birth control. Santorum goes one step further; he rather have women go back and dress like Amish Women of old, and learn their place back in the kitchen where they belong.
+Mark Anthony Smith I hope that is sarcasm because no one is requesting anything you have suggested. Unless this is a regurgitation of the left-wing medias portrayal of the Republican Candidates.
You honestly think that picking Perry as a running mate will give you a boost? If anything that hurts you more! This is not your time Newt step away, unless you are trying to get Romney nominated which seems to be the only valid reason you are still in this thing.
I wouldn't put much faith in a blog post. Even if it's Carl Cameron. I saw this tweeted earlier.

Put a little of this hubub out there and the people of Texas may flock to Newt in hopes of getting their Governor into the VP spot. Thats alot of delegates into the Newt column and he could use them right now. Mississippi and Alabama are good southern states too and this may bode well for Newt as well.

Sometime rumors are better than concrete statements.
You mean the same way they got rid of Herman Cain?
Absolutely +Ed Snell and +Daniel Small . It seems the two candidates that actually bring a connection to the populous with solutions that are not part of the established orders liking get railroaded out of contention. The only difference is Newt's past has been known for decades. Cain's was new and overly sensationalized without due diligence.
Lance G
Carl Cameron is a hack. I still haven't forgave him for appearing on Bill O'reilly literally the day after the election in 2008, reporting " anonymous " sources in the McCain Palin campaign talking about Palin like she was a dog.

And memo to Carl. Could you please stop saying the word "bellwether"? Only snobbish DC journalists still use that word.
How about $2.00 a gallon? It would make voters even happier.
Hey +Danning Yu why not 20¢... hell why dot FREE gas. The Speaker chose an obtainable number based on a number of factors including supply, effect on speculators, demand, and etc.
Where is the Media...?
Farrakhan, blaiming jews for blacks in Brazil & in the Bahamas also for the low life/economy ( Black Holocaust ) . Is this Obama friend.. fore real..? maybe President Obama you should condemn this!
+Daniel Small I would have voted for Cain in a heartbeat! Who cares if what they said is true about him which I don't think it was. Hell Clinton did worse in the White House with women! Not sure I would want Newt as the POTUS though. Would rather see Santorum/Cain myself.
Newt Gingrich is the one who can be my President, any day. He can and will debate BARACK H. OBAMA well. That being said, Newt is my pick. He knows better than any Liberal, Rich outsider, insider, or any younger random Conservative, or Social Dictator. Don't waste time on other people's Politics. Be our Leader, Now. Keep up the good fight Newt. You just hope for the best, when times are down. My vote is a Vote for Newt !!
Newt Ginrich is no doubt the most qualified to think our way out of all our problems!! He has one of the most agile minds, allways thinking of new ideas!! His mind will create wormholes in order to get us around gridlock!! Hopefully the people value problem solving more than JFK good looks and charisma! With Newt Ginrich, I don't believe we will be stuck with old plans when they don't pan out: He will find a new way to get the same thing done!!
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