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If last Friday's dictatorial action by President Obama is allowed to stand, historians may someday look back on June 15, 2012 as the day the Constitution died.
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Didn't the constitution die with the other executive orders?
Both parties suck!!!!
+Sam Alexander comment > +Ed Snell ... Just because there is a stand instead of standing in the middle and pointing in both directions. Sack up and make a stand.
My stand has to do with my thoughts and beliefs not what some party believes or tries to push to support their out of touch agenda. Remove the D and R from the ballots and let people vote based on their research of the candidates!
Ed, I agree.  The parties need to go away so we vote for the individual and not the brand.  But this is outside of why I called Newt a tool... he along with most of the other candidates are just puppets of their party, which I see more so on the Right then the Left.  I personally don't see as much DNC influence in Obama as I see RNC influence on Romney.  I mean heck most of the Republicans who now support Romney were tearing him apart just a few months ago.  One of the best advertisements I've seen against Romney is made of quotes from Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, Bachman, etc.

Unfortunately it's lesser of two evils, and I just see Obama as that lesser by a wide gap.
But would we still not have reps that sell their office to help interest make money and reps that sell their office to assist interest to keep their money.  People need to research not only the candidate but also how to make their vote count.  The ballot box ain't necessarily it.
Do not get me wrong I was in no way supporting Newt. I agree he is a tool. I was just stating my thoughts on how both parties fight like married couples and are selfish to the point of not caring how it affect the common people.
Newt, you politicians have been killing the constitution since 1900. Who do you think you are kidding? It is way past time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and take our country/constitution back.
Did I miss the time Newt complained about the #NDAA   and the #PatriotAct ? Oh well, the Constitution and executive orders won't be as relevant when we move to the moon.
At least someone admits it, though it is partisan
What a disingenuous statement. You have not complained about every other executive privilege assertion in the past, nor have you railed against legislative attacks on the Constitution written by Republicans. You seem to believe only Democrats can damage this country. You, sir, are wrong in a variety of ways and this country can only improve when partisanship such as yours is relegated to the fringe of our elected leaders and Democrats and Republicans put country before party.
The Consitution died in 2001 and 2002 with the Patriot Act and Bush and has been dying ever more since by both Dems and Republicons
For those of you that are critical of the 2 party system, it is here to stay. The Dems got too powerful in the 1830s, and by doing so, obliterated the ability for multiple parties to run in the same election. The Republican party formed because of the realization that only a coalition behind a "brand" can win the majority necessary to win the presidency.

If you want to disband the parties, the result will be an absolute tyranny of the minority. Less than a majority of voters will win an election. Can you imagine how displeased people would be if the President won with 30% of the vote split between 4 candidates? Whose mandate would he clqim? More than 2 parties work in a parlimentary system that encourages coalitions. Those coalitions simply don't work in the US.
James if you lower the tax on the working middle class maybe but not for the 1% like Romney who banks overseas and ships jobs to asia.
Obama is nothing but a silver tongued liar and has not delivered for us
Ahem! Oh my dear +Newt Gingrich! Ruling by decree is nothing new for this president, but yes it is quite alarming. I fear though you may have dangerously mixed your metaphors or slipped on a Freudian phrase by invoking the enshrined memory of California's Cesar Chavez alongside president for life Vladimir Putin. Did you not actually mean to mention that other president for life, (however little he may have left) Hugo (the CIA gave me cancer) Chavez? Oopsie!
I believe it officially died on January 20, 2009, but the process started long before that.
There had been some mistakes along the way, but when is it to far, and when will we be expected to learn from our previous mistakes.
I thought the legitimate practice of the constitution never got started until we ended slavery, apologized to the American Japanese, gave women the vote, allowed gays to serve openly in the military,  acknowledged the launching of several illegitimate wars, etc.  I guess practicing the principles set down in our constitution is still a work in progress. 

Newt, we know that all of you who seek power have demonstrated an imperfect practice of our constitution while learning how to responsibly use power. 
We also know  that your alarmist exaggerations keep you in the news.  It feeds your following.  But inevitably it will cast you among the jealous, irrelevant opposition.
Andre, get your nose out of the President's butt. When he suddenly stops and changes course on another promise it will break your nose!
All kidding aside, it is clear that he thinks he is entitled to abuse his power.  
why you on that date, June 15, 2012 as the day the Constitution died. Was sorry I could not be explained quite understand, thank you
Obama realized early that he needs more votes, so he imported them with the Amnesty order. Imagine the gratitude of all those 18-30 yr olds
"No money has been appropriated to pay for Obamarule."
What about the money it would cost to deport people?
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Thursday, July 12, 2012
There was nothing Cheap!
"You were bought with a price. Therefore, glorify God with your body." (1 Corinthians 6:20)

People often say that nothing in life is free. For know: God's forgiveness is free, but certainly not cost cheap. As for ourselves we can not do anything to earn forgiveness from God, He took a long time. The price was the death of His only Son on the cross.

In our society, we are suspicious of everything that is free. When someone says, "we have a free gift for you," just want to know what is the "rally" behind it. I remember a few years ago when my family and I won free tickets to Disneyland. Arriving there, we had a ticket to more and saw some people sitting near us.

I said, "Hi, I have a ticket the more you want? It's free."

"What do you want?" - Just asked suspiciously.

"It's a free ticket to Disneyland. I have one more, and I can give you."

"No, I do not want."

So there I was explaining to people why I want to give the ticket. "I got this ticket more than I won. Nobody wants?". Finally someone got the ticket, but all were suspicious.

So when we hear that God is ready to forgive us, and grace, we say: "That will not do anything. What's the catch?". Let us perplexed the fact that God can forgive us unless we pay anything.

However, we must always remember that forgiveness is free, but it was not cheap. The God pardon all cost.
quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2012
Não foi Nada Barato!
"Vocês foram comprados por alto preço. Portanto, glorifiquem a Deus com o corpo de vocês." (1 Coríntios 6:20)

As pessoas costumam dizer que nada na vida é de graça. Pois saiba: o perdão de Deus é grátis, mas com certeza não custou barato. Enquanto por nós mesmos não podemos fazer nada para merecer o perdão de Deus, a Ele custou muito. O preço foi a morte de Seu único Filho na cruz.

Na nossa sociedade, ficamos desconfiados com tudo que é de graça. Quando alguém fala: "temos uma oferta gratuita para você", logo queremos saber qual é a "jogada" por traz disso. Lembro de uns anos atrás, quando eu e minha família ganhamos ingressos grátis para a Disneylândia. Chegando lá, tínhamos um ingresso a mais e vimos algumas pessoas sentadas, próximas de nós.

Eu disse: "Oi, eu tenho um ingresso a mais, você quer? É de graça!".

"O que você quer?" - logo perguntaram com desconfiança.

"É um ingresso grátis para a Disneylândia. Eu tenho um a mais, e posso te dar".

"Não, não quero."

Então lá estava eu explicando para as pessoas o motivo de eu querer dar o ingresso. "Eu tenho esse ingresso a mais que ganhei. Ninguém quer?". Finalmente alguém pegou o ingresso, mas todos ficaram desconfiados.

Assim, quando ouvimos que Deus está pronto para nos perdoar, e de graça, dizemos: "Isso não vai dar em nada. Qual é a pegadinha?". Deixa-nos perplexos o fato de que Deus pode nos perdoar sem que paguemos coisa alguma.

Todavia, devemos sempre lembrar que o perdão é de graça, mas não foi nada barato. A Deus, o perdão custou tudo.
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