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Newt 2012 Announces Women with Newt Coalition

Atlanta, GA- Several prominent female leaders and activists from across the country have signed on to lead the official Women’s Coalition for Newt Gingrich's Presidential Campaign.

The Women with Newt National Coalition will be led by Callista Gingrich, wife of Newt Gingrich and President of Gingrich Productions, a multimedia production company. A tireless campaigner, Callista has accompanied Newt across the country speaking to various women’s groups and conservative organizations.

“Over the last several months, I have had the privilege of visiting with many wonderful women across the country -- learning about their concerns and hopes for our future. My husband is the only candidate with the experience, knowledge, and vision to get our country back on the right track,” said Gingrich.

Gingrich will lead a team of 6 national co-chairs, including Sue Lynch, President Emeritus of the National Federation of Republican Women, Jeri Thompson, a renowned political commentator and wife of Senator Fred Thompson, Gay Hart Gaines, a long-time Republican activist and former chairman of GOPAC, Linda Upmeyer, Iowa House of Representatives Majority Leader, and Newt’s daughters, Kathy Gingrich Lubbers, an entrepreneur, and Jackie Gingrich Cushman, a nationally syndicated columnist and author.

This coalition will assist Gingrich in engaging with thousands of women across the country.

Jeri Thompson, a national co-chair, explained that the coalition’s mission is forward-looking.

"This election is a referendum on the failed decisions and failed policies of an Obama Administration that without new, strong leadership, will leave our children and our grandchildren with a land of less opportunity and less freedom. For me and other mothers, joining this coalition is less a political move than a maternal one."

Gay Hart Gaines, also a national co-chair, expanded upon Thompson’s sentiment. “In my opinion, there is no one better at upholding American Exceptionalism and articulating conservative values than Newt Gingrich. Newt has always stood above the rest when it comes to his ability to inspire and lead the conservative movement.”

In the coming weeks, the coalition will be announcing several regional advisors in Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, California, and Ohio.


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Press Secretary
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+John Shaw hahahaha after a full minute's deliberation i decided that posting first would be a level of magnitude more mature than posting my actual thoughts, luckily you were here to pick up my slack
LOL!!! I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I read his banner. I think this might be one that team +Newt Gingrich wants to rethink.
So glad that the Newt Team has decided to create this coalition! I know my Republican Ladies here in California are 100% for you Speaker and look forward to helping you become the President of this great country.
seriously, someone should get fired for this name. its going to be a veritable gold mine for the late night guys.
Again I say REALLY? REALLY?? Women why the heck would you be un-intelligent enough to support NEWT? Please do the Republican party some grace and don't be so silly. He has nothing good to offer the white house policy wise and you are not thinking of your children if you all him to get rid of the new health care law because it helps your own children when they leave the nest and their jobs don't provide insurance, they can stay on yours. Newt does not stand for American justice. He stands for his own principles.
+Rachel Horne If my kid is 26 and still on my insurance policy then I have failed as a parent. No child in their mid 20's should be on a parents policy. Once any child graduates college they should fail or succeed on their own.
The healthcare law is a travesty and needs to be repealed.
+Bill Flores what6 about kids going to grad school? what about kids that can't find jobs? its not like in decades past where you can find a good job with a associates degree and hard work. there aren't as many labor jobs in the country as there once were.

this is the problem with the people trying to fix our lack of one seems to be thinking about the fact that the old economy isn't there anymore. children aren't staying with their parents bcause of some stupid failure to launch scenario - they either can't find jobs, or the ones they can find are minimum wage jobs with no hope of promotion.

this isn't a world where people can just "make it on their own" anymore. its a sad truth, and one we need to accept. until we bring back actual blue collar jobs that people can survive on, and that are plentiful, we won't have a reality like we had in the 60s 70s or even the 80s.

since more and more kids are going into college, and staying there longer so they can finish more complex degrees, they NEED that time to establish themselves. its a different world from where you come from.
+Elephant Man my friend, I think that is the best argument for representative government I've ever seen. Thank you. 
Um obviously you aren't aware of the current issues with getting a job right now? I mean lots of jobs don't offer good insurance even. I would hate to be your child Bill Flores. I mean my parents make sure they don't baby me or give me too much, but they also don't want me hospitalized because I can't go to the doctor since I can't afford it. It took me two years to find a good job and I had to move 2 states to find it. I had a double major and a 3.69 GPA. I graduated with honors. I will end up going to Law school in the end because I won't make enough to pay for everything as a Paralegal, but my parents still help me out because they know that is how the world is now. They are also very thankful for the healthcare bill because otherwise I would not be a healthy 25 year old today without it. Bill you should not have children and if you have, do a reality check quick because you aren't living in the real world.
+Rachel Horne I do live in the real world. I work, support a family, and pay my bills. I paid for my own school by working part time jobs and getting student loans. When I graduated I started paying those student loans back and paid them off when I was making enough money to do so.

As for kids too late Rachael I do have kids. Not to offend you but I don’t think you could cut it as my kid. My kids will know the real world is tough and not everything goes your way. They will know they need to work hard to earn everything for everything. My kids will also know about personal responsibility, competition, and working to overcome obstacles.

There are no guarantees in life and they will know this too. And when it’s time for them to go to college they will actually pick a major which will give them a better opportunity to get a job. If they want to get a useless liberal arts or political science degree they can pay for college themselves. They are already too many college graduates running around with useless liberal arts degrees who think they’re entitled to $70,000 a year job.

Now to your assumption I would not help my kids well you’re wrong there. Of course I will help them if they need it. That’s what being a parent is about. What I’m against is the government mandating coverage for my kids until they’re 26. If my child decides to go to graduate school then I would probably pay for her insurance out of my pocket like most responsible parents would do. But if it’s year six of them working on getting a bachelors then they’ll probably be cutoff. Each individual situation needs to be analyzed, evaluated, and then a decision is made. That’s what is done in the real world is all about.

If you don’t mind me asking what did you study in college?
Finance? Accounting? Computer Science?

See we’re hiring new college graduates all the time for the above mentioned majors. And we provide very good starting pay, full healthcare benefits and we’ll even pay for your graduate school.
The jobs are out there if you have the correct skill set and don’t give up. Yes it might be tough at first and you might have to move to another state too. Sometimes you have to move where the jobs are. But hey that’s life.
"women for newt"??? Is this serious?
Bill Flores you do realize most science degrees take 5 to 6 years as a bachelors degree these days?

Plus Liberal Arts is not useless many doctors are liberal arts majors before going to medical school. College is more a broadening of the mind then you do Graduate school because no one wants just a B.A or B.S. anymore they want a Graduate degree too. Many Liberal Arts majors make fine politicians and analysts and tax accounts that do your taxes yearly and make more money than your average scientist. Plus the Science degrees are more competitive now because employers know everybody and their brother gets the degree to get a good job, therefore they are selective and outsourcing for cheaper rates. B.S. isn't always better. My parents learned that the hard way with me. Mind you they told me the same thing and I threw it right back in their face and I'm doing just fine with my supposedly "lousy" liberal arts degree. I at least know what goes on in my country unlike most science majors I talk to. Anyways I don't care what kids choose as their major its their free will and everyone should be happy because that makes for a better work place. You should keep that in mind because I know many a friend that paid for their own education to pursue their dreams and don't mind a bit that they are taking care of loans now.

As for paying for your kids healthcare plans I will tell you those plans do not cover nearly as much as you work place will. Unfortunately I have looked at my every option because of personal circumstances and realized that unless a miracle happened (this was before the bill was passed I would be paying for my own insurance). Luckily the healthcare bill passed.

Not only does it take care of healthcare till 26 for young adults like me, but it also helps those of us that fall under mental healthcare with our employer because it finally make every employer have to recognize it when it goes into full affect. You see that is a big deal for someone like me. I have heard those with out full coverage struggle to get the care they need and fight depression or more serious problems (and I am being deadly serious so I will not take lightly to mockery). We don't think twice about the fact that we can always get prescribed medications for when we have something worse than a virus, but what about mental illnesses? They are hardly ever recognized and this bill makes strong political waves on a national level for the community in healthcare. So that is another reason I would be against either candidate of my Republican part to get rid of it. I hate to say it but its good.

Plus we also run scare of socialist governments getting them confused with communism and "bad news." Let me point out that Europe (mainly western Europe is where I am talking about), is socialistic in nature. Even as an American student studying abroad I could get free healthcare there and get full treatment without ever having to show an ID and being asked a ton of questions while my knee was dislocated. Yes there are flaws, as there is to every system., but they still have their free speech and power to make decision in the government. So I find this freaking out to be slightly ridiculous because we are no where near their socialist nature and we have lost no freedoms and Obama really hasn't restricted anything he shouldn't need to out of necessary reasoning. P.S. if you didn't vote in the last election my last message is shut up and just wait for this election and actually vote so you have the right to whine for the next four years because whoever wins you are going to complain, its human nature.
+Rachel Horne and +Bill Flores, I've read your back and forth and I just want to interject something here... The government isn't mandating that parents pay for their kids healthcare until 26. The law allows children to be on healthcare of the parent allows it. Before insurers kicked kids off the plans at age 21 or 23, no exceptions. This gives the kids a bit longer to find a good job. But the parent isn't forced to keep them on... It's still the child's responsibility to get healthcare of the parent takes them off.

I'm sorry to say but communications, liberal arts, poli sci, etc are not useful degrees. Not if you want to be hired on the spot in a lucrative job. They are stepping stones, they do have a bit of appeal, but that's like complaining that you can't get a job driving busses because you have a normal license. You could get that job, but other people went and got their CDL permit before they applied and got the job.

Finally... Bill. C'mon. That last comment was beneath you. you're better than that. 
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