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An image from a job we just finished for Birmingham model Ellie Carey. #fashionphotography #portfolio #modelshoot #photographer4hire #potographerforhire 

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New Street Photography can come to your place of business and with minimal interruption of your working day take the images you need to promote your business weather it's large, small, starting out, or established and floated on NSADAQ. Call on 0777 079 1061 for a quote for corporate photography wherever you are in the country.

Merry Christmas :-)

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Jess, modeling "Purple Bunny" t-shirt for Masato.

#fashion   #studio   #strobistphotography   #studiophotography   #fashionphotography   #modelphotography  

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Yesterday I went into Birmingham to take pictures of the interior of the new library, and got ambushed, by of all things, a cheeseburger...

On the way in I noticed a pop up festival outside the Mailbox, and thought "What a great opportunity to take some food photographs..."  

Then someone at the +Gourmet Burger Kitchen handed me a sample of a cheeseburger, and it all went wrong...  

It tasted so good I just had to get one

The restaurant was indoors in a hallway with terrible light, but my camera [Canon 5D MK3] has great low light performance.

It tasted so damned good before I realised I'd finished eating it, and all that was left was a cell phone picture posted on Facebook..

In the end though I think I made the right decision. I didn't get food pictures, or the library, but I had a great day out, and a really great cheeseburger..

If you have an event, like this one, that you need covering you can contact me at or on 0777 079 1061..

#eventphotography   #foodphotography   #streetphotography   #eventcoverage   #greatburger   #greatfood   #birmingham   #birminghamevents   #placestoeat   #placestoeatinbirmingham     #naturallightphotography   #naturallight   #naturallightphotographer   #eventphotographer

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To my everlasting horror when I got home I discovered I'd accidentally shot it low quality JPG instead of RAW...

I'd used a setting I'd created for high volume shoots, rather than quality, which is why it's always important to just get the right exposure.

Sometimes things can't be "just be fixed in Photoshop"...

#carphotography   #kitcars   #naturallight   #naturallightphotography   #automation   #automotivephotography   #canonphotography   #canoneos5dmk3   #lightroom5  

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Just after taking this picture my brand new Interfit studio flash failed, I could have cried on the spot...

I didn't, even though I still had to do over a hundred indoor publicity shots. I unpacked a speedlight and a couple of reflectors and bounced some light around the room. 

We had to work quickly, in a crowded environment, but we got a great atmosphere going, and caught some nice moments. The client was really happy with the end result, and headshots are up on the Moogsoft website...

The rest of the material will be used for publicity later down the line..

If you'd like complete control over images you buy, then talk to me about an unlimited licence for any image I take at your company...

P.S I bought some Bowens lights instead :-)

#Moogfsoft   #headshots   #publicity   #portraitphotography   #peoplephotography   #companyculture   #lighting   #colour   #colourphotography   #canonphotography   #lightroom5   #5dmk3   #50mmphotography  

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Some of the photographs I have for sale on 500PX :-)

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I remember the first time I came off my skateboard, I nearly broke my arm....

I was 14 years old, and me and my younger brother where flying down the steepest hill we could find on these crappy plastic boards we'd just got. 

He was right behind me when I hit a pothole, and went flying into the broken concrete head first. I was sore for days, but at least we could say that we had finally done it...

Eventually ;-)

#skateboarding   #skateboard   #skatelife   #skatepark   #skate   #kingston   #kingsnortonskatepark   #sports   #sportsphotography   #naturallight   #naturallightphotography   #sequence   #newstreetphotography   #canoneos5dmk3   #Lightroom5   #lightroom5   #photoshopcs6   #photoshopCS6  

I've never experienced anything like that before, Google phoned me and told me I had multiple pages, and that should choose one!

The worst part is that this all started when a button popped up on this, my old business page asking me if I wanted to merge the two pages. Of course I said yes, worst mistake I ever made.

Since then the page I set up became got downgraded to unverified, while this one became verified, and I had topping customers here.

So now I've lost all the posts, and followers from my original page, but at least I have recent customer reviews on this one. 

Well it's been a lesson, but at least it's a lesson learned, never just click a button where Google's concerned!

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1ML Goes the way of the dragons, burned out...
I never knew real fear until I did my first big job. That said, I never knew how fulfilling it could be either. Photography as a profession takes a lot of guts and a lot of determination. Your basically putting everything on the line and selling who you are...
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