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News, Events, Movies, Sport, Gossip, Showbiz, Hollywood, Music, TV News, Politic News, Weird News, Celebrity, Fun Stuff

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German man killed by a condom machine while robbing it

Robbery is a very normal thing for robbers but this time everything went wrong and it ended with robber's death.

According to the police report, the man in his 30s, name has been kept secret, from Netherlands, along with his two more friends went to rob the condom machine. But unfortunately, it
#CondomMachine, #Robbery #celebrities #entertainment #Weird #celebrity

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Girl gave BJ to waiter when her team ran out of money after eating

Job of a waiter is quite boring type but what this waiter got from his one customer is really very weird thing.

Actually, a girl (name is unknown) had gone to have lunch at Denny's restaurant with few of her friends.

Well, everything was going normal until they realized during "pay time" t
#BlowJob, #Waiter #celebrities #entertainment #Lifestyle #celebrity

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5 epic photos explaining why you should see background before taking pictures

When we take pictures, we mostly concentrate on the center part or the part which is important to us and forget to even notice the other parts (mostly the background).

Well, today we have brought few amazing photos which will explain very well why you should see background before taking any
#EpicFails #celebrities #entertainment #FunStuff #celebrity

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9 weird things you will start facing if you don’t have $ex

Sex is not only for enjoyment or excitement, it has a great effect on your health too. Well, today we have brought a list of things which will happen if you don’t have sex.

Let's get started:

#1 Decrement in Vaginal Lubrication

#2 Lack of sex may lead to erectile dysfunction

#3 Regular
#SexEffects #celebrities #entertainment #InterestedThings #celebrity

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Teacher got fired after student leaked her naked picture

A teacher, Leigh Anne Arthur, 33, at Union County Career and Technology Center, thought to give a very naughty present to her husband on this valentine and for that she took few naked pictures of herself in her personal phone.

But on 18th February, she left accidentally her phone unlocked for fe
#LeakedPicture, #Teacher #celebrities #entertainment #News #celebrity

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6 daily life foods which you should avoid for better sex life

Eating healthy food is not only good for your health but also good for your sex life. Well, we are today here with a list of 6 foods which you should avoid if you want to give your best on bed with your partner.

Let’s get started:

#1 Soda (Specially Diet Soda) – It also increases chance of ob
#SexTips #celebrities #entertainment #InterestedThings #celebrity

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16-year-old boy shot family when they asked “wake up and go school”

Every kid on this planet hates to go to school and that too early morning but for them the school can’t change their timings.

What you think, a normal kid would do when his/her family members ask him to get up and go school. I guess most would say no, or just put some excuses to avoid.

But, t
#Gun, #Kid, #School #celebrities #entertainment #OMG #celebrity

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Woman sleeps every day with pet python and then something weird happened

Sleeping with pet animal is really a very normal things. I mean people who have cat or dog usually sleep with them. But what you can say sleeping with a python every night just because it’s a pet python.

Well, that’s what a lady had been doing every night.

But one day, her pet python stopped
#Python, #Woman #celebrities #entertainment #Weird #celebrity

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10 horrible parents who should learn parenting first

Parenting is a very tough job. You have to do everything very carefully, even a little thing towards your kid. If you don’t take care of these things, you may end up destroying your kids life.

Well, today we have brought list of few horrible parents, who should learn parenting fi
#ParentingFail #celebrities #entertainment #FunStuff #celebrity

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Man ate only potatoes for a month and this is what happened to his body

We all have our own choices when it comes to food but we always try to get that foods which are healthier as well tastier.

Meet Andrew Flinders Taylor, he was kayaker but was unhappy with his fitness level and hence he decided to give a change.

He started eating potatoes, only potatoes, t
#Potato #celebrities #entertainment #InterestedThings #celebrity
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