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Driver in U.S. Capitol Car Chase Identified

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBS/AP)- The FBI executed a search warrant in the city on Thursday in connection with a car chase from the White House to the U.S. Capitol that ended with the driver, a local woman, being shot to death, authorities said.

Stamford police were helping federal authorities as needed, Mayor Michael Pavia said. Police officers cordoned off a condominium building and the surrounding neighborhood in the shoreline city.

Condo resident Eric Bredow, a banker, said police told him the suspect in the car chase was one of his neighbors.

"I see the door to my building open and the FBI bomb squad in front of it," said Bredow, who said helicopters were flying overhead when he first went home.

Among the neighbors told to evacuate the complex was Angela Corrente, who said she was told it could be a couple of hours or overnight before she could return.

The car that tried to ram through a White House barricade before trying to penetrate security barriers at the Capitol had Connecticut license plates. Connecticut authorities said they wouldn't release details about the car based on the license plate number.

Multiple police sources have identified the woman as Miriam Carey, according to CBS News.

Carey was sued by her condo association in December, but they settled in February. The condo complaint against Carey was unavailable online, and there were no pending criminal cases or convictions associated with her name, court records show.

CBS News correspondent John Miller reports she was fired from her job as a dental hygienist in April 2012 after a fight with her bosses over her using a handicapped parking space they felt she didn't need.

On Thursday, the woman's car was surrounded by police cars, but she drove off, careening around a traffic circle and past the north side of the Capitol. Video shot by a TV camerman showed police pointing firearms at her car before she rammed a Secret Service vehicle and continued driving.

Police said they shot and killed the woman a block away. They said a 1-year-old girl in the car survived and was taken to a hospital, where she was in good condition under protective custody.

Police described what happened as an isolated event and said they saw no indications of terrorism.

As for why police opened fire, correspondent Miller reports that will be the subject of an entirely separate shooting investigation as to what was in the mind of each officer when he fired those shots. Miller added there is a piece of context here, which is this isn't your average police chase for a traffic violation - it starts off with the collision of the barriers outside of the White House and then there's a chase at high speed to the Capitol. What is going through their minds, Miller said, based on their training is: "Is this a car bomb? Is this a terrorist act?" So one is going to see those reactions heightened because of the sensitivity of the location.

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Hal S
When  a driver is attempting to bash down and through barriers, cars and people and get to the White House and the Capitol .... you don't know if she is armed, carrying a car bomb or even a woman.  Get real.
I believe the police acted properly considering where this happened. Had it happened anywhere else it probably would have ended differently, and she would still be alive.
My husband, who was a good law enforcement officer, is rolling over in his grave at the murder of this woman.
who is going to take care of her 1 year old .that baby is going to grow up without a mother.
Could she possibly have had a bomb in her car?  Could the cops at least thought so?
Cindi G
I agree that the security is of a higher standard around the Washington area for obvious reasons but I can't believe that they couldn't have tried other options to detain her before pulling their guns out and ending her life. She could have had a gun, but she also could have been unstable and obviously was. Of all the Policemen around her at the first stop none of them saw a baby in the car either?? That is hard to believe. Couldn't they have put down some of those stop sticks to flatten her tires and surrounded the car?  Or what about shooting the tires or the engine instead of her head?? There were other options here no ifs, ands or buts about it and I agree with Robt Lyles that little girl is the biggest loser in the whole story because she has to grow up without her Mom now. 
Cindi G
Very sad, I'll keep the little girl and the rest of Carey's family in my prayers and I hope that we all say an extra prayer for them as well. 
Can we say trying to distract us from whats really going on...
This will probably be portrayed as a racially motivated incident regardless of the dangerous driving.
Would anyone be asking these questions if she was a muslim male. Everyone would be saying he got what he deserved. She was responsible for her death no one else. 
Elsa, I am so disappointed about the way people think these days. I'm sure this lady was a good mother. People are so quick to judge another persons actions without knowing the reasons or whys. Although it wasn't right for her to be driving in that manner with a child in the car or period; you don't know what caused her to be mentally unstable. You don't know what she's been through...
+Cindi G If they put stop sticks and her car crash and catches fire and baby would have died. Then you would have been saying why they didn't stop her without hurting the baby.  And shooting the tires don't stop car from moving. It just makes is wobbly especially at low speed.
+Hal S You get real! if she had a bomb or if her intentions was to harm somebody why the hell would she not use the "Bomb" if she wanted to hurt somebody? you clown 
+Abe Krausz Anybody can possibly have a bomb in their car Abe. The one that have the "Bomb" usually drives calm.  
+Jason Terry JASON you are the ONLY one who can see what going on. Also it reaffirms in our mind to be scared "Terrorism". Distraction and was overkill handling of the situation.  
Well, anywhere else in the U.S. they wouldn't have shot her to death, not having a gun etc.  As we progress more and more to a socialist government, such as the wrought iron fencing around the capitol which was never there for over a hundred years but now is since they abandoned our immigration and boarder laws. Now, there's video cameras, automated alert systems/speakers, higher security and less tolerance for unannounced "visitors".

We'll never get the true story and already, they've blamed this on mental illness. More than likely, half or more of Capital Hill is mentally ill if they were to be examined so anyone with mental illness records doesn't mean a whole bunch without other facts to combine with them.

Now, they have the CIA investigating this so by the time they get done writing the script of this occurrence so that it is politically correct, we'll all be humbled when they announce the final investigation results.
Song Ma
America is a police state.  News media trying really hard to convince everyone she deserved to die because WH has its hands full with government shutdown.  News media now are reporting they found white powder substance in her apartment.  I have white powder in my house ... it's called salt.  American media have no conscience.
It's in the hands of the CIA now so, the true story will be buried.
+Song Ma what a moron you are.  I don't know where you are from but you insult my intelligence with your comment on America.  If you don't like it, leave.
Song Ma
+Jeff Francis     First, you could just look at my profile to know I am an American.  You obviously are not intelligent enough.

Why not just state your view instead of insulting others?  Have you heard of 1st amendment?
I agree with the thought that something more preventative could have and should have been done to stop the car. This is not an isolated incident,  this happens everywhere. Because it happened at the White House its bigger "news". We all see people everyday that may be driving questionably or may be having some kind of stress or could be mentally challenged.
When people are a threat to themselves or others they do not deserve to die, they need help. Are you trying to tell us that you are above the human condition? 
Cindi G
There were other options besides killing her and asking questions later. The cops even said that they didn't even know that there was a baby in the car until afterwards. 
Elsa Ortiz Grady-->To say that someone that is suffering with mental instability deserves to die for their actions is so ignorant it doesn't even deserve a rebuttal. Ditto on saying that the baby is better off without her Mother. Who died and left you in charge? Answer: NO ONE! Thank God! People like you who just open their mouth and spew whatever hatred comes to mind makes me sick! you are a part of the problem! Just remember what comes around goes around~ someone may one day make the same judgements against you Elsa Ortiz Grady! Grow Up!
+robert lyles
Of course it's not okay, I do have a heart you know!  They could have done things differently, but they didn't and everyone is trying to figure out what went wrong. Well in the heat of the situation the police had to decide what kind of threat she posed and she was again trying to move her vehicle, which I may point out could be used as a weapon, and they made a decision. It turned out to be wrong, but I STILL DON'T BLAME THE POLICE. Okay your so smart, you have 5 seconds, a car is racing towards you, the windows are tinted and you really can't tell whats in the car, what do you do? I am also getting tired of seeing people being gunned down by the police but my point is still valid. In this situation they had to act.
still have no clue as to why this happened. what was her reason for ramming the gate?
Maybe we should ask her?  A little late I'd say but I'd bet she is not pleased with Washington and their political corruption practices.
do you really think that a black woman and her child really crashed the gate to the whit house? i mean come on if your gonna racial profile at least understand the race... black people don't do that stupid shit... and of all things a woman with her child.... i don't even believe she had a gun... i think it was planted but you will believe anything cause they told you so... you are a sheep. and before you think something odd about my skin color or sex... I'm a 40 year old white male and i just can not believe that this woman for no good reason crashed the gate that nobody in there right mind would think to do... i would crash open the gates of hell before i would even think of crashing open the white house gate... ITS RETARDED!!! you know your not gonna live for doing that. and for the record, black women are not even by government theorist publicly terrorist or suicidal..... I'm just saying.
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