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WELCOME TO OUR STORE | 1973 65TH STREET BROOKLYN NEW YORK 11204 Tel : 717-412-3675

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All for Bathroom Renovation
Welcome to our Showroom in Brooklyn New York
1973 65th Street Brooklyn, NY 11204
Tel: 718-412-3675

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Welcome to our Showroom in Brooklyn New York
1973 65th Street Brooklyn, NY 11204
Tel: 718-412-3675
Collection of Luxurious Modern Italian Mirrors and Bathroom Vanities in our Showroom
We offer you a wide selection of high quality Modern Italian mirrors and Bathroom Vanities .

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Welcome to our Showroom in Brooklyn New York
1973 65th Street Brooklyn, NY 11204
Tel: 718-412-3675
Collection of Luxurious Modern Italian Mirrors in our Showroom
We offer you a wide selection of high quality Modern Italian mirrors. The mirrors are made out of thick Venetian glass. Pay us a visit and see for yourself the true beauty of our Italian mirrors.

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How to choose a set of furniture for the bathroom

A set of bathroom furniture is used in the design of appropriate facilities with organized storage of shaving supplies, shampoos, creams, cleaning products and cleaning agents.


Full set - consists of furniture all made in the same design and is designed for bathrooms of different sizes. Standard equipment: cabinet (often with mirror), vanity with sink, shelf with mirror. There are more compact solutions, like a mirror and a vanity. Items included in such a set are not available separately.
Typesetting (modular) consists of modules (objects) that are used in various ways: as individual elements or in combination with each other. This allows the owner to determine and change the interior of the living room.


Floorstanding - a classic option that will fit perfectly into any bathroom. Floorstanding furniture is easy to install, but difficult to clean.
Mounted – positioned on the wall. Thereby, it visually enhances the space and facilitates cleaning. In addition, mounted furniture is convenient to use without having to bend, which is important for the elderly and those suffering from diseases that have to do with the back. Its disadvantage is the difficulty in installation. Mounted furniture is recommended if the bathroom has underfloor heating.
Corner – takes up minimal space and is well suited for small-sized bathrooms.


Bathroom furniture must be resistant to moisture and detergents, as well as temperature changes.
Chipboard is not moisture resistant enough, so products made from this material are not recommended.
MDF is stronger and more resistant to moisture than the previous material. In addition, MDF is easily subjected to fine processing, which allows you to create various forms of furniture.
Wood is durable and beautiful, but it is a rather expensive material. Wood is sensitive to the effects of hot and humid air, so furniture is subjected to varnishing in order to improve moisture resistance. This option is good for spacious bathrooms with enhanced ventilation. Wooden furniture looks good in classic interiors.
Plastic is cheap and waterproof material, which is easily given any shape and color. Its disadvantage is the sensitivity to scratching.
Metal and glass give the furniture a unique look. Typically, such materials are usually used for separate parts (legs or doors). This furniture will perfectly fit into modern interiors. However, it is not suitable for classic styles. Disadvantages: the metal is expensive, and the glass (even tempered), can break. In addition, transparent glass does not protect the contents of lockers or cabinets from public view. Important: when purchasing furniture with metal elements, don’t forget to pay attention to the processing of material with special anti-corrosion compounds.

Water-resistant coating

Furniture made of chipboard and MDF has a special coating that protects against the negative effects of moisture.
Adhesive tape is the cheapest option. It provides a variety of colors and patterns. Disadvantages: very poor resistance to scratching and other mechanical damage, short service life.
Acrylic coating is highly resistant to water. It also has a spectacular glossy look. The disadvantage of acrylic is low scratch resistance, which means that its surface must be polished. You need to be careful when washing this furniture, because abrasives scratch the acrylic surface.
Veneer mimics the texture and color of wood. Just like wood, veneer is covered with lacquer, which increases its resistance to moisture. Enameled or lacquered surface combines durability, attractiveness and an affordability.


The size of the bathroom furniture should match the dimensions of the room. Do not install miniature furniture in a large bathroom, because it’s going to get "lost". In a small bathroom, it makes sense to choose vanities, tall and narrow cabinets/racks and leave only the most necessary items. But even in a spacious room, you should not put a lot of things because it will “overload” the interior.


Classic – an exquisite set that is made in "historical" styles (Baroque, classical). This furniture is characterized by curved shapes and flowing forms.
Preference is given to wood, which is reflected in the price of the set. Colors available - chocolate and beige, blue, white.
Modern – a practical option (minimalist, high-tech). This furniture is devoid of decoration. It has straight edges and simple shapes. The use of glass, plastic, metal makes such sets relatively inexpensive. Colors available – white, black, dark brown, metallic.


The color and style of furniture depends on the appearance of the finish and plumbing. For a small bathroom, it is advisable to choose bright colored furniture that will visually expand the space. It is pertinent to have transparent and mirrored parts in the furniture. For large rooms, it is better to pick a set of original and rich colors, provided that they are in harmony with the interior.
Important: In order for the smudges not be visible, it is better to choose furniture with a matte surface and with not very dark tones.


• Quality bathroom furniture has a hygienic certificate.
• Carefully inspect the furniture: if there are defects (chips, warping, scratches), refrain from this purchase.
• Ensure the integrity of the waterproof coating. The entire surface of the furniture should be protected with this coating. Otherwise, the unprotected part will eventually swell from moisture. Pay attention to the waterproofing of the joints.
• Check the reliability of sliding mechanisms, connections, furniture accessories. Do not buy furniture with gold or silver plastic handles – they will quickly lose their elegant appearance. Their service life is very short. You should choose products with metal chrome handles.
• Pay attention to safety: it is desirable that the furniture does not have any protruding sharp edges.


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Side cabinets are an indispensable attribute of almost every bathroom.
- Despite their compact exterior dimensions, side cabinets’ interior space is characterized by spaciousness that can accommodate a large number of small items used in the bathroom. Side cabinets are able to protect these items from prying eyes, moisture and dust by being positioned behind glass or mirror doors.
- Installation is performed on the wall surface, so that the space under the cabinet remains free of obstruction and may be used for the installation of any of the plumbing equipment (washbasin, washing machine).
- This furniture does not require too much care. All that is needed is to periodically wipe the surface with a soft sponge soaked in detergent.

What materials can the side cabinet for the bathroom be manufactured from:

All furniture, including wall cabinets for the bathroom are made only from materials that have the following advantages:
- high resistance to moisture.
- resistance to extreme temperatures.
Lumber is mainly used for manufacturing. After processing, it’s surface is covered with protective compounds and special coatings. Models differ in shapes, sizes, colors, and many other things. Therefore, you can easily purchase side cabinets which will fit perfectly into the existing design of a bathroom. They will perfectly last for many years thanks to their high quality.
During the production process, special attention is paid not only to basic supplies, but also to the quality of the accessories that are being used. Most commonly used accessories (pens, sheds, fasteners, hinges) made from chrome-plated steel. The latter one’s advantage is its high resistance to corrosion.

Where to buy side cabinets for the bathroom:

You can choose from a wide variety of side cabinets by such companies as Blossom, Socimobel, Bellezza by shopping on our website at , or by stopping by in person at our showroom located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Tel: 718-412-3675.

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“Showerpipe” shower systems and shower panels

More shower, more comfort, more fun in the shower.

Do you dream about a big rain shower? It is Incredible how easy it is to install a Hansgrohe overhead shower into your bathroom without complex repair even in an already-decorated bathroom. The solution is called "Showerpipe". Shower system “Showerpipe” consists of an overhead shower and a hand shower with a faucet. Or a shower panel, that is, a ready-to-install pre-assembled shower system. Thanks to the Select technology you will fully enjoy the comfort, design and delight. It Is controlled by a simple touch of a button.

“Showerpipe” is your fastest way to a rain shower.

It doesn’t matter whether you're building from scratch or simply want to make repairs: Hansgrohe shower systems are an excellent solution for increasing comfort and quality of your bathroom. Beautiful ensembles are called Rainmaker Select Showerpipe or Raindance Select E 300, and consist of an overhead shower, a hand shower and a thermostat. The easy way to add special equipment using Raindance Connect: the hand shower turns into a shower system with a lightning fast speed.

Shower panels are the best solution for the absolute water enjoyment.

Complete relaxation program: overhead and hand showers with different types of jets, plus a full body massage from side jets. Shower panels are easily installed and have all the components built into them. Shower panel Raindance Lift with adjustable height is suitable for each family member.

Shower panels Hansgrohe.

The following advantages are in favor of shower systems Hansgrohe:
• It’s large variety. You can find your own personal shower solution and transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and recreation among our many models and price categories.
• Minor planning costs. If you want to redecorate your bathroom, then these comprehensive solutions are ideal for you. After all, their implementation does not require time-consuming planning and installation of individual components.
• Easy installation. The professional simply connects the system instead of your old faucet in the shower or bath without the burden of opening the walls.
• Innovative technologies by Hansgrone, such as AirPower, QuickClean and XXL Performance.

Raindance Select E 300: with the button for all generations.

Even the design evokes a desire to take a shower. And the intuitive operating concept helps to do it with comfort.
The Select button on the hand and overhead shower make the selection of the type of jet and shower in the Raindance Select E 300 shower system extremely convenient. You can choose up to six types of jets with a simple touch of a button: three different types of jets from the overhead shower, plus three different types of jets from the hand shower. This creates a unique effect in taking a shower for any age and any height. None other than the joy of pressing a button.
There is a choice of two types of surface:
a) completely chrome-plated products
b) a fresh combination of two colors: a chrome-plated surface with a white shower cover

Shower system Showerpipe Croma Select: comfort on a new level.

Showerpipe Croma Select is a comprehensive system, which delights you with five spray modes activated by the push of a button: three types of jets from the hand shower and two jets from the overhead shower. The overhead shower turns in different directions, which gives you the opportunity to arrange it regardless of connections. A shower system is easy to install on existing plumbing connections, which makes it perfect for a quick bathroom renovation. The assortment includes models with EcoSmart technology with a water flow rate of 9 liters / min, as well as models in diverse designs and with different surface materials.


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Luxurious Italian mirrors

The mirror is a utilitarian piece of furniture. It is also the most important decorative accessory that is able to transform an area. With the help of mirrors, it is possible to change the degree of illumination in the room and to resolve stylistic and planning problems of the interior.
When choosing a mirror, it is important not to overdo it with the saturation of the number of interior reflections and, thereby, do not destroy their effect. Using this decorating technique, you can visually expand the space (this is the main feature of mirrors) or to increase the amount of light in the room by placing a mirror opposite the window or near lighting fixtures.
For centuries, Italian mirrors are considered to be of the best quality and most beautiful in the world. Modern Italian brands do not lag behind in skill from their ancestors. From year to year, they strike customers with incredible design solutions, filigree technique execution and impeccable quality of their products.

Interior mirrors from Italy are a solution for irresistible interior

The mirror, as a decorative element, plays an important role in designing the space. In the right hands, it is able to significantly expand the space of the room, place the necessary compositional and color accents. Italian mirrors are the embodiment of luxury and elegant style that will transform and beautify any interior.
Factories offer a variety of finishes. Among the most popular ones is gold, of course. However, in recently more and more designers are using ivory or silver. The mirror for the bedroom doesn't have to be the same color as the rest of the furniture. On the contrary, a mirror in a gold frame or a mirror in a silver frame will serve as a good accent. Such mirrors are perfectly combined with the rest of the furniture. An interesting solution is the mirror with a console in the same style and the same finish. In this case, they create a complete set and do not require stylistic support. Sun-shaped mirror remains very popular. This decorative mirror is often placed above the headboard or on the dresser. Despite its small size, this mirror would be appropriate in any room. Also, it will add not only heat but also harmony just about anywhere. Mirror in a carved frame will give refinement to your interior. Such mirrors are very well fit into any interior. You can buy mirrors in a carved frame in different shapes and sizes in our store New Bathroom Style. Our website is and our showroom is located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Tel: 718-412-3675

The harmony of taste in the stylistic diversity

Our store New Bathroom Style offers elite and exclusive interior Italian mirrors from the best manufacturers who work in different stylistic directions: classic and modern, art Deco and minimalism.
Classic interiors will be even more luxurious and more elegant, supplemented with traditional mirrors in their carved frames of precious wood and decorated with intricate carvings by the best craftsmen in the furniture business. Floor mirrors in wooden frames look particularly luxurious and fully fulfill their original functional purpose – to produce a person's reflection in full height. Stylish wall mounted mirrors can be complemented with elegant consoles. Such sets would be appropriate to buy not only for the hallway, but for the living room or dining room.
We offer modern designer wall and floor mirrors for those who prefer a more laconic and strict forms over the skillful gilded frames. Unique concepts and unexpected forms of these products make them works of art. Italian floor mirrors will allow you to realize the most daring fantasies in the design and construction of your home.

Advantages of floor mirrors

Mirror floor is not only a beautiful, but also a functional piece of furniture. Namely, floor mirrors are recommended by designers for bedrooms and dressing rooms. They allow you to see your reflection in full height, and also have more possibilities for placement in an area. Either strict minimalist models or exquisite and intricate ones - they bring special chic and luxurious look into the room.
Mirrors from Italy are not only defined by superior design, but also for excellent quality. The ideal surface smoothness and clarity of reflection, the highest characteristics of strength and durability - all of that distinguishes the products of Italian factories offered on our website or in our showroom located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204 Tel: 718-412-3675. Whether it be simple geometric shapes or unexpected asymmetrical models: everyone can find his ideal place among such a variety. We are glad to offer you Italian mirrors in our stock and on special order. These mirrors, without a doubt, will beautify your house.
You can buy Italian mirrors from leading Italian manufacturers and creative designers from us at an attractive price.

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Italian Modern Bathroom Vanities

Throughout all times, Italy has always been associated with only the best. Italian art, Italian food, Italian clothes are considered a model of quality and taste even to this day. The Italian furniture is no less famous. The production and export of furniture in Italy has a very ancient and rich history. The most sophisticated connoisseurs have always sought to get Italian furniture to their houses.
Today, furniture from Italy is available to anyone who is willing to pay for quality at a price. And if a few decades ago the focus had been on the living room, bedroom and kitchen, now the people have begun to attach great importance to the appearance of such "intimate" space like the bathroom. This mood was caught by the furniture manufacturers. And so, today there is a huge selection of luxury plumbing and furniture for the bathroom in available in stores. The products of Italian firms hold a special place among this variety. In this article, we will introduce you to the ideas for the bathroom that the Italian producers offer today.
Standard set of furniture for the bathroom includes a vanity under the sink, side-cabinet with a mirror and a storage container for towels. If the bath area allows for them, you can purchase furniture sets with a large number of elements: a wide and long table tops, wall shelves, chairs, etc.
Italian bathroom furniture features a large variety of choices. The buyer on any budget will be able to find "his own" set of furniture.
Regardless of the class of products, whether luxury or economy, the Italian furniture will serve you for decades. This is due to the fact that manufacturers pay great attention not only to the choice of materials, but also to the quality of the furniture.
Italian designers are famous for their rich imagination and sense of style, so even the most mundane items find beauty in their hands. Italian furniture in its classical version is chosen by the lovers of tradition: antique style, Baroque and Rococo styles are considered timeless classics and do not lose their relevance for several centuries. The interior in modern and fusion styles is particularly popular now, and the Italian designers will not remain aloof from the world’s trend.


As we have mentioned before, furniture produced in Italy is perhaps the most popular furniture in the world. Therefore, the Italian producers have all the possible materials in their arsenal, because different countries have different preferences of materials. Somewhere people care about preserving the environment and prefer to buy furniture made of recycled or synthetic materials. And somewhere people prefer to furnish the house with furniture made from natural materials.
In the last century, Italian masters actively used tortoise shell in the decoration of furniture. Furniture that is inlaid with tortoise shell is still on the market today. However, it is very expensive, since fishing for this species of turtle was banned more than thirty years ago. Some manufacturers have remaining stocks of this valuable material. Therefore, luxury furniture decorated with tortoise shells is produced on special order. This furniture is a real luxury item.


A modern bathroom is a harmonious blend of beauty and comfort.
We should keep the furniture and fixtures packed together even in the most spacious bathroom. But, at the same time, the bathroom should be a place for storing many things, such as household appliances, cosmetics, cleaning products, bathrobes, towels and other accessories.
Italian furniture meets the ergonomic requirements. It allows you to organize and store things in the most convenient way. Meanwhile, the Italian furniture is both sleek and compact, which makes it perfect for decorating small bathrooms.

BG Group

There are several hundreds of companies producing bathroom furniture In Italy. However, only some of them managed to get wide recognition and established themselves as world’s leaders in this field.
BG Group furniture focuses on using its own patented material called MDF/DT. It is environmentally friendly and is ideal for creating interior items for the bathroom. MDF/DT has an excellent moisture resistance and ductility. The latter quality makes it possible to create furniture of incredible shapes and configurations.
You can choose the right BG Group furniture by visiting or by visiting our showroom in person. We are located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Tel: 718-412-3675.

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Any homeowner knows that he will have to take many difficult decisions when planning repairs in the bathroom. And the most important decision is which material to use for coating the surfaces? The bathroom is constantly exposed to high humidity and extreme temperature. Many of the surfaces of the room where one receives water treatments are subject to mechanical stress. In apartment buildings, the bathrooms are often connected to the toilet. In is especially important to maintain cleanliness and order in the bathroom. So, the finishing material must also be resistant to chemical cleaning agents and be easy to care for. All the criteria that apply to the finishing material for the bathroom matches the mosaic tile.

Among its evident benefits are the following:

resistance to moisture;
lack of response to temperature changes;
a variety of colors and shades;
a wide variety of production materials;
the possibility of lining uneven surfaces, complex shapes, curved and concave clearance planes, niches;
resistance to color fading;
the ability to create drawings, patterns and even artistic works;
ability to bond to any surface – concrete, plaster, wood or metal.
In short, mosaic tile has a list of all the advantages typical for ceramic tiles at its disposal, and a number of advantages that are unique to this type of finish. And we are talking only about the practical, functional side of the issue. But from the point of view of aesthetic enjoyment that can be obtained from seeing the mosaic feature panels of in your bathroom, this finishing material has no equal. Of course, there are no advantages without disadvantages. The main disadvantage of surface finishing by the means of mosaic is sufficiently high cost of the material and the price of its installation. But if you absorb the budget of tiling a bathroom with a finishing material that will serve faithfully for many years, while not changing color, not burning out – then repair using mosaic is a good investment from the economic point of view.

Currently, a wide variety of mosaic on the market is made from the following materials:

mosaic tiles made from natural stone are most often used for lining floors, primarily due to their astonishing qualities of strength and durability, resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. The most widely used stones are as marble, granite, onyx and jasper. Of course, the cost of such mosaic will be relatively high;
ceramic mosaic is one of the most common and budget options. It’s the main advantage includes the richness of the color palette. It is also able to provide a selection of shades for any artwork;
glass as a material for the production of mosaic tiles establishes itself as resistant to moisture and chemicals material, which makes it a leader in the category of ease of care;
A very rare, but apparently an incredibly attractive material is metal mosaic. It is used infrequently for the bathrooms because of low resistance to the ingress of moisture. But it can be used as decor in spacious premises in the sectors with the lowest humidity.
Let us consider how to use mosaic for lining of various surfaces on design projects of bathrooms and toilets, while looking at highlighting accents, decorating plumbing and furniture and decoration of complex geometric shapes.

Drawings, designs, paintings

One of the distinguishing features of the mosaic from the usual ceramic tile is the ability to create drawings, art images and original patterns in a wide range of color palettes. Not so long ago, mosaic was one of the most important types of art. Thanks to the durability of this material, many masterpieces have been preserved until the present. To build the likeness of works of art in your bathroom is simply too much. But it’s not impossible to line the walls with ready-made blocks, printed patterns or to hire a professional who will choose the picture according to your taste, because it will perfectly fit in the modern interior.

A vibrant floral pattern that occupies most of the vertical surfaces of the bathroom is the way to transform your room beyond recognition. This type of interior is not only unique, but also personalized. It reflects your own preferences and tastes. Floral motifs are found in the interiors of the bathrooms decorated with mosaics more often than with other options. This is due to the smooth lines of the patterns, closeness to nature, energy and freshness. Even a small picture as an accent is capable of taking the interior of your bathroom to a whole new level.

The original, but not bright and not variegated pattern composed by mosaic will help to make the walls unique, while retaining the relaxed atmosphere of peace and tranquility, which is needed so much in the bathroom. You can make accent wall using mosaic tiles with a pattern. As a result, you get the shower cabin of original design without ruining the budget for repairs. Another alternative design option is to accent the surface using a mosaic with an ornament. The working area will be protected from moisture while having an original design. LED mirror looks even more luxurious against this background. You will get nowhere without a nautical theme with mosaic in the bathroom. The combination of mosaic and stone finishes and fine pebbles creates an incredibly striking design of surfaces in the same room. Such a unique interior is unforgettable. Another option of using nautical theme when selecting images for a mosaic bathroom. Small images look particularly advantageous on a light beige background. Currently, stores sell ready-made blocks with parts of the mosaic patterns that are combined together according to the puzzle design, forming a fabric with a large flowery pattern. This discreet but elegant ornament can decorate any bathroom. The lovers of neutral palettes and bright areas will absolutely love this mosaic on the bathroom walls.

Highlighting the key points

If you are dealing with a small budget for remodeling the bathroom, but you want to use mosaic tiles in the decoration of various surfaces, there is a design option to use with the help of this expensive material, but to use it on one wall (or portion thereof) for the repair of a bathroom or toilet – the accent wall. In this case, you get an expressive and practical interior with little cost for repairs in the bathroom or washroom. the most common version of designing the accent wall is a lining the surfaces above the working area of the sink. This is a practical way to facilitate the care of surfaces that are most susceptible to moisture and not only that. Lining the wall over the bathtub with bright mosaic with a pearl shimmer can bring your interior to the highest level of essence. An original, contrasting color scheme dictates the design concept of the entire room and acts as the center of focus. Another common design technique in the field of accents is the colorful design of the wall opposite the sink with a mirror, and repeating an element of the same color in the working area. Mosaic tiles can be a very good investment of money, time and effort for lining bathrooms located in asymmetric attic rooms with sloping ceilings. Considering how many tiles would have to be cut for the bevel design, the presence of a mosaic of economically justified. It is a rare design decision. However, the accent surface, lined with beautiful mosaics can become the bathroom floor. Practical and functional choice becomes the basis for the creation of the design space.

Difficult geometry

One of the most significant advantages of tiles is the possibility of facing surfaces of all shapes and degrees of curvature. In this case, we can speak not only about decorating the surfaces of walls and floors, but bathrooms, sinks, and all kinds of niches and recesses. Smooth lines and shapes gives the bathroom interior a feeling of fluidity, lightness. This is especially important for small spaces, as most of the average apartments’ bathrooms are similar. Lining the base of the bathtub and curved surfaces – would it be possible to carry out with any other finishing material that withstands high levels of humidity? Thanks to mosaic tile, such lining can be performed on more complex surfaces. Are you lining an oval bathroom and pedestal of the same shape for the bathroom? There is nothing easier if you chose the mosaic as a lining material. Original and intriguing bathroom design is unique. Lining that is so complicated from the point of view of geometry and curvature is possible only with the help of mosaic tiles. Thanks to the impressive scale of the room and the dark shades, mosaic does not crowd the space, while bringing an element of drama and Eastern Zen for relaxation and recreation. Not every room is able to withstand this diversity of color and texture solutions, and finishing tiles of different sizes. Not without the help of mosaic to line complex and curved surface was there the possibility of creating a harmonious image of the bathroom.

Stunning effect from lining small items

Sometimes, to create a unique and interesting bathroom interior it is enough to use bright, brilliant color mosaic or only a small surface area. It is a great idea for edging a mirror or sink, the space allocated to backsplash around the perimeter of the room, or decorating elements of plumbing and accessories. Lining the little pillar separating the toilet area from the water treatment segment with mirrored mosaic looks very impressive. Vertical stripes visually increase the height of the room. A small bar, decorated with mosaics, will visually blur the boundaries of space and bring a variety of colors into the bathroom interior. Another example is similar to the design of a shower enclosure, but with the use of mirror mosaic with a vertical arrangement of chips. Lined with bright glossy mosaic, a small part of the surface above the working area of the sink not only introduced a variety of colors in the neutral palette of the bathroom, but also revived the interior.

Lining with mosaic tiles

Among the modern design bathrooms, there are those where almost all the surfaces are lined with mosaic. Such repair may be expensive, but the durability and permanence of its appearance is guaranteed for you. Even a small bathroom is transformed with mosaic lining. This type of pattern is called a pixel, because it’s an original way to integrate several shades of one color solution. Monochrome mosaic, whereby all surfaces are lined with niches, shelves and deepening, can create an original image of your premises for water treatments. Depending on the size of the chips (tiles) that will be used and the kind of material and tone that is going to be present depends on the appearance of the bathroom or washroom. Tiles of bright shades can visually expand the bathroom space, where it’s very often in need. Besides, a quiet, neutral palette contributes to relaxation and rest that is required by the members of the household after a difficult day at work while taking a bath or shower. Among the bright palette of the mosaic tiles, the marble finish deserves to be highlighted in particular. Even small inclusions of marble mosaic in the interior bring the atmosphere of luxury, full of purity and even sterility of the utilitarian space. contrasting combination of black and white mosaic tiles in one room produces an incredible effect. Especially, if we see the opposite color scheme instead of the usual location of the bright colors on the bathroom walls and the dark colors on the floor. Dark mosaic shade with a pearl shimmer serving as the total lining of surfaces can give drama to any bathroom. Thanks to the gloss mosaic surface, fingerprints and traces of drops of water will not be visible on dark chips. You will not have to clean the bathroom very often. Bright blue, turquoise and blue shades of mosaic tiles are very popular. It is not surprising that in the room for water treatments we want to reflect the blue of the ocean or azure celestial reflections in the water, all successfully integrated in the interior space. Large monochromatic mosaic chips on the snow-white grout background give the bathroom an incredible geometric strictness.

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