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Drew Brees threw his 300th career TD pass on a 29-yd scoring strike to Sproles! WATCH:
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Brees keeps his streak alive, forget that your getting smashed by 100 points.
Says the guy whose favorite team has NEVER been to the Superbowl! Much less take home the title...WHO DAT?!
Nfl gave Taints a Superbowl because they felt sorry for them after you got your butt kicked by a little girl called Katrina. Wake Up then Rise Up!
So you're saying every NFL team in the league gave the Saints a Superbowl victory 4 years after the worst natural disaster this country has ever seen? U really are an Atlanta Falcons fan! I guess they're all as retarted as u! Then Roger the retard Goodell decided he was gonna go after the Saints to make them look like they cheated? WTF? I think u have this confused with wrestling! This isn't a soap opera like the WWE! Any chance Roger Goodell is a Falcons fan? Cuz he's a retard too! WHO DAT? !
Every child must find out about Santa Claus sooner or later.
Good job Brees! Wish the game would have gone differently...
could have goen differently if the defense ever was on the field. i mean, on the field and active, for real, not just there looking at manning.
Taints should go away and leave football to the real teams.
True dat! WTF is this "rise up" shit? Sounds like the next Obama campaign slogan! 
Better that the taints Get Down & Suck!
Another Obama campaign slogan? Never heard that one either! 
If Taints can't beat the sh!tty eagles next Mon then they are a discrace, then be relocated to London.
It is hard to win with a bad defensive line. The problem could be growing pains, it could be scheme, and it could be personnel  whatever the case, the Saints are on course for a record setting bad defense. The Eagles have a shot.
What's more of a mess - PHI 'O' or  NO 'D'?
That is a good question. Although we stole a great linebacker in Lofton from you guys, the Saints defense is more of a mess than Philadelphia's offensive woes.

 When a team displays a sorry defense in the NFL, that team is always playing catch up. Brees chucks the ball an ungodly amount of times and the Saints become predictable which typically means we will lose. Imagine if we didn't have Brees? The Saints would be horrifically win-less.
There is a house in New Orleans... its been the ruin of many a poor boys and ol Matt Ryan is one! 
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