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GAMEDAY! Kickoff is Noon CT on Fox ->
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With our running game back with Chris Ivory, our defense stepping up, plus its a home game..........WHO DAT!!!!!!!!! 
Let the Saints be the team to take the ATL down, they have to fall sometime :)
Beat the undefeated falcons!!! Who dat...
Good first half, especially for the offense. The game is there for the taking! 
Everyone involved in the offense. Really amazing options and Brees makes them all look good.

Not sure I have any nails left! Keep improving... Who knows what could happen. 
+Spencer Bryant Getting to the playoffs & loosing in the first round don't mean nothing getting to the main event & wining it all is what counts & when you'll get there & that's if you'll ever get there talk smack but until then sit back & keep watching dirty birds loose it all in the playoffs
+Spencer Bryant lmbo!! still stuck in the playoffs & that's bcus that's the farthest you'll make it tell you what Spencer Houston is going to the big show b4 you'll ever make it 
+Spencer Bryant no I don't wear hat's...

I don't hate the Falcons but the Saint's aren't done yet contrary to the popular media :D
+Spencer Bryant the Falcons are a good team and they are better this year but at 8-0, allot of those 8's came on teams that they should have beaten.  The Saints were the first test of their new falconator powers, unfortunately, the Saints are recovering from their fateful beginning of their season and they are back! :D  

Falcons better watch out for Tampa Bay too, this division has 3 good teams in it.  

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