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The Diabetes Solution Your Doctor Won't Tell You About

Diabetic? Pre-diabetic? Don't accept a lifetime of medications! Learn How To Avoid Diabetes, Insulin Resistance & Thyroid Conditions and potentially get off your diabetes medications by reversing the disease.

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How to Escape Allergy Season Misery Safely and Permanently

Suffering from allergies again this Spring? Year after year it doesn't have to be allergy season! Learn more about how Chiropractic and the Five Essentials of Maximized Living can help you not just get rid of allergies but improve your health overall,

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Is the Ketogenic Diet Beneficial for Weight Loss and Health?

The ketogenic diet is a quick way to drop extra weight and get lean, and has numerous positive effects on overall well-being.

The ketogenic diet is a high fat (up to 70-80%), moderate protein (15-30%), low carbohydrate (5-10%) diet. The very low carb intake forces the body to use fat for energy instead of glucose, which produces a high level of ketones in the blood, hence the name.

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How to Conquer Blood Sugar Imbalance

How does the use of Roundup on food crops lead to blood sugar imbalance issues?

This chemical is being used in massive amounts today unlike when we were kids. Studies show that it causes holes in our gut linings (leaky gut). It has also been shown to disrupt our good gut bacteria, which affects multiple other functions from normal brain activity to immune function, and compromises detox pathways.

I believe this chemical is leading to a modern day epidemic of unexplained illnesses. Learn why...

#BloodSugar #NewLifeChiro

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What are the benefits of the True Cellular Detox program?

Most detox programs, whether you are doing a cleanse, fast, or juicing, can be effective temporarily, but a lot of times it causes re-toxing. It can get the toxins out of your body but they actually don't get eliminated. They just move in some other place.

The supplements in our True Cellular Detox program can actually bind to the toxins and safely remove them from the body. Learn how...

#detox #newlifechiro

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Are All The Toxins We're Exposed To Causing Health Issues?

We live in the most toxic time ever. Toxicity is building up in your cells, in your tissues, in your organs, in your brain, in your nervous system and it's causing very serious issues. What can you do to detox naturally?

#toxins #detoxify #newlifechiro

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Are Vaccines Safe? Answers For Parents On The Pros and Cons of Vaccination

So many people have questions about what’s safe, what’s not, and what’s the truth about vaccination. Especially here in California with the new laws requiring vaccination for kids to be able to go to school.

Our goal here at New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin is to end the ambiguity on vaccines. We will start to give parents more information about the truths and science behind vaccines. This knowledge will enable you to make a more informed decision.

#vaccination #VaccineSafety #newlifechiro

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How To Develop and Maintain A Healthy Brain in the Modern World

Building a healthy brain in kids isn’t just about a large IQ. It’s also about developing fully functioning emotionally intelligent kids.

The keys to building a big, heavy, super-smart brain include:
-A diet low in refined carbohydrates with adequate nutrients.
-Exercising extreme caution in the use of medication.
-Adult companionship.
-Stimulating active play utilizing toys, books, and games.
-Limiting toxic foods and drinks.

#BrainHealth #ADD #ADHD #NewLifeChiro

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How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Bring You A Lifetime of Health

If you look at over 95% of chronic illnesses, they are all the result of chronic adaptive physiology due to a stressor.

Did you know one of the greatest stressors most Americans face is prolonged sitting? Find out how Chiropractic adjustments can help you avoid the stress and achieve a lifetime of wellness.

#chiropractic #newlifechiro

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It's Spring Again. How Can I Avoid Allergies?

One in five people suffers from allergy or asthma symptoms. The symptoms can include things like itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, congestion, or even trouble breathing.

Basically, no fun!

But should you have to suffer through these things on a yearly basis? The answer is No.

Don’t let seasonal allergies get you down. Learn what you can do to overcome allergies safely and permanently.

#allergies #allergyrelief #newlifechiro

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