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ICYMI: Baby fish!
The newest residents of our four-story Caribbean reef exhibit did not grow up in the Caribbean. These smallmouth grunts were raised right here in New England! Learn about this exciting achievement in aquaculture here: #science   #fish   #babies  
The majority of the animals in the Giant Ocean Tank collection come from Aquarium expeditions to the Bahamas. (Certified divers are welcome to join us on these expeditions where we work with Bahamian wildlife officials to sustainably bring back fish.) These animals go through an incredible ...
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Local Species: Atlantic sea nettle
These tentacles possess a potent sting, which is used against ctenophores, jellies and other zooplankton from the water column—and sometimes humans. Just how do these jellies deliver that sting? Find out here: #jellies   #jellyfish   #oceans   #animals   #animalfacts  
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What's for lunch?
Some sea stars eat mollusks, some eat algae, some can even eat shrimp and small fish! Everything you wanted to know about these tidepool celebrities:
#starfish   #seastar   #animals   #food   
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Wonderful +New England Aquarium 
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What's your favorite green animal at the Aquarium?
We've made a list of the five most popular green animals at the Aquarium. Of course. Because it's #stpatricksday . Did your favorite animal make the list? #green   #animals   
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Sad News from the Right Whale Researchers
The team recently identified an old friend that had been entangled in fishing gear. Follow the link to read about Snowball.
On June 29, 2014, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) was conducting their right whale aerial surveys north of George's Bank when they came on an aggregation of 20 or more right whales. In amongst these whales was a right whale entangled in fishing gear and in extremely poor health.
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This is horrible...
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Awesome Animals with Shells
Since we're all coming out of our winter shells around here, we decided to take a look at five awesome animals that wear their shells all the time. So turtles! Obviously. But you might be surprised who else made the list. Check it out: #shells   #animals   #awesome   #topfive  
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Add some whales to your weekend
Humpback Whales 3D takes movie goers into to indigo blue, where you can hear them call (the males only, actually), watch them feed and get front-row seats to see these graceful giants socialize. Tickets available online:
#whales   #weekendfun   #boston   #movies  
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That's so cool I wish I was there.
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The Biggest Babies of Springtime!
Right whale researchers have been keeping tabs on the coastal waters off the Southeastern U.S. Good news! There are 17 new reasons to hope for the recovery of the critically endangered N. Atlantic right whale. Meet the 2,000-lb babies, their moms and even the grandmothers on the Right Whale Research Blog.


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New Fish! Smallmouth Grunts
The divers recently added around 500 new baby fish to the Giant Ocean Tank exhibit. The smallmouth grunts are schooling beautifully near the bottom of the tank. But that's not the exciting part. These fish were all raised as part of an aquaculture research program!

Get the story on the Divers Blog. CLICK HERE: #aquaculture   #science   #research   #fish   #babies  
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Local Species Guide
Moon jellies have stinging cells to catch prey, but how do humans perceive those stings? Find out with the first of our new series of posts about local ocean animals:
#newengland   #oceans   #animals   #localguides  
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Realy cool!!!!!
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Why do penguins sneeze?
And yes, they do sneeze in their own kind of way. But it's not the way you and I sneeze. Get answers to this and other pressing penguin questions here:
#penguins   #sneeze   #animalfacts  
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Magistral +New England Aquarium 
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Spot the Spot Shrimp
These jumbo shrimp are usually patrolling their Pacific exhibit from their rocky hideouts in the Northern Waters Gallery. Find out just how jumbo these animals can grow on the Exhibits Blog:

#shrimp   #animals   #oceans  
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+New England Aquarium How cool!
Thank you!
I look forward to the wrasse post. I know of an imposter!
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Founded in 1969, the New England Aquarium is a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation. The Aquarium is one of the premier visitor attractions in Boston, with more than 1.3 million visitors a year, and a major public education resource.
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A giant glass tank spiraled by a multilevel walkway is the main draw at this waterfront attraction.- Google
"LOVE the seals and sea lions."
9 reviewers
"The shark and ray touch tank is really cool, and so is the central tank."
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Andy Lee's profile photo
Andy Lee
3 weeks ago
Visited the aquarium today with my two siblings. Overall, we had a great experience. There was a nice penguin exhibit at entrance, and we spent a few hours exploring the aquarium. We saw a few feedings, and experienced a few touch tanks. Overall, the aquarium is smaller than others I have visited, but it was a pleasant experience nevertheless on a cold wintery day. The only negative impression I have on this experience (the 4/5) is that it was extremely pricey. Tickets for each of us was $30 (included an imax show), and parking was $37. All in all, the three of us spent $127 (before taxes) to visit this aquarium.
• • •
Emilia Diamant's profile photo
Emilia Diamant
5 months ago
Aquarium! So fun! If you are from out of town, GO TO THE NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM WHILE YOU ARE VISITING! Regardless of whether or not you have kids. You should go. The Aquarium is a complete experience, from when you are buying tickets and waving to the seals, to seeing the incredible penguins right when you walk in, through the back to the amazing sea lion pool, not to mention the fact that you can see fish every step of the way in the massive tank in the center of it all. It's not a cheap ticket, but worth it if you are from out of town. Bostonians, check out the BPL for discounted or free tickets--but reserve in advance. Hop over to James Hook for some chowder after you visit!
• • •
Lynn Julian's profile photo
Lynn Julian
6 months ago
The New England Aquarium offers one of the largest tanks in the US, featuring an exciting variety of creatures sharing space in their man-made reef. A walkway circles the tank skyward, slowly elevating visitors to the top...where "Myrtle The Turtle" comes up for air. Be sure to climb the stairs at the very top to take in the bird's eye view down the center of their circular water world! TIP #1: Avoid the long lines of Summer and crowds of kids by going off-season: Sept.- May. It's most empty early in the morning. TIP #2: Become a member to attend quarterly after dark events. You MUST RSVP within hours of invitation to make the cut-off list! TIP #3: Print or pick up DISCOUNT COUPONS, from the library or the Internet, to reduce tickets to as little as $14 for two adults.
• • •
Emmanuel Abraham
2 months ago
Extremely crowded and not nearly as big as I expected... Took about an hour to see everything.. not worth $60 dollars much less the extra $20 for parking.
Jade Hall's profile photo
Jade Hall
2 months ago
Cute little aquarium, I was disappointed by the size but then again the last time I was at an aquarium I was 10. The coolest exhibit is outside before you even walk in, if you don't look to the left you would miss it. There is a tank of adorable sea lions in a tank out front - they love to show off and make faces at you! Don't miss this part! Inside the touch tank is fun lots of stingrays to play with and certainly touch the Sharks because their skin has a really wonderful texture. The big tank inside has a lot of fish but watching fish swim gets old quick. If you're lucky you will be there when they feed mertle the turtle, she's huge! All in all it's fun but the $25 entry price is way too high, drop it to $18. :)
• • •
Alex Mottern's profile photo
Alex Mottern
5 months ago
Penguins! Free seals outside! More seals inside! 2 turtles! a touch tank! Really, not much else. The whale skeleton is cool, and there are some sharks, but most of the animals are in one huge tank... Whenever people visit me they seem to love it, but I know there are better aquariums out there...
Elizabeth R.
3 months ago
What a wonderful experience! The aquarium is huge and I could spend hours just wondering around. They just renovated the tank in the middle and it is full of interesting fish, sharks, and turtles. I would recommend getting tickets in advance if you are going on the weekend as the lines can be very long.
Ashley Dos Santos's profile photo
Ashley Dos Santos
5 months ago
The space just feels cold and empty. The central aquarium tube which the majority of the main animals live feels strange and cruel to have the animals circle such a tall and narrow space for all of their lives. The penguins are great, but you kind of feel like they're mugging for the cameras. Really, the selling point are the seals but you can see them for free cause they're located right outside the aquarium. Why spend over 20 dollars on a ticket to see penguins who are too used to the spot light when you can watch seals swim upside down? P.S. I like the penguins, it isn't their fault they're popular.
• • •