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Who has four flippers and loves the snow? This guy! 

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This was the scene on Long Wharf overlooking Boston Harbor yesterday. When high tide and the super moon collide, it's an all too real picture of the future of sea level rise. Check out our blog to understand why this is happening.

#climatechange #sealevelrise #bostonharbor

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And so it begins ...

#animalrescue #seaturtles 

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The cutest common cuttlefish that you'll see all day! #NEAQtentacles

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Thank you to President Obama for designating the first-ever marine national monument in the Atlantic — Northeast Coral Canyons and Seamounts!

Some fun facts about our new marine national monument:

• This monument is 4,913 square miles, nearly the size of Connecticut.
• It is 150 miles from the coast of Cape Cod.
• The area covers 1.5 percent of U.S. federal waters on the East Coast.
• Hundreds of species have been identified in the Atlantic canyons and seamounts, including stony corals, black corals, soft corals, sea pens, anemones, and sponges.
• The four underwater mountains (or “seamounts”), the only ones in U.S. Atlantic waters, rise as high as 7,000 feet above the ocean floor, higher than any mountain east of the Rockies.
• Over 600 species were identified on just one of the seamounts (Bear seamount).
• Recent research into the winter feeding grounds of Atlantic puffins in the Gulf of Maine found that they migrate to the waters above the canyons and seamounts.
• Whales and dolphins congregate at the continental shelf break above the canyons to feed on abundant prey in these nutrient-rich waters.

#SaveOceanTreasures #OurOcean #POTUS #conservation
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Did you know?
Giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dolfleini) have more than 2,200 suckers, which they can use to taste and smell their surroundings.

More octopus fun facts: #oceananimals #octopus #TentacleTuesday #NEAQtentacles

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Those cuttlefish get around in the most hypnotizing way.

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What is this? A local fisherman shared some pictures with us and we were excited to see what he found!

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She's done it again!
The goosefish has laid her egg veil, and it's exquisite!
#nature   #ocean   #animals   #beautifulnature  

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We just added 16 common cuttlefish to the cuttlefish exhibit. Caution! They are extremely adorable.
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