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New cuttlefish!
We're exhibiting two species of cuttlefish right now—dwarf and pharaoh. Follow the link and find out how you can distinguish the two.
First up, the pharaoh cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis). These cuttlefish are juveniles, only around 3 to 4 months old. They will get considerably larger than their neighbors, the dwarf cuttles. Pharaoh cuttlefish differ from the common cuttlefish in that around their mantle, they have a blue ...
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That looks awesome.
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Timelapse Video
The cushion sea star (Oreaster reticulatus) in the cuttlefish exhibit was on the movie this afternoon. You can really see its tube feet in action. This video is 6 times faster than normal!

Lots of people have questions about sea stars at our hands-on tidepool touch tank, where Northern sea stars are found. Here are some of those questions answered! #timelapse   #video   #awesome   #ocean   #animals   
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The collective power of those tiny suction cups is incredible! The starfish has no trouble prying open shellfish for dinner.

I got a shock once, picking up a plum size urchin I had never seen before.
It had vertical rows of blunt, stony spines it uses it peg leg around the reef, with areas between the spines populated by many hundreds if not thousands of hairlike tube feet, each tipped by a suction cup.
As I held it for about 20 seconds admiring the deep red color of the hair like tube feet, these things were busy attaching to my fingers.
When I attempted to release it - my fingers might as well have been in set concrete.

It's quite a shock to realize you are helpless, and the accompanying shot of adrenaline is the only reason I was able to tear my fingers free.
I was absolutely astounded at the strength of this beautiful little urchin...
Then the dark side of my humor kicked in and I finned over to a a friend who was diving with us, and handed it to him.

He admired it for a bit, and then went into Spasm trying to free his hand. I was laughing so hard I had to hold my regulator in my mouth.
I helped him free himself and put that formidable creature back on the reef, as we both swam away with a newfound respect for these mighty tube feet!

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Whales on the Window
Aquarium educator and freelance illustrator Maris Wicks recently adorned our windows with pictures of humpback whales in honor of our newest IMAX film Humpback Whales 3D. A lot of effort went into creating these playful (and scientifically accurate) aquatic acrobats!

See how whale art gets made: #art   #illustration   #humpback   #whales  
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Very very lovely, I always wanted to have artistic abilities, but I have musical abilities, so I am content.
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New fins in the Giant Ocean Tank
The divers have been adding more and more fish to the Giant Ocean Tank in recent weeks, including this porcupinefish. Come see all the schooling lookdowns, the colorful wrasses and the flashy harvest fish!

Plan a visit to the Aquarium: 
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Rococo toad
This pretty lady is one of the animals you could see during a live animal presentation. You would learn that rococo toads have two sets of poison glands that secrete bitter toxins, and that these toads can grow to be 12 inches across! 

Come explore our blue planet through its fascinating residents! Plan a visit today: #animalfacts   #toad  
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Bellissime +New England Aquarium 
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Humpback Whale 3D Fun Fact
Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) have proportionately some of the longest fins in the ocean. At 15 feet, that's taller than some of the snow banks around here! Fill up on some more amazing whale facts with our newest IMAX film Humpback Whales 3D.

Buy your tickets online (we're waiving ticketing fees this week)!
#whaleyoubemine   #animalfacts   #funfacts   #humpbackwhales  
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Super plus +New England Aquarium 
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Have them in circles
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Meet Myrtle
Scientists aren't quite sure how long sea turtles live. But divers in the Giant Ocean Tank can say Myrtle the green sea turtle is around 90 years old. And she's as feisty and beautiful as ever! 

Find out how you can get a personalized tour of Myrtle's home and even a chance to feed her or her neighbors during our Meet Myrtle program! CLICK HERE: #seaturtles   #animals   #myrtletheturtle  
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My sister would love that picture 
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Did you know?
The anaconda display in the Amazon Rainforest exhibit features such rich aquatic life—large and small—that it has more animals than the entire Giant Ocean Tank! From tiny cardinal tetras to the saucer-sized discus to the massive 13-foot-long snakes, this exhibit is packed.

Check it out:
#snakes   #fish   #amazonrainforest  
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No I didn't, but thank you for telling me 
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Mandarinfish (Synchiropus splendidus)
In the Living Corals exhibit, the mandarinfish quietly goes about its business of being one of the most beautiful fishes at the Aquarium. And this begs the question: What fishes do you consider the prettiest? It's a big ocean out there, and lots of unbelievable marine life!
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True true

When setting up my tank I had one of them shrimp, and he began to grow luckily I found where he lived and remove him.

I also started with a 55 gallon in the wall so yeah I was lucky and got to see all the stuff in the back of the tank

Now I got a 90 predrilled

When I moved my set there was one long one, it look like one leg from a brittle starfish

It was around 5 feet but when you pick it up it also broke apart

The ocean is very cool and we know little about it!
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Because it's been this kind of winter in Boston
We have one fun thing that you can do with your Charlie Card right now: Show your T pass for $5 off admission to the Aquarium! Follow the link for all the details. #boston   #winter   #discount  
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Thats stupid
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Pink Anemonefish
Because we're tired of white and gray, we're highlighting this beauty today. These fish usually stay close to home in a cozy anemone, snacking on algae. Find this species in the Indian and western Pacific oceans. And at the Aquarium.

Buy tickets online during school vacation and you won't pay online ticketing fees: #fish   #tropical   #colorful  
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Wonderful work +New England Aquarium 
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Looking at you
The Giant Ocean Tank is bursting with interesting animals, if you stop and take a look. You might find even fish like the graysby are taking a look at you!

It's time to get the kids out of the house. Plan a visit and take advantage of waived ticketing fees this week! Buy tickets here: #boston   #visit   #fish  
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Nice picture.
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Founded in 1969, the New England Aquarium is a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation. The Aquarium is one of the premier visitor attractions in Boston, with more than 1.3 million visitors a year, and a major public education resource.
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A giant glass tank spiraled by a multilevel walkway is the main draw at this waterfront attraction.- Google
"LOVE the seals and sea lions."
9 reviewers
"But the touch tank has good amount of sea creatures to touch."
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Jade Hall's profile photo
Jade Hall
a month ago
Cute little aquarium, I was disappointed by the size but then again the last time I was at an aquarium I was 10. The coolest exhibit is outside before you even walk in, if you don't look to the left you would miss it. There is a tank of adorable sea lions in a tank out front - they love to show off and make faces at you! Don't miss this part! Inside the touch tank is fun lots of stingrays to play with and certainly touch the Sharks because their skin has a really wonderful texture. The big tank inside has a lot of fish but watching fish swim gets old quick. If you're lucky you will be there when they feed mertle the turtle, she's huge! All in all it's fun but the $25 entry price is way too high, drop it to $18. :)
• • •
Alex Mottern's profile photo
Alex Mottern
4 months ago
Penguins! Free seals outside! More seals inside! 2 turtles! a touch tank! Really, not much else. The whale skeleton is cool, and there are some sharks, but most of the animals are in one huge tank... Whenever people visit me they seem to love it, but I know there are better aquariums out there...
Elizabeth R.
2 months ago
What a wonderful experience! The aquarium is huge and I could spend hours just wondering around. They just renovated the tank in the middle and it is full of interesting fish, sharks, and turtles. I would recommend getting tickets in advance if you are going on the weekend as the lines can be very long.
Ashley Dos Santos's profile photo
Ashley Dos Santos
5 months ago
The space just feels cold and empty. The central aquarium tube which the majority of the main animals live feels strange and cruel to have the animals circle such a tall and narrow space for all of their lives. The penguins are great, but you kind of feel like they're mugging for the cameras. Really, the selling point are the seals but you can see them for free cause they're located right outside the aquarium. Why spend over 20 dollars on a ticket to see penguins who are too used to the spot light when you can watch seals swim upside down? P.S. I like the penguins, it isn't their fault they're popular.
• • •
Emilia Diamant's profile photo
Emilia Diamant
4 months ago
Aquarium! So fun! If you are from out of town, GO TO THE NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM WHILE YOU ARE VISITING! Regardless of whether or not you have kids. You should go. The Aquarium is a complete experience, from when you are buying tickets and waving to the seals, to seeing the incredible penguins right when you walk in, through the back to the amazing sea lion pool, not to mention the fact that you can see fish every step of the way in the massive tank in the center of it all. It's not a cheap ticket, but worth it if you are from out of town. Bostonians, check out the BPL for discounted or free tickets--but reserve in advance. Hop over to James Hook for some chowder after you visit!
• • •
Lynn Julian's profile photo
Lynn Julian
5 months ago
The New England Aquarium offers one of the largest tanks in the US, featuring an exciting variety of creatures sharing space in their man-made reef. A walkway circles the tank skyward, slowly elevating visitors to the top...where "Myrtle The Turtle" comes up for air. Be sure to climb the stairs at the very top to take in the bird's eye view down the center of their circular water world! TIP #1: Avoid the long lines of Summer and crowds of kids by going off-season: Sept.- May. It's most empty early in the morning. TIP #2: Become a member to attend quarterly after dark events. You MUST RSVP within hours of invitation to make the cut-off list! TIP #3: Print or pick up DISCOUNT COUPONS, from the library or the Internet, to reduce tickets to as little as $14 for two adults.
• • •
Emmanuel Abraham
2 months ago
Extremely crowded and not nearly as big as I expected... Took about an hour to see everything.. not worth $60 dollars much less the extra $20 for parking.
Joe DelaTerre's profile photo
Joe DelaTerre
7 months ago
Horrible terrible no good very bad day. What do you get when you completely oversell an attraction? People 5 deep at EVERYTHING and condensation so bad on the outside of the filthy tanks you can't even see what's inside them. I'm sure it's okay during the off season but the day I went it was so bad I wrote them a letter when I got home, the reply, "sorry you didn't like it". There are far more interesting things to do.