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Six reasons why Vine is worth your time

The buzz about Vine - pro and con - is non stop. +BBC News has a great 6-point analysis of why they think it will continue grabbing attention:

1. Stop motion animation is alive and well
2. Ads work at six second length
3. People tend to do rather than say
4. Artificial limits help hype a social media offering
5. Aggregations of Vine are mesmerising
6. Cats/porn dominate every platform on the internet

All credible. Read the detail behind each point on the BBC website. And a nice video quiz there well illustrates some of the imaginative uses of Vine.
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so without Twitter it would not have been so successful? isn't that more a tacit endorsement of Twitter as mainstream than anything else?
The fashion industry seemed to really flock to Instagram once it reached a critical mass, I can easily see the same thing happening with Vine.  Imagine being able to see a moving model?
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