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Virgin Media blocks access to Pirate Bay

Reading the Guardian's report that Virgin Media started blocking access to Pirate Bay from yesterday in accordance with a court order in the UK requiring that action - - I checked access (I'm a Virgin Media customer): it is indeed blocked.

More info from Virgin on why they sometimes do block access to certain websites:

Is this a good move, one that is right to protect the rights of people to their intellectual property? Or is it (also) the start of a walk down a very rocky road that attacks freedom of expression? Or is it something else?

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I think its the start... there's worse to come.
Interesting. I'm also blocked and I'm using Google's DNS and not Virgin Media's. A simple VPN service can still access Pirate Bay as predicted.
Argh, me hearties and shiver me timbers. I hope it doesn't happen in Australia. I'd never be able to "evaluate" anything.
Italy routinely blocks gambling sites which are not registered with the state gambling monopoly ( ... which would appear to violate the spirit of free commerce within the EU.
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