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Marking the milestone of the eighth anniversary of FIR's first episode with huge thanks to everyone!
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Congratulations and looking forward to another eight!
Congrats, +Shel Holtz and +Neville Hobson on 8 years of FIR! Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox... it's been fun to be contributing comments and reports these past 8 years! With every show I continue to learn things... I look forward to the next 8 years!
Congratulations on 8 years of podcasting. Unbelievable!  And the show is just as good as ever!
Congratulations, +Shel Holtz and +Neville Hobson. As you well know, I'm a huge fan of the show and try to never miss an episode. When I meet PR/comms people who don't listen to FIR, I launch into my "YOU MUST LISTEN TO FIR" speech. Thanks for all you do.
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