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NPA exterior wall coatings, external rendering and house painting services in the UK. All work guaranteed for 20 years
NPA exterior wall coatings, external rendering and house painting services in the UK. All work guaranteed for 20 years

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Please note, as we have had a few calls this week with people just wanting advice, we are of course happy to advise you ABOUT OUR OWN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES and whether they would be suitable for your own home, but with all due respect ****we do NOT operate a free DIY helpline*** and cannot (and will not) dish out general free DIY advice!

To avoid embarrassment or disappointment, If you would like general advice, about something that is NOT related to our business, please feel free to post questions here on our facebook page, or tweet us @neverpaintagain and we WILL respond within 24 hours with some DIY advice if that is what you are after,.........

.....but please don't call our freephone call centre asking for decorating advice or advice about a product you have seen elsewhere or in a DIY shop, our call centre is not for that use and the staff there are not equipped or qualified to offer expert advice about something that is nothing to do with us!. Thanks

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Pebbledash! A passing fad and a cheap wall covering that house builders used to use to cover up poor quality brickwork, but times change and many people want to change their pebbledash wall coating to something a bit more contemporary and up-to-date.

This is where the NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall painting system can help you.

We have specialised in repairing and painting pebbledashed homes up and down the country since 1986 and we know our stuff, so let us guide you through what can be done about a pebble dashed house, by showing you a recently completed project, located in Croydon, Surrey. 

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Never Paint Again reviews are here, with new ones added from happy clients of ours across the country. All our reviews are genuine so when choosing a contractor this year, ask for proof of the reviews as many fly by night wall coating companies MAKE THEM UP and and put them on their website. 

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If your house is in an exposed location such as on the coast, the moors or up a mountain, we can help you achieve total weather protection with our advanced exterior wall coatings

Well done to the sad and jealous tw*t who has been spending months, even years, in front of their PC, all alone save for a bottle of scotch and a box of hankies, publishing spam and after spam, linking to us. We know exactly who you are, and are laughing our asses off at how sad someone can really be. Do you not have a life outside that little terraced house you live in? I guess not.

Yes those xyz domains, co domains etc are quite funny really, it must be taking up a lot of time?


Just to reassure you, (LOL) you are having zero effect on our business, in fact Google have told me themselves that it is having zero effect as it is all picked up by the algorithm. I would, if i were you (which I am so glad i am not), spend a bit more time with your family, your children, instead of being obsessed with me and our business, an achievement you could never ever manage.

I would strongly suggest that you seek medical help. Happy Christmas 

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Never paint again exterior wall coatings are a great replacement for normal render or paint and they are ideally suited to deal with problem pebbledash! Click the link to learn more

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Exterior house painting just came of age with the NEVER PAINT AGAIN long life house painting system. No need to have your house re-painted for at least 20 years, guaranteed. Click the link to learn more

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SPECIAL OFFER! Winter wall coatings End of year sale! Get 40% off all orders placed before Christmas Eve 2016.

Book the work in up to 6 months in advance and NEVER PAINT AGAIN!

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If you are a hotelier, Bed and breakfast or guest house owner, and you are planning to have some work done out of season, you could do no worse than taking a look at what the original NEVER PAINT AGAIN can offer you.

A quick turnaround so we are not in your way for too long, top quality exterior work, and it all comes with a 20 year guarantee that you will NOT have to have your premises painted again! Call us on 0800 970 4928 for a free consultation and let us quote you to paint your hotel this winter! #hotels #guesthouse #contractors #painting
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