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Neva Cavataio

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New(ish) blog post:
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Neva Cavataio

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Grats! :)
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Neva Cavataio

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do dee do dee do...
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Neva Cavataio

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I'm definitely in for $100, you?
ABOUT THIS PROJECT Hi you guys! Joe Biden and the rest of the gang here! :) We’re looking for some awesome people to help us Kickstart our dream project of having a functioning federal government! That’s where you come in: all we’re asking for is a little help. And twenty trillion dollars. As you may know, we (the United States government) are a little strapped for cash. Salvage a first-world government’s economy? In this economy?! As the kids sa...
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Neva Cavataio

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Made with the Futurama Heads-in-a-Jar Creator for iOS (
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Hey Erika!  I've been hanging in there.  Hope your doing okay after the hurricane!!
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Neva Cavataio

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I love this picture!
says the next time you admire all of the wonderful things around you, remember you’re one of them.

You are a reflection of everything around you...

You are wonderful inside and out..

Happy week's end my friends ;-))
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Neva Cavataio

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One time I was on a computer at the Tigard Library when the guy next to me started looking at porn. I got up and went to the other side of the table and sat next to two young teenage boys. They were whispering and joking about this guy. So, yeah, when a teenage boy thinks you're too have issues.
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Someone TALKING TOO LOUDLY definitely has a stabbin' comin' to 'em. And someone hitting the underside of the table...well, that's its own punishment in itself!
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Neva Cavataio

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wacka wacka wacka!
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Feel free to add me to your circles! You can find my e-book for sale here:

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    English, 1997 - 2001
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