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Why Being Left Handed Matters for Mental Health

The location of a person’s neural systems for emotion depends on whether they are left-handed, right-handed or somewhere in between, the research shows.

The research is in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. (full access paywall)

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Success of Blood Test for Autism Affirmed

One year after researchers published their work on a physiological test for autism, a follow-up study confirms its exceptional success in assessing whether a child is on the autism spectrum.

The research is in Bioengineering & Translational Medicine. (full open access)

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How Autism Associated Gene Affects the Brain

New preclinical research shows a gene already linked to a subset of people with autism spectrum disorder is critical to healthy neuronal connections in the developing brain.

The research is in Developmental Cell. (full access paywall)

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Beware of Getting a Tattoo if Your Immune System Isn't Up to Scratch

The warning comes after they treated a woman for chronic pain in her left hip, knee and thigh some months after she had been tattooed.

The research is in BMJ Case Reports. (full access paywall)

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"You Are Getting Very Sleepy": When Hypnotism Came to America

Two hundred years later, hypnotism still is practiced as on-stage entertainment and in the therapist’s office to deal with health problems. Some believe it is real, while some remain skeptical.

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Why You Should Eat Popcorn with Chopsticks: Psychological Tricks to Make Life More Enjoyable

This satiation, known as hedonic adaptation, occurs for nearly everything that makes us happy. Look around and think of how much you initially enjoyed the things that surround you. Then think about how much you enjoy them today.

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Watching Nature Shows Could Be Good For Your Body Image

This new study found that similar, immediate improvements in body appreciation could be achieved by watching a film depicting a natural environment.

The research is in Body Image. (full access paywall)

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How the Brain’s “Reward Circuit” Plays a Key Role in Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

For years, researchers have attempted to use fMRI brain imaging studies to find a link between these behavioral traits and the way the brain processes rewards among people with and without ASD.

The research is in JAMA Psychiatry. (full open access)

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How the Brain Plays a Role in Rheumatoid Arthritis

In patients with chronic inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, there has been limited understanding of how this inflammation affects the brain.

The research is in Nature Communications. (full open access)

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Are Smarter Animals Bigger Troublemakers?

The authors examine whether smarter animals might be better at learning to live in cities; but, at the same time, also may come into more conflict with humans.

The research is in Animal Behaviour. (full access paywall)
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