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Network Technology Plc.
Private Public Company registered in England and Wales
Private Public Company registered in England and Wales


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Dear Shareholder

The next Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Network Technology Plc. is penciled in for late August or late September, a more specific date will be published shortly. You may keep this in mind if you want to personally attend the AGM or if you want to send in your proxy / vote.

Note: Only current shareholders can attend or vote.All Shareholder Communication is via the Corporate Website, no Annual Accounts and Reports will be sent by mail, they will be available in PDF format for download once the Accounts have been finalized, which is estimated for the end of June.

The Corporate Website is: 

The location for the AGM is the UK Headquarter location at 26 Victoria Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NF

Dear Shareholder of Network Technology Plc.

Please be reminded that you can confirm your holding on our website 

The AGM of Network Technology PLC concluded on 27th September 2013 at 12:05M At the Annual General Meeting of the Company all resolutions were duly passed.
After the official business, the Management announced that Jan Bollmann will be joining the Board of Directors as a full Executive Director to be confirmed at the next formal General Meeting, latest at the Annual General Meeting 2014. Company Secretary Hanne Bollmann
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